• Тhe electronic employment in public services. Аnalys of the employment process in public services through the functioning of Internet labour market, social and professional networks and a model of e-mployment. Electronic control of employment procedures.

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  • Analysis of the implementation of e-government policy. Review of the positive signs of the development of e-government, and the examples of e-government projects. Identification of problems facing Kazakhstan in the implementation of e-government policy.

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  • Investigation of cultural aspects of the educational process. Analysis of various types of e-learning systems and compare them with each other. The main characteristics of distance education. Advantages and disadvantages of learning management systems.

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  • Изучение возможностей применения коммуникационных технологий e-learning в профессионально ориентированном обучении английскому языку магистрантов инженерных специальностей. Примеры электронных ресурсов и способы их интеграции в образовательный процесс.

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  • Проектная методика в обучении иностранным языкам: история и современность. Ретроспективный анализ использования зарубежной и отечественной системы образования. Психолого-педагогические основы и технологии применения образовательного заграничного общения.

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  • Понятие, сущность и специфика потребительского поведения в индустрии гостеприимства и туризме, его особенности в России. Роль интернет-технологий в индустрии гостеприимства. Оценка потребительского поведения на этапе планирования туристической поездки.

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  • The various aspects of the scientific works of the a prominent archaeologist of the end of XIX – beginning of XX century E. von Stern. His epigraphic, museum activities and biography. A prominent role in the leadership of the Odessa Archaeological Museum.

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  • Construct a new quarterly dataset of traditional financial ratios for defaulted banks. Analysis of the best predictors of defaults proved to be traditional indicators of profitability and liquidity, the share of retail deposits in the liabilities.

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  • Earnings management, competition and cooperative banks' risk-taking. This paper investigates the interrelationship between earnings management, competition and risk using the panel data of 615 cooperative banks in 16 countries during the 1994–2007 period.

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  • Economic geography of East Kazakhstan. Characteristics of polymetallic, power, light and food industry. Sheep breeding and the maral breeding in agriculture. Transport complex; the Turkestan-Siberian railway and the railway branch Lokot-Oskemen-Ridder.

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  • Investigation of the absorption processes of companies at the international level. The history of eBay, its place in the field of e-commerce. Creating a payment system. Reasons to buying Korean Gmarket, assessment of the adequacy of the offer price.

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  • Описание автоматизированных рабочих мест ДСП и ШН. Обзор аппаратурных средств и программного обеспечения микропроцессорной централизации, системы объектных контроллеров и компоновки сабрека. Расчёт затрат на внедрение микропроцессорной централизации.

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  • The epidemic of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in west Africa like the 25th known outbreak since 1976. The main advantages and disadvantages of the use of hyperimmune plasma or serum from recovering patients in the treatment of patients with this virus.

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  • Реформирование налогообложения в Европейском Союзе с целью усиления его федералистских основ. Распределение полномочий в финансовой сфере между центральными, региональными и местными органами власти государства. Создание экономического и валютного союза.

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  • The use of satellite remote sensing data to build risk maps of air pollution. Definition of European countries and the North Sea regions with the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide. Analysis of concentration histograms of Donetsk, Brussels and Moscow.

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  • As a result of stepped hybridization and replicated screening, the new rice variety Lider was received. The peculiarities of the new variety is a quick growth of plants at a sprouting – tillering stage. Lider is grown without application of pesticides.

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  • Evaluation and analysis of relative degree of drought resistance by water content of tissue. Assessment of relative drought resistance by water-holding capacity of leaves genus momordica (cucurbitaceae) introduced under the conditions of Belgorod region.

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  • The examining of the territory of "Kempa" botanical reserve of local importance of the Schoenus ferrugineus L. The Estimation of morphometric signs and ecological features of terms of soil-site after edaphic and climatic factors. Prosperity of population.

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  • The approaches to the natural resources economic assessment as the starting point for arranging recreational activities within nature reserve fund territories. The complex assessment of commercial and environmental potential of recreation activities.

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  • Opportunities of introducing ecological innovations in Ukraine directed at development, creation and implementation of innovations in the form of new products, methods of production organization which reduce the eco-destructive effect of manufacturing.

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