• Аналіз інформативності методів діагностики. Порівняння їх інформативності. З’ясування клініко-біохімічного статусу молодняку великої рогатої худоби на відгодівлі. Вивчення поширення та етіології D-гіповітамінозу. Методика його терапії та профілактики.

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  • This experemental study is an attempt to give a close ecocritic scrutiny to Lawrence’s St. Mawr. Ecofeminism is one of the main sub-branches of ecocriticism that tries to find similarities between the oppressed condition of women and the environment.

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  • Problems of dactyloscopic science, directions for the collection, use of information. Development of the concept of state policy in the field of reforming the activities of technical and forensic support, expert and forensic justice support in Ukraine.

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  • Damage assessment of components of automobile and aircraft internal combustion engines, made of gamma titanium aluminides. Recommendations to prevent the negative influence of high temperatures in multilayer thin films on gamma titanium aluminides.

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  • The study of the embodiment of a concept of a dance genre synthesis in the context of the opera "Don Juan" by W. A. Mozart created at the end of the XVIII century. The influence of different dance genres on formation of the music and stage dramaturgy.

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  • History of life writer D. Defoe. "Robinson Crusoe" is the story of a shipwreck on a desert island. "Captain Singleton": the voyage story of a captain who becomes a pirate. "Colonel Jack": the story of a pickpocket who repents. Structure of Defoe’s novels.

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  • History of company, that provide retail selling of Pandora bracelets. The financial performance of the company, product range. Quantitative indicators of activity, the expansion of the retail network. The mission of the company, human resources policy.

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  • Biographical information about the life of Dante - the outstanding poet. Renaissance this is the era emergence of capitalist relations, folding national states and absolute monarchies. Characteristic of the philosophical thought of the Renaissance.

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  • The concept and structure of telecommunications, their latest achievements and prospects. Trends in the field of telecommunications, networking model, the interaction of the client and the server. The types of operating systems, external utilities.

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  • Pattern discovery in biosequences. Social network mining from the web. Discovering spatio-textual association rules in document images. Discovery of latent patterns with hierarchical bayesian mixed-membership models and the issue of model choice.

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  • Характеристика строения, видов и конструкции DC-DC-конвертеров - миниатюрных модульных импульсных источников вторичного электропитания с высоким КПД для монтажа на печатную плату. Общие черты двух поколений DC/DC-конвертеров Vicor и различия между ними.

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  • The process of formation of constitutionalism in Ukraine. Analysis of the evolution of the system of local self-government of Ukraine after independence and the origins of its modern problems. Control and supervision of local self-government bodies.

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  • A concept of a decision support system (DSS) for modeling and forecasting of economic and financial processes is proposed as well as its software implementation. The main functions of the DSS are in modeling of nonstationary nonlinear time series.

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  • Політичні зміни в суспільному житті України після подій Майдану 2013-2014 рр. Прискорення процесів декомунізації. Демонтаж пам’ятників, монументів та меморіалів тоталітарної доби та її символіки. Деякі суттєві недоліки "декомунізаційного законодавства".

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  • Identification Derrida of concepts of availability, letters with concept of a deconstruction. Destructions as an exercise in geared-up "textualist" mystification in works of de Man. Doctrine about explosive character of dynamics of knowledge at Bachelard.

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  • Viewing Derrida's work in the context of recent French epistemology and philosophy of science. Acquaintance with the rationalist approach exemplified by thinkers such as Bachelard and Canguilhem concerning interpretation of concept of destruction.

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  • The prerequisites for the emergence and formation of areas of computer science that explores the possibilities of electronic encryption devices using large-scale integrated computer circuits. The structure of cryptographic techniques to explore data.

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  • The establishment of unfavorable modes of operation of mining equipment under which there is an unstable position in space of the suction head during its descent to the bottom. The influence of hydrostatic pressure on the strengthening of the digging.

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  • Calculation of the concentration of defects on the doping level for the average cluster in n-Si. It is shown that the concentration of defects for the average cluster is in inverse proportion to the square of the radius of the cluster model Gossick's.

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  • Military and strategic characteristics. Administrative, organizational and geopolitical conclusions. Migration risks and turbulence of the European Union: the role of borders management, third country nationals and legal implications. Modern warfare.

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