• The feasibility of implementation of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan. The study in field of employment and career history verification potential candidate’s. Advantages of blockchain technology the in exposure of the truth of job applications.

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  • The problem with the main agent. Corruption as its cause, fighting it by introducing blockchain technology into the system of relations between the principal and the agent. Locking technology and its implementation in Estonia, Georgia and Sweden.

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  • Studies of the characteristics of serum albumin in rats with different predicted levels of resistance to emotional stress in control conditions and in conditions of experimental emotional stress. The effects of peptides the resistance of animals.

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  • Cows with metabolic disorders characterized by phosphorus and endocrine malfunctions. The high possibility of placenta formation, placental function and fetal organogenesis slowdown. Microcirculatory disorders in fetus and maternal parts of the placenta.

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  • Problem of effective learning objectives setting. Pedagogical goal setting for the development of students’ academic writing/reading skills at English classes is the most significant in the field of higher education. The essence of the Bloom’s taxonomy.

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  • The blue color is a symbol of loyalty, sensibility and affection. It is an expression of reliability, integrity, trust and loyalty. Calming effect on the central nervous system and the entire body. Lovers of blue and their psychological characteristics.

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  • The character and directions of relations between Donetsk region's zemstva and public authorities at the turn of XX century. Views of the activity of bodies of Land located in Slovyanoserbsk, Bakhmut and Mariupol districts of Katirinoslav province.

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  • Postures used in different human cultures. Gestures which are unique to particular areas, and meaningless in others. Most common way to greet someone in Western countries. The uses and variation of eye contact. Cultures influence communication styles.

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  • How to know what people really mean. The difference in zones between the citizens and the countryside people. Eye signals. Formal and informal look. Lowered eyelids. The control over the look. Arm gestures. Chained hands. Grabbing wrists and forearms.

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  • Feature of rivalry, with the participation of Airbus and Boeing in the international market of aircraft. The international competition, trade disputes in the market of the aircraft. The main reasons for trade disputes between the United States and Europe.

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  • Bohdan Lepkyi as a talented writer who created his works based not only on the literary contemporary tendencies and art visions but also on national identity of his target audience, the Ukrainians, tat later will be reflected in his poetry and fiction.

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  • Bond as an emission debt security the owner of which is entitled to receive from the person who issued it, within the stipulated period of its par value. The influence of the global factor in the expectations of investors for a risk premium on bonds.

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  • Information Retrieval as finding material of an unstructured nature that satisfies an information need from within large collections. Unstructured (text) and structured (database) data in 1996 and 2006. Basic assumptions of Information Retrieval.

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  • The problem of maintaining the motivation of students to study under the program is the vocabulary taken from various classical texts. The main advantages of attracting students to the study of films on the subject of the study of the vocabulary.

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  • Analysis of the current state of innovativeness in Ukraine. The given data, statistics, and indices. The improvement of business environment and innovativeness as a key factor in the transition of the domestic economy to the one based on innovativeness.

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  • Analysis of cross-border cooperation of the Euroregion Bug and the role of the Euroregion in the process of globalization and development. Euroregional cooperation in Poland, its importance for integration between the West and the East of Europe.

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  • Avoidance severe wellbore instability of stratified shale. Clay mineral components of material. A method of precise calculation of collapse. Borehole stability in stratified shale. Optimization of drilling fluids density and wellbore trajectory.

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  • Ways of borrowing English vocabulary from other languages. The formation of Britain's foreign lexical structure. The peculiarity of adoption a dictionary in Russian. The peculiarity of the narrower special meaning of the international words of Russia.

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  • Etymological survey of the word-stock of a language. Borrowed words, their kinds and peculiarities. Assimilation of borrowed words. International words as loan words. French, Russian and Turkic borrowings in the English language, contemporary literature.

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  • Cyberspace as a medium through which people engage in more complex processes. The history and development of information security principles in the World Wide Web, an assessment of their effectiveness in practice, the prospects for further development.

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