• Limited energy resources as a major problem in the energy sector. Increased use of oil and natural gas. Reaction of nuclear fission and fusion. The energy released in the fusion of two light nuclei. Isolation of radioactive hazardous substances.

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  • Analysis experimental data for the excited states in the deformed nucleus 230Th studied in the reaction. Selected of sequences of the states which can be treated as rotational bands. Experimental data are compared with the interacting boson model.

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  • The excitation spectra in the deformed nucleus 230Th by means of the reaction, using the Q3D spectrograph facility at the Munich Tandem accelerator. The angular distributions of tritons for about 200 excitations seen in the triton spectra up to 3.3 MeV.

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  • The shear modulus of fluids and their dependence on the degree of purity of the piezoelectric surface. The essence acoustic resonance method using a piezoelectric quartz resonator. The main criteria for the status of the static coefficient of friction.

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  • The features of direct and dissipative processes in heavy ion collisions in the Fermi energy regime. Isotope and velocity distributions of projectile-like fragments in the reactions 18O(35MeV/A)+9Be(181Ta) at forward angles. The distribution components.

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  • Analysis of the hybrid power plant, which consists of renewable energy sources: solar, wind power. Features of installed equipment and factors affecting its productivity. Analysis of information obtained from the hybrid power plant under investigation.

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  • The descriptive structure and implementation of motor driver for solar power plant is proposed. Determination and characterization of the direct loss of power, depending on the angle of deviation. The development of solar power control algorithm.

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  • The development of a universal metric describing the properties of an inhomogeneous rotating Universe on the basis of solutions of the Einstein equations. The equation of state, describing the emergence of matter as the aggregate state of dark energy.

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  • Studying the phenomenon causing the creaking. Description of the physical mechanism of its manifestations on the basis of flexibility, coupled with the difference in the coefficients of static and kinetic friction, using as a basis opening the door.

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  • Defining the parameters of the slip at a constant level kinetic friction. Provides an analytical scheme for solving the problem for a system with uncertain coordinates. The amplitude of oscillation of the changes and built a sine wave of the function.

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