• The history of the Bialowieza Forest, one of the main attractions of Belarus - the primeval forest, stretching from the Baltic to the Bug River and the Oder to the Dnieper, its flora and fauna. The main environmental objectives of the national park.

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  • The benchmarking application in corporate governance for developing corporate relations, thereby improving business processes quickly, also enhancing the competitiveness of a company basing on the assessment of advanced experience, benchmark comparison.

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  • Indicators to measure the development of entrepreneurship in General and women entrepreneurship in particular. Using data of the global competitiveness Index, Doing Business index of the national statistics in the analysis of the business environment.

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  • Typical structure of project communication technology (ICT). Engineering and construction individual or collaborative enterprise. Benchmarking the state-of-the-art information and ICT infrastructure. Management of major-sized the enterprise engineering.

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  • Overview of multisided platform concept: definitions and evolution of approaches. Multisided platforms as a new business model. Advantages and disadvantages of multisided platform approach in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. FMCG industry.

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  • Construction of two-dimensional vector autoregression model for quarterly data rate of gross domestic product and consumer prices for Ukraine using Gibbs sampling and Minnesota Prior. Feature accuracy of Bayesian estimation in macroeconomic systems.

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  • History of the Bermuda triangle, the situation nowadays. Puerto Rico Trench - is both a maximum depth of the Atlantic Ocean. The reasons of the crashes in Bermuda triangle: the aliens from outer space, holes in time or theories with scientific evidence?

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  • The estimated coefficients of the U.S. banking sector. Ranking of multiples of projected financial indicators according to their effectiveness for a period of from 30 to 200 days. The account of influence of factors on the accuracy of the estimation.

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  • Structural geology as a partition of geological science aiming at describing the structures–joints, faults, folds at various scales. The anisotropy and inhomogeneity that can occur in natural rock masses. Open fault breccias facilitate the movement.

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  • Foucault's stance towards the Enlightenment as formulated in three work. A partial modification of Foucault's attitude to the Enlightenment. A reconstruction and critical assessment of three articles Foucault devoted to Kant and the Enlightenment.

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  • The study of the lexical charge of the pre-election discourse of the United States of America and directly to the use of the Bible and vulgar words in it. The use of biblical and vulgar words in it. Lexical, semantic equivalents in the target language.

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  • The subjects and areas of scientific research on the integration and control of financial investments. The definition of the nature and characteristics of financial investments, tasks of accounting and control. The management of financial investments.

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  • Historical aspects of electromagnetic biology. General data on the number of papers carried out with non-ionized radiation in different neurophysiological objects and the comparison of quantitative indices. Example of the comparison of sampling fractions.

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  • The formation of bicameralism and parliamentarism in European countries. The genesis of these categories in the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, modern history. The reasons for the formation of a bicameral parliament in countries of Europe and the world.

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  • Wellington is the largest urban area and the most populous national capital in Oceania. The major centers of the arts, culture, sports and the film industry. The amazing places in Auckland metropolitan area, Queenstown, Nelson and Hamilton cities.

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  • Big Ben as a bell tower in London, part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The mystery of the origin of its name. The construction of the tower project of the English architect Pugin O. in 1859. Interesting facts about Big Ben.

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  • Определение термина "Big Data" и его применение в работе с информацией огромного объема и разнообразного состава. Определение основных источников получения компаниями информации. Методики анализа массивов данных и технологии Big Data в разных отраслях.

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  • The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Исследование перспективной возможности для бизнеса, которая в ближайшем будущем будет все активнее применяться компаниями. Определение понятия Big Data, его источники. Пример применения Big Data крупнейшим оператором сотовой связи Verizon в США.

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  • The implementation of the Asian foreign policy vector and the establishment of relations with the Republic of China. The obstacles to the effective development of bilateral relations. Cooperation in the agricultural and trade sectors, transport sphere.

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