• The structure chart of identification using n-th order volterra model in frequency domain using interpolation method. Numerical values of identification accuracy. The simulink model of the test system with noise generator, osillosopes. Wavelet function.

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  • The study of interaction of advertising effectiveness to its level and type of promotion products. Certain preferred mode of product promotion to the consumer. The study of the effectiveness of price discounts and bonuses on all advertising levels.

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  • The investigation of the effects of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation on intact bovine lens using a lens organ culture system. Exposure above specific energy levels affects lens epithelium as demonstrated by changes in epithelial enzyme activities.

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  • Analysis of the effects of 2 chemical retraction agents on gingival blood flow and systemic blood pressure in subjects with healthy gingival were investigated. investigation and assessment of the impact on blood flow gingival retraction gingival.

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  • The concept and essence of globalization: history, different types. Negative, Positive effects and solutions. Global Political Issues. Spread of Technical Know-How. Positive Impact of Globalization on the Environment. Spread of Culture, of Education.

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  • Studies on the antistress protective actions of peptides of the glyproline family: Pro-Gly-Pro, Pro-Gly, and Gly-Pro. Typical changes in the behavioral activity of rats in the elevated cross maze. Providing evidence of a significant increase in anxiety.

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  • The study of nasal osteotomies as the cause of periorbital edema and ecchymosis. The results of applying the injection of lidocaine and epinephrine to reduce bleeding and postoperative edema in rhinoplasty and to normalize systolic blood pressure.

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  • Development of a method of transmission based on systems with decision feedback and the timer signal designs with the fix part of the error interval of the "good" state equation as. The definition of the boundary conditions of its use and effectiveness.

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  • Measures to ensure the quality of technical operation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting. Requirements for quality maintenance terrestrial television. The permissible norms a phase noise. The calculation algorithms for digital switching.

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  • The investigation of the state of EGNOS Approach with Vertical guidance for Europe. EGNOS performance parameters are described in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity. The established results confirm the need for the EGNOS service.

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  • Construction of cartographic image and programmatic visualization of these charts of passing of main collectors. Application of elastic approach of maps at building of collectors. Construction of geometrical map of structure of main objects of building.

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  • Electric cars are a variety of electric vehicle. Greenhouse gas emissions, depending on the method used for electricity generation to charge the batteries. Top-10 countries by world market share of new car sales in 2013 by electric-drive segment.

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  • The concept and characteristics of the electric current. Analysis of linear DC circuits. Applying Kirchhoff's in electrical engineering. The nodal equations for complex amplitudes. Representation of harmonic oscillations with the help of complex numbers.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of the electric field within the space bounded by the annular border on the basis of the theory of singular integral equations in problem of pairing. Formulas for determination of the electric field in the active zone.

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  • A mathematical model of multiphase cylindrical apparatus for bulk materials treatment with radio frequency electric field. Analysis of the distribution of the electric field inside the zone restricted with multiple connected circular arc-shaped boundary.

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  • Electric field of radio frequency. Mathematical model of multiphase cylindrical apparatus for bulk materials treatment. Connected circular arc-shaped boundary on the basis of the field coupling problem of the theory of singular integral equations.

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  • Impedance and dielectric properties of an Mg-Zn ferrite. Covalence effects and electronic configuration of the valence shells of the ions in ferrites - spinels. Dispersion of Resistivity and Dielectric Constant of Some Semiconductors at Audiofrequencies.

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  • Types of Electric Vehicle in use Today. Alternative and Novel Energy Sources and Stores. Electric Machines and their Controllers. Motor Cooling, Efficiency and Mass. Design of Ancillary Systems. Battery powered cars and vans. Torque speed characteristics.

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  • Study of the electrochemical oxidation of methyl tert-butyl ether on micromodified and composite lead dioxide anodes. Anodic conversion of MTBE and electrochemical processes of water oxidation with formation of hydroxyl radicals and molecular oxygen.

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  • Electrodeposition of cobalt-silver and cobalt-tungsten alloys from citrate electrolyte. Characteristic of their catalytic and anticorrosive properties. Effect of the ratio of the electrolyte components depending on the composition of the cobalt alloy.

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