• Характеристика результатів прогнозування ВВП України за допомогою U-MIDAS-моделі. Аналіз способів дослідження динаміки регресії. Розгляд головних особливостей необмеженої U-MIDAS-моделі квартального прогнозу ВВП України на основі даних змішаної частоти.

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  • Определение сущности U-критерия Манна-Уитни – непараметрического статистического критерия, используемого для сравнения двух независимых выборок. Ознакомление с процессом разделения единого ранжированного ряда. Анализ интерпретации значения U-критерия.

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  • The Role Of The Us In The Collapse Of The Soviet Union And The Formation Of Independent States In The Former Territory Of Soviet Middle Asia. The Effectiveness Of American Propaganda Services Operating In The Central Asian Region During The Cold War.

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  • This category of rights, which, on the contrary, is classified as positive, i.e. the ensuring of active participation of the government in their guarantees, is also recorded both at the level of international legal acts and in national constitutions.

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  • Необходимость изучения слов-индексов на современном этапе развития общества. Задача установления закономерностей функционирования языка в высших слоях общества. Переход отдельных слов из разряда U-words в разряд non-U words (pudding) или наоборот.

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  • Regulation of ethical behavior in the markets. Covid-19 and its challenges for industry in Russia. Problems faced by drivers when working with taxi units. The peculiarity of the study of mechanisms that force companies to refrain from unethical behavior.

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  • Эволюция BIOS (basic input/output system). Интерфейс между операционной системой и микропрограммами, управляющими низкоуровневыми функциями оборудования. Этапы загрузки BIOS и UEFI. Платформы, использующие EFI или инструментарий. Операционные системы.

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  • Принципы коммуникативных методов обучения иностранных языков в средней школе. Описание UFLAZ-методики, которая является эффективной в коммуникативном обучении иностранным языкам. Упражнения, направленные на развитие коммуникативных способностей студентов.

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  • Сутність поняття "антиконцепт". Загальна характеристика антиконцепту UGLINESS як доповнюючого елементу холістичного відображення естетичної оцінки у свідомості носіїв англійської мови, аналіз ознак. Знайомство з етапами розвитку когнітивної лінгвістики.

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  • Тюркский миф в венгерской национальной идентичности. Венгерский тюркизм и его развитие как части этнического и политического национализма. Пропаганда идей тюркизма как повод для угорско-тюркской войны – нескольких волн интеллектуальных дискуссий.

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  • Research of the work of the judicial system under martial law, analysis of challenges to the judicial system in connection with Ukraine's acquisition of the status of a candidate for EU membership. Consideration of a complex of general scientific methods.

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  • The study of the state of the judicial system in the conditions of martial law. The analysis of its the challenges in connection with Ukraine’s acquisition of the status of a candidate for EU accession. The judge's difficulties in considering cases.

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  • The position of the Polish liberal intelligentsia, church, government of conflict in Volhynia and Galicia during the Second World War. The decommunization - the politics which received the full-throttle understanding and support of the Polish side.

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  • The milestones and optimizing the main parameters of interaction between Ukraine and the North Atlantic Alliance in the context of the latest geopolitical coordinates. Analysis of the strategic ways of the partnership of Ukraine with the Alliance.

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  • Analysis of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine as a treaty covering the political and economic relations of both parties. Its research as a tool that allows Ukraine to move forward and adapt to new forms of activity.

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  • The European Union as a mode of European Unification is a good example of an international actor channelling negotiation processes in an optimal way. Agreements between the European Union, Ukraine and Canada. The role of the negotiation process.

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  • The issue of entering the World Trade Organization is high on Ukraine’s agenda. Possible Consequences of Joining the WTO. The Likely Consequences of Joining the WTO for Ukraine’s Economic Sectors. Customs audits of business entities in the WTO accession.

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  • Economic integration of Ukraine in the EU. The prospects and drawbacks in the economic areas of the DCFTA implementation. Trade relations between Ukraine and the EU. The necessity of developing a long-term strategy for Ukraine’s economic development.

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  • The development of information society. Study of the main ranks and indexes of information society development in Ukraine. Determining key components of information society. International indices to assess country’s information society development.

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  • Strengthening the tendency to build democratic societies and the struggle for human rights and freedoms in the information revolution. Growing tensions between the actors of international relations. Revision of traditional principles of sovereignty.

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  • The main stages in the development of political marketing as theory and practice of modern political process in a democratic society. Use of technology in the practice of political marketing campaign, shaping the image of political leaders and the state.

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  • Prospects of the oil and fat industry in Ukraine. Basic indices of oil crop seed production and processing. Ukraine's place in the global market. Key problems of oil and fat industry development and growth of its production and export potential.

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  • Determination of the causes of high mortality in Ukraine. The impact of the economic and geopolitical situation on public health. Risk factors that affect the deterioration of human health. Political changes are a recipe for restoring health in Ukraine.

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  • Study of the structural changes in the market of film distribution in dynamics and systematization of the factors influencing the work of film distributors and measures to eliminate economic losses. Recommendations for further work of film companies.

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  • Conditions of Ukraine's European integration in wartime conditions, problems, requirements that arise on the way to membership in the European Union. The features of this process in the conditions of war. Peculiarities of status applying for membership.

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  • Reforming the Ukrainian economy after the Revolution of Dignity. Transformation of foreign trade policy and reorientation of exports to European markets. Signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. Improving the quality of national products.

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  • A reliable mediator position in the political, economic and cultural relations between East and West - the historical assignment of Ukraine. Geopolitical initiatives to create domestic policy prerequisites for the proclamation of the Ukrainian state.

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  • The historical conditions of rising and development of trade routes. The geopolitical processes during 16th-18th centuries between the countries of the historic-geographic areal from the Baltic to the Black Sea which are referred to in Arabic and Turkish.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of political advertising and political slogans as the quintessence of semantic dominants in the information space of the state. The classification of strategies for the implementation of suggestiveness in the specified texts.

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  • The depletion of soil cover as the main consequence of intensive cultivation of sunflower in Ukraine. The use of the forgo schemes of rotation of crops in order to maximize short-term profits - one of the specific features of the Ukrainian farmers.

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