• Electric field of radio frequency. Mathematical model of multiphase cylindrical apparatus for bulk materials treatment. Connected circular arc-shaped boundary on the basis of the field coupling problem of the theory of singular integral equations.

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  • Impedance and dielectric properties of an Mg-Zn ferrite. Covalence effects and electronic configuration of the valence shells of the ions in ferrites - spinels. Dispersion of Resistivity and Dielectric Constant of Some Semiconductors at Audiofrequencies.

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  • Elastic scattering of the ultra relativistic polarized on atomic nucleus with arbitrary spin. The covariant parameterization of the electromagnetic current for a particle. The Rosenbluth formula for the cross section of the ultra electron.

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  • Review the basics of electrical engineering. Characteristics of methods for determining the properties of the electrical systems and fluctuations of the electromagnetic wave. Theoretical information in conjunction with the examples of solving problems.

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  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and measuring technology. Main characteristics of electrical systems and of the magnetic field. Feature Whetstone bridge tangent compass, measuring methods, such as the bridge circuit, the method of comparison.

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  • The dependencies of energy flow density and energy density on wave vector for different magnitudes of external magnetic field are analyzed. The sign of the Poynting vector in each plasma region is investigated. The velocity of energy propagation is found.

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  • The results of the comparison of peculiarities of irreversible informational and thermodynamic processes. A more precise definition of "infopy" as an energetic charge. The basic laws of informology for a closed information space, or an isolated system.

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  • Review and analysis of physical and numerical modeling of the field emission energy conversion nanoscale systems. Study and characterization of the main features of the systems with a cathodes based on an array of carbon nanotubes or quantum dots.

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  • Characteristics of the features combined heating systems based on modules with infrared heating, bioreactors and solar collector. Research and analysis of key opportunities to use Thermosiphon solar collector for thermal control in the bioreactor.

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  • Energy security is the association between national security and the availability of natural resources for energy consumption. International trade in oil and gas. Risks associated with nuclear power technology. Features the use of solar heating systems.

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  • Electric currents and their properties. Units of electricity and measuring devices. The construction and the principle of operation electric machines. Application of generators and their parallel operation. Types of Motors and their distinctive.

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  • The measurement and analysis of the quality of electrical energy in electric grids. The characteristics of the main tools for measuring power quality, the requirements on the measurement of power quality. Instruments to measure the indicators of quality.

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  • Validation of identification nanoparticle colloidal silver and gold on the polyester fibers on the background component of the Raman spectra in the control based on the polarization characteristics. The reliability of control of nanoparticles of silver.

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  • The study of the pathogenic effect of electric fields of alternating current on biological systems (Drosophlla melanogaster) to substantiate the maximum permissible levels of electromagnetic radiation by creating new rapid methods using test objects.

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  • The Experimental data on persistent negative photoconductivity phenomena in semiconductors. The resistivity reduction is associated with a slight excess of Ga concentration, disturbing the Fermi level pinning within the energy gap of n-PbTe(Ga).

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  • Nanofluids are liquids suspensions containing nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid. An investigation is for measurement of the freezing point and studying the supercooling point. The T-historic method based on the measurement of the point of inflexion.

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  • Цель организации глобальной международной выставки "Энергия будущего", признанной Бюро международных выставок, в 2017 г. в казахстанском городе Астана. Количество стран-участниц и организаций. Затраты на ее проведение. Талисман и символ мероприятия.

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  • Measurement of an exit of reaction of nd of disorder in experiment on the RADEKS neutron channel of Institute of nuclear researches (Moscow). Detecting of two secondary neutrons in a configuration a neutron-neutron interaction in a final condition.

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  • Изучение F-центров щелочно-галлоидных кристаллов, активированных ураном. Проведение анализа кинетических кривых, полученных в эксперименте, на основе которого предложена модель ураниловых центров. Разложение кривой поглощения на полосы гауссовой формы.

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  • The fabrication of a molecular transistor based on a single molecule trapped in a few-layer graphene nanogap. The three-terminal transistors. Feedback-controlled electroburning. The current-voltage characteristic. The measure electron transport.

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