• Analysis techniques to determine potential areas of distribution. The proposal of the "method of circles" for identifying potential areas of distribution. The selection of potential areas of distribution. Method bounding radius technical sales areas.

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  • The role of genomic disorders of chromosome 17 in the region 17p13.1, where gene of malignant transformation TP53 is localized in substrate cells of bone marrow. The results of cytogenetic studies in patients with chronic lymphoproliferative neoplasms.

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  • Study of the historical and legal role of judicial bodies and institutions in the state and society. Comparison of the Ukrainian and Japanese experience of building confidence and trust in the judiciary in a certain historical period of 1920-1930 and now.

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  • The emergence of the concept of transitive justice in the scientific thought and practice of the UN. Preconditions for the birth of this concept, sources of development. The concept of "transitional justice" as a legal provision for political transit.

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  • Fragmentation of the region and its division into smaller entities. Studying Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova as the core of the "New Eastern Europe". Feature of geographical, cultural, ethnic and historical factors that distinguish it from its neighbors.

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  • Professional ethics as one of the components of the educational system. Characterization of referring people to situations is critical and impartial. A feature of improving the value system. The role of ethical problems among general practitioners.

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  • An analysis of the practical application of knowledge in the field of operation. Characteristics of the main levels and spheres of management. Study horizontal organizational structure. The peculiarity of managerial skills of the company manager.

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  • A semiotic approach to the explanation of the meaning of the translation. Types of translation, classification criteria, reasons of errors. Form of speech: written translation, oral translation (interpreting), dubbing, sight and screen translation.

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  • Necessity of Deforestation. Elimination of the forest as a result natural causes (fire, hurricane or flooding). Anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic causes of deforestation. Actions (meeting) of people against the illegal tree cutting. Plant new trees.

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  • The replacement of the distribution of probable landmark locations, obtained from each local detector, with simpler parametric forms. Extensions to handle partial occlusions and reduce computational complexity. Algorithm regularized landmark mean-shift.

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  • Hardening of machine parts by means of deformation waves generated by the system impact of the waveguide. The main conditions for the effective use of impact energy to elastic-plastic deformation of the material and create a hardened surface layer.

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  • A technique of measuring the output of delayed neutrons of fission in the process of learning cores, with the help of a mechanical chopper. The use of neutron flux applied for demodulation, correlated with the modulation of the thermal neutron flux.

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  • Assigning responsibilities superiors to subordinate managers. Analyse objectives of delegation of authority. Stages of research: assignment of duties, transfer of authority, acceptance of the work, accountability. Consideration of effective guidelines.

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  • This work examines what it means to be a philosopher and attacks the sterility of modern philosophy. In this article explores the nature and scope of philosophy and its relation to social and economic development, science, art, literature and music.

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  • The software for the house and office. The formulation of mission, the analysis of the industry and their advantage before other companies. Marketing plan, expenses. Cash design of a stream, plan of the organization and qualification of the personnel.

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  • Analysis of current state of energy supply in housing and utilities sector. Study of complex of demarketing of energy. Characteristic of the practices of use of demarketing tools of fuel and energy resources in the housing and utilities sector of Ukraine.

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  • The study of the Prologue to the opera by A. Salieri and P.-A. Caron de Beaumarchais as a reflection of artistic and philosophic-religious ideas of the authors. The neutralization of the innovative energy of the demiurgical and eschatological drama.

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  • This article provides an overview on the relations between democracy and social power. Theoretical ideas about power, social power and social capital will be combined with empirical findings in Southeast Asia and a discussion about democracy indexes.

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  • A study of the history of the construction of democracy in Ukraine, the characterization of the processes of formation of a political nation. Analysis of the path of democratic transit in Ukraine. Oligarchy in the political and social context of Ukraine.

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  • Democracy - one of the most frequently discussed and tested concepts in political science. Wave of democratization - the problem of the legitimacy of authoritarian governments and their inability to cope with military defeats and economic failures.

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