• Structural geology as a partition of geological science aiming at describing the structures–joints, faults, folds at various scales. The anisotropy and inhomogeneity that can occur in natural rock masses. Open fault breccias facilitate the movement.

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  • Foucault's stance towards the Enlightenment as formulated in three work. A partial modification of Foucault's attitude to the Enlightenment. A reconstruction and critical assessment of three articles Foucault devoted to Kant and the Enlightenment.

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  • The subjects and areas of scientific research on the integration and control of financial investments. The definition of the nature and characteristics of financial investments, tasks of accounting and control. The management of financial investments.

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  • Historical aspects of electromagnetic biology. General data on the number of papers carried out with non-ionized radiation in different neurophysiological objects and the comparison of quantitative indices. Example of the comparison of sampling fractions.

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  • Wellington is the largest urban area and the most populous national capital in Oceania. The major centers of the arts, culture, sports and the film industry. The amazing places in Auckland metropolitan area, Queenstown, Nelson and Hamilton cities.

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  • Big Ben as a bell tower in London, part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The mystery of the origin of its name. The construction of the tower project of the English architect Pugin O. in 1859. Interesting facts about Big Ben.

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  • Определение термина "Big Data" и его применение в работе с информацией огромного объема и разнообразного состава. Определение основных источников получения компаниями информации. Методики анализа массивов данных и технологии Big Data в разных отраслях.

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  • The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Исследование перспективной возможности для бизнеса, которая в ближайшем будущем будет все активнее применяться компаниями. Определение понятия Big Data, его источники. Пример применения Big Data крупнейшим оператором сотовой связи Verizon в США.

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  • This article discusses bilingualism and linguistic human rights in the USA as a multiethnic country. It provides an overview of the legal framework the USА and the UNO in the area of linguistic human rights. Linguistic ideology in a multiethnic society.

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  • System for billet continuous caster’s mould heat engineering parameters monitoring. Formation of the internal heat transfer surfaces. Calculation the indicators: average heat flux density, overall heat exchange coefficient. Effective gas gap thickness.

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  • Main features of BIM-technology. Getting of the digital copy of the building or a construction. Quick make changes to the project. Automation of issue of specifications and sheets of volumes. Main ways of achieving efficiency of the BIM-technology.

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  • The interaction of CO molecules with clean and oxygen-modified Mo(110) surface has been investigated by means of density functional calculations. That on both clean and oxygencovered Mo(110) surfaces CO molecules are tilted with respect to the normal.

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  • Characteristic the model of chaotic behavior of nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. The results of the study and a graphic representation of the chaotic behavior of nucleons in the coupled system.

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  • Osteogenic potential of calcium hydroxide and other materials in soft tissue. Calcium hydroxide as an bone inducer in rats. Ultrastructural study of initial calcification in the rat: subcutaneous tissues elicited by a root canal filling material.

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  • Place and role of biopharmaceutical system. Pharmaceutical development bioequivalent solid dosage forms. The dependence of the active substance from technological factors. The content of active substances and their metabolites in biological fluids.

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  • Mechanisms for the identification of yeast cultures by polymerase chain reaction. Morphological and biochemical properties of the culture. The specificity of fermentation a carbohydrates and hydrogen sulfide formation from different grape varieties.

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  • The article considers the state and prospects of production and use of biological fuel and its impact on ensuring energy security of both world agriculture and Ukraine. Determination of conditions for the growth of production and use of biofuels.

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  • Biographies of scholars such as Leonardo da Vinci, Kelly Miller, Rene Descartes, Leonhard Euler, Nicolaus Copernicus, Alan Turing and other scientists who have made an invaluable contribution to science. Their ways of life and achievements in science.

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  • The history of the discovery in 1886 Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov the first in Russia bacteriological station. The study of comparative pathology of inflammation - one of the causes determining these scientists of the phenomenon of phagocytosis in 1882.

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