• Show that computing e-th roots modulo n is easier than factoring n with currently known methods, given subexponential access to an oracle outputting the roots of numbers of the form xi + c. The strategy – a general outline. Polynomial construction.

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  • Freedom of access to the global network. Ease of use compared with the library. The Internet is a cost-effective source of research and self-knowledge and confidence. Language tools that have the potential to translate pages. Disadvantages of the network.

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  • A Bayesian algorithm for determining the statistical accuracy factor, which can be used to estimate the accuracy characteristics of on-board automatic landing system on the stage of operational control. Solution of the statistical accuracy problem.

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  • Hereditary Information and Protein Biosynthesis. Gel Electrophoresis and Direct Sequencing. Generalized Sux Trees and the Substring Problem. Ecient Computation of Overlaps. Denition and Scoring of Multiple Alignments. The FASTA and BLAST Heuristic.

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  • A bird's-eye view of modern cryptography. Preliminaries and Defining security in cryptography. Elementary number theory and algebra background. Approximations using partial Greatest common divisors computations. Birthday-based algorithms for functions.

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  • Development of software and algorithm of the information system for monitoring fires. Possibilities detecting fire from sensor, predicting its spread and assessing the source of ignition. Realization of information through sound and visual signals.

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  • Development of the mathematical model of invariant image processing in the visual system. The principles of constructing a functional that reaches a maximum when the values of the transformations are equal to the hidden transformations of the signal.

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  • The model and structure of the intrusion detection system, which is built on the basis of immunological principles. Detecting the network traffic status. The decision rules for the classification of States of network traffic of a computer network.

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  • Kompyutinhove storage as one of the paradigms of periodic training neural networks through the use of rekurrentnoyi other indicators. The new approach, which focuses on learning fuzzy systems thatand its parameters are adapting their structure online.

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  • Cryptography is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. PGP data compression routines, the random numbers used as session keys, the message digest. Compromised passphrase and private key. Protecting against bogus timestamps.

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  • To develop an extension to a traditional RDF model of describing knowledge graph in accordance with the standards of the Semantic Web. The concept of Executable Knowledge for Protege based on traditional types of properties within the RDF model.

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  • Types of knowledge-based systems. Logic, rules and representation. The use of registered names, trademarks in engineering. Expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning systems and methodologies of intelligent agents.

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  • An Introduction to Cryptography: Simple substitution ciphers, Divisibility and Common Divisors. Discrete Logarithms and Diffie–Hellman. The index calculus and discrete logarithms. Combinatorics, Probability and Information Theory, Digital Signatures.

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  • Basic Notions of Systems and Signals. State-space Models. Process Modeling for Control Purposes. Input–output Models and Realization Theory. Controllability and Observability of LTI Systems. Stability and The Lyapunov Method. State Feedback Controllers.

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  • A new model of the take-off weight of the aircraft determining process and the weight distribution of passengers’ law. A simulation of the operations in the preparation for departure process. The effect of weight on the passenger aircraft alignment.

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  • Characteristics of the segment of cloud technologies in Russia, an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. The main types of cloud services models, the problems of their use (confidentiality, security). Preferences of using clouds in Russia.

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  • Social network analysis as a modern theoretical approach to studying various processes of human life. Application SNA to fields of science. Application exact and approximate Shapley values in the assessment of centrality measures of nodes in networks.

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  • The classical methods of active identification and adaptation of automatic control systems (ACS) were used. Test of ACS.Transient process which allows to obtain parameters of the object transfer function and calculate the conventional adjustment knob.

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  • Methods of classification of correlation extremal navigation systems, geophysical fields. The block diagram of CENS, which works in risk conditions. Dependence of posteriori probability on the quantity of key points and total error of its determination.

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  • The problem of three-dimensional reconstruction on Android devices, sensors system. Process of reconstructing three-dimensional models. Camera calibration, finding matching points between images, the use of sensors Android device to solve the problem.

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