• Calculation of reliability as an object’s complex. The procedure of setting the appropriate indicators using methods based on their definition by reference data about the object elements’ and the analog objects’ reliability, data on material properties.

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  • History of life and creation of Thomas More. Basic ideas of his prominent work are "Utopia". Criticism of early feudal and capitalist society and idea of the perfect social and political systems. Opinion of contemporaries and criticism of "Utopia".

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  • Consideration of the main stages of development of utopia as a philosophical idea, expressed in literary works. Research and characterization of specific features of a retrospective, prospective utopia and utopia that exists in an indefinite time.

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  • Анализ опыта проектирования пользовательского взаимодействия с официальными сайтами компаний как части стратегии развития бренда, влияние разработок на бизнес-процессы компании. Проведение редизайна сайта с целью улучшения пользовательского интерфейса.

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