• Анализ возможных действий клиента и разработка диаграммы вариантов использования. Описание отношений классов и формирование соответствующей схемы. Компоненты и анализ диаграмм деятельности, размещения, состояний, кооперации и последовательности.

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  • Разработка в Rational Rose модели терминала приема платежей, которая содержит следующие диаграммы: диаграмма бизнес-прецедентов, диаграмма классов бизнес-анализа, диаграмма видов деятельности основного сценария процесса, диаграмма состояний.

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  • Consideration of the importance of proper nutrition in human life. Policies of the UN and the governments of some countries to combat malnutrition. Through a balanced diet. Overview of diseases associated with malnutrition. Tips for proper eating.

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  • The necessary substances from food. Types of unbalanced diets: mono diet, emphasis of nutritional value, immunosuppression. The consideration the minimum standard values required amount of calories. The risk of stroke and also loss of muscle mass.

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  • Uncertainty in keynesian, post-keynesian and institutional spheres of economic theory. Conditions of fundamental institutional uncertainty. The need for transaction costs of alternative coordination to provide temporary support to the economic system.

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  • The movement is heterogeneous asymmetric particles in a viscous medium under the influence of a potential field. Uncertainties of the spatial distribution of such particles at the cellular level distribution of organelles and macromolecular level.

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  • Strategic therapy. The family life cycle. The courtship period: changing the young adults. Marriage and its consequences. Childbirth and dealing with the young. Marriage and family dilemmas. Weaning parents from children and the pain of old age.

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  • Introduction to cryptography and data security. The study of random numbers and an unbreakable stream cipher. The data encryption standard and alternatives. Practical aspects of public-key cryptography. Principles of message authentication codes.

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  • Study are to define the needs analysis, to review recent research into the importance of needs analysis and to provide a conceptual theoretical framework based on types of needs. The literature review has presented the classification of types of needs.

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  • Analysis of the problem of the object of crime as a major in the science of criminal law. The dependence of defining the nature of crimes, their proper classification and delimitation from the adjacent public dangerous acts from solving the problem.

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  • Analyzes of employment problems due to the slowdown of the economy, which now experiences a deep stagnation. A negative impact a small period of unemployment early in the career of a graduate on the professional development in future. Unemployment in EU.

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  • The operation and development prospects of the Union for the Mediterranean in the light of current events. The history of the organization, its priorities, the position of European leaders on the need for cooperation with the Mediterranean countries.

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  • The uniqueness problem of meromorphic functions having the same pole sharing of a nite set with the aid of weighted sharing of sets we. Meromorphic functions in whole complex plane. Standard notations of the Nevanlinna theory of meromorphic functions.

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  • Разработка программы для расчета функции в среде разработки RAD Studio. Основные принципы тестирования программного средства. Проведение UNIT тестов программы для расчета функции в среде разработки RAD Studio. Функциональная часть программы 2GIS.

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  • Review of international activities the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Development of national culture, protection of cultural monuments. Cooperation of member-states in the field education and science.

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  • The Star-Spangled Banner - the national anthem of the United States of America. Text taken from the poem "Defence of Fort McHenry". Thanksgiving was originally a holiday express gratitude and appreciation to God, exactly as the family and friends.

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  • Characteristic features of the united states economy, which is made up of individual people, business and labor organizations, and social institutions. Examination notion of market economy. Study of nature entrepreneurship, capital, natural resources.

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  • Geographical location and administrative division. The civil war in the USA. Elementary and High School education. Rating of 10 best universities in the world. Los Angeles - one of the world's major centers of the entertainment industry in film, music.

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  • The Chesapeake Colonies. The New England Colonies. Social and Economic Developments. The Growth of Slavery. Deterioration of Imperial Ties. The War for Independence. Diverging Visions of the American Republic and Expansion of the American Domain.

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  • The unity of knowledge as the problem of philosophy and education. Definition and determination of the format of the company and its substantial parameters. Personal qualities of individuals: knowledge, skills, attitudinal and behavioural priorities.

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