• Analysis concept of semiconductor is a solid whose electrical conductivity is in between that of a conductor and that of an insulator. Familiarization with the methods carrier recombination. Description features of preparation of semiconductor materials.

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  • Exited fields which provide relativistic electron bunches in plasma. The purpose of this paper is to show by simulation that one can derive and achieve conditions of identical and uniform focusing of sequence of short relativistic electron bunches.

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  • Finding necessary conditions for finite sequences of positive numbers to of spectra of the Dirichlet-Dirichlet, Dirichlet-Neumann, Neumann-Dirichlet and Neumann-Neumann boundary value problems generated by Stieltjes string recurrence relations.

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  • The longitudinal direction remains after removal of the known correlation-inducing effects such as elliptic flow and ordinary jet correlations. The analysis of the evolution of the energy density in the system with high density tube-like fluctuations.

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  • Rheologycal viscosity analysis as one of the features of initial three-component solutions and dielectric pastes. Determination of conductive layer thickness that changing due to plasticizer dibutyl phthalate content in dielectric paste composition.

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  • Luminescent properties of nanocrystals of cadmium sulfide. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the synthesis method the Sol-gel. Consideration of possible defects in the lattice of nanoparticles with an ordered structure and the clearly defined cut.

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  • The present work is dedicated to the development of formation method for Pt cone-shaped surface nanostructures on silicon layer. By the deposition of Pt nanostructures on solid layers, the cone-shaped surface nanostructures of Pt can be obtained.

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  • Study of physical-chemical properties of the clusters. The fractal conception of the essence of the a theory of vibrations of crystal lattices and the resulting thermodynamics of solids. Investigation of the optimal heat capacity of nanostructures.

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  • The properties of the nucleus fragments, subject to its extreme temperature and density. The way the study of processes occurring in neutron stars and nuclei, during collisions of heavy ions. Value of temperature to compensate the effect of energy.

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  • Electronic spectra in functionalizing semiconducting carbon nanotube. The soft degrees of freedom in the molecular system: radial deformation, misfit dislocations, and conformation. Conditions of localization or tunneling for holes and electrons.

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  • The study forms the colliding nuclei. Defining the role of quadratic terms in the quadrupole deformations on the fusion cross section around the barrier induced deformed nuclei. The approach for determining the parameters of the nuclear potential.

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  • Method to predict potential energy generation to local areas. results of its testing on the territory of Kharkiv region. The use of energy output simulation for wind turbines accommodation options with consideration of environmental and resource factors.

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  • The formulation of a metric model that satisfies the requirements of quantum theory. Description of gravitational waves by the Liouville equation. Proof of the Schrodinger conjecture on the connection between the wave function and gravitational waves.

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  • The task on the classification of the linear stochastic differential Ito equation of a given type which changes due to the parameters appearing in this equation. The study is a table full of group classification of the equations. Lie operation algebra.

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  • The consider the Yang-Mills theory in connection with the Einstein and Maxwell equations. The model of a metric satisfying the basic requirements of particle physics and cosmology is proposed. The basic equations of the model of the cosmological scale.

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  • Results changes in the structure of materials at pulsed plasma processing on the accelerator. Changes in physico-mechanical properties because the structure and phase transformations in a material when the difference of parameters of the plasma exposure.

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  • Perspectives of Cyclotron Wave Converter (CWC) of microwaves into DC are discussed in a form of short review. All main parts of CWC (microwave cavity, reverse region and collector) are analyzed. Existing experimental results are briefly described.

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  • Nano–clusters and their defects. High temperature and high pressure treatment. Photoluminescence and related structure - sensitive methods of processing. Effect of enhanced hydrostatic pressure on oxygen clustering in as-grown Czochralski silicon (Cz-Si).

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  • We investigate comparison methods of different geometric configurations of adaptive antenna arrays for communications on purpose to estimate directions-of-arrival of several external signals. The investigated antenna configurations have four elements.

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  • The main proof of Earth's rotation in the system of Copernicus from the point of view of physics scientists Hooke and Newton. Tests conducted by scientists for several centuries. The first dynamic proof of the rotation of the Earth Foucault scholar.

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