• Analysis of usage the modern principle of universal jurisdiction by modern Russian investigative practice and legal doctrine for events of Ukrainian-Russian war conflict. The bringing criminal charges on the basis of universal international law.

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  • Determination of the idea of universal knowledge matrices as interdisciplinary tools for research and teaching students. The need to justify the universal knowledge basis. The embodiment of pedagogical integration and the fundamentalization of knowledge.

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  • A comparative description of concepts "The End of History" by Francis Fukuyama and "The Clash of Civilizations" by Samuel Huntington and their feasibility at present. The basis for the present research is the works by F. Fukuyama and S. Huntington.

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  • The article presents the research of the monitoring that has recently been intensified, as well as radical changes in the organization of Ukrainian universities. The authors give emphasis to the monitoring stages, analyzing the objectives and results.

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  • Collegiate research university located in Oxford, England. Quiet atmosphere, friendly colleagues and the four-hundred-year-old library, which has about five million books. Date of university foundation. Conduct training at the university since 1096.

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  • Harvard University, sometimes simply refer to as Harvard, is a private university in Massachusetts. Charter creating Collegiate School. Leland Stanford, the university's founder. The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

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  • История создания, назначение UNIX – традиционно сетевой операционной системы. Функциональные характеристики, особенности архитектуры ОС UNIX. Способы управления процессами и ресурсами. Условия эксплуатации, основные достоинства и недостатки ОС UNIX.

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  • Характеристика особенностей группы переносимых, многозадачных и многопользовательских операционных систем. Рассмотрение причин раскола UNIX. Исследование UNIX-подобных операционных систем. Изучение ключевых аспектов функционирования OpenBSD и FreeBSD.

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  • Characteristics the problem of unregistered employment in Poland. Unregistered work in the employment of young people is viewed as the problem of a particular significance. The survey among students for the identification of the scale of problem.

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  • Обзор области применения операционных систем Unix и Linux. Особенности функционирования компьютерных баз, основанных на одноименном ядре. Преимущества и недостатки Linux. Программирование сетевых и файловых систем. Построение графического интерфейса.

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  • The analysis of the existing polarizational methods of investigation of the body's tissue. Determination of effectiveness when using laser polarizational methods of the research of ischemic damages taking acute myocardial ischemia as an example.

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  • A study of the mainstreaming of the accounting principles based on the strategic concept of enterprise management, their affinity and specificity relative to accounting principles. Requirements, conditions, construction rules of management accounting.

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  • Urban anthropology sat alongside ecological, economic, applied, political, legal, medical, educational, psychological, cognitive, symbolic, and also aesthetic anthropologies. Diverse interests marked urban anthropological research in the Caribbean.

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  • Market research print. Analysis of the feasibility of incorporation in the printing industry. The advantages of using the screen printing method. Expanding the range of books. Creating a virtual publisher. Improving the price policy of booksellers.

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  • The history, mechanisms behind the Electoral College. A study of its possible effects on the allocation of campaign resources. Model that allows us to analyze the scope of the impact of the electoral college for the presidential campaigns in the US.

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  • The possible prospects of postwar cooperation and economic collaboration. Iraq’s aggression against Kuwait was convicted around the world. Factors influenced the US-Iranian relations after the Gulf War in 1991. American priorities in the Middle East.

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  • Bilingualism and the coexistence of the Ukrainian and Russian languages in Ukraine The dominance of the Anglicisms in Ukrainian discourse. Prestige of English language and fashion for foreign words. Cultural assimilation of the population of Ukraine.

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  • The effectiveness of intercultural communication of students at higher educational establishments. The set of linguistic exercises, designed according to the creative approaches to studying foreign language in the process of intercultural communication.

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  • Etymology, usage and types of euphemisms. Specific features of English political euphemis. The role of euphemisms in today’s English political discourse. Evolution of English euphemisms. Euphemisms in English political texts of the XXI century.

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  • Especially the use of measuring instruments for the diagnosis of energy system models that represent the stationary states in the second and third stages of the transition process. Usage of PMU for diagnostics of power system's mathematical model.

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