• The history, mechanisms behind the Electoral College. A study of its possible effects on the allocation of campaign resources. Model that allows us to analyze the scope of the impact of the electoral college for the presidential campaigns in the US.

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  • Etymology, usage and types of euphemisms. Specific features of English political euphemis. The role of euphemisms in today’s English political discourse. Evolution of English euphemisms. Euphemisms in English political texts of the XXI century.

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  • Especially the use of measuring instruments for the diagnosis of energy system models that represent the stationary states in the second and third stages of the transition process. Usage of PMU for diagnostics of power system's mathematical model.

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  • The passive voice voice as the grammatical category of the verb. Semantic and lexical differences. Outline of the active and the passive voice in english. The formation of the passive voice. Misuse of the term style advice. Different kinds of passives.

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  • Exploration of the effect of physical load testing to changes in skin temperatures of individual body parts, analysis of the relationship between body temperature and the level of oxygen consumption. Non-exchangeable temperature reduction of body surface.

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  • Актуальность создания компактного, мобильного радиомодема поддерживающего современный интерфейс USB. Увеличение дальности радиосвязи, применение антенн с высоким коэффициентом направленного действия. Условия применения помехоустойчивого кодирования.

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  • Характеристика и назначение печатной платы и технологического процесса сборки и монтажа USB-ионизатора воздуха. Расчет и выбор размеров печатных плат. Анализ процессов и устройств для сборки и монтажа. Разработка электрической схемы, принцип ее работы.

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  • Application of biomedical signals for the control purposes is currently growing interest of research society. In this paper application domain of using electroencephalographic signals obtained from an inexpensive Emotiv EPOC headset was described.

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  • Description of the socio-geographical approach to the formation of a spatial database that is used to regulate the processes of transformation of urban areas. The process of developing urban infrastructure and its role in the development of the city.

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  • Increase in the use of hard, high strength and temperature resistant materials in engineering necessitated the development of machining techniques. Abrasive flow machining as process non-conventional machining processes. Magneto abrasive flow machining.

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  • Natural zeolite clinoptoline and its nanomodified forms have been used for modification of structures of the composite building materials. Characteristics of this zeolite have been studied by thermal analysis, IR spectroscopy, and adsorption methods.

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  • Use of search engines and electronic resources examples. A program of a searches of documents for specified keywords. Developing a Search Strategy. Electronic library resources. Types of scholarly databases. Reasons of the use different e- resources.

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  • Review basics adsorption typical wastewater pollution. The analysis of data on the use of clinoptilolite. The characteristic sorption capacity of natural clinoptilolite. The mechanism and characteristics of adsorption processes in static conditions.

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  • Standards and the Standardization Process: International, National and Industrial organizations. Cryptographic evaluation bodies. Security Mechanisms and Services. Encryption and Modes of Operation for Block Ciphers. Cryptographic Hash Functions.

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  • Accounting process as recording, classifying and summarizing in a significant manner, transactions and events which are of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof. Internal users of accounting information: Management, Employees, Owners.

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  • The neutron irradiation facilities offered by the ET-RR-2 and the HPGe-detection system are used for elemental investigation of three samples of domestic fertilizers. A total of 31 elements have been identified as major and minor concentration values.

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  • Analysis of issues related to the development of an effective advertising campaign. Proposed of resources, which will allow the user independently generate advertising budget in the short term; ensure the simplification of decision-making at planning.

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  • Characteristics of authentic texts and adapted books. The acquisition of meaning in the present lyrics. An analysis of a simplified and genuine material sense. Different factors that further motivation. The results of the student survey and interviews.

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  • General location and physical features of sampled trees in fires. Field sampling. Bark char codes and description of bark appearance. Bark char quadrants with dead cambium. Management guidelines for using Ryan. Methods for assessing cambium injury.

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  • Definition of the corporate social responsibility concept. Characteristic of the main tools of the corporate social responsibility, and exploration of the possibility of their use in the formation of international marketing strategy of enterprises.

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