• The peculiarity of the employ of sources of light on light-emitting diodes in hothouses. Testing of the technology of growing plants using lamps with LEDs grounded. Investigate different ways to stimulate the development of vegetable bioobjects.

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  • Further examples of population dynamics. Representation of real numbers in an arbitrary base. A geometrical model for continued fractions. The idea of computational complexity. Elementary applications of congruence. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

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  • Properties of Probability Distributions. Conditional Distributions and Expectation. Characteristic Functions, Moments and Cumulants. Parametric Families of Distributions. Distribution Theory for Functions of Random Variables, Approximation of Integrals.

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  • The warehousing activities based on integrated logistic strategy of agricultural enterprises. The methodology of formation of logistics management. The relation between the functional units of logistics services in warehouses agricultural enterprises.

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  • Golden age in English history is the Elizabethan era. The flowering of poetry, music, literature. The principal consequences circumnavigated the globe Sir Francis Drake. Characteristics of the legal system, the use of torture and persecution of witches.

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  • Private versus public key cryptography. Variable changes and normal forms. Elliptic curves over finite fields. The baby-step giant-step algorithm. Counting points on elliptic curves. Isogenies and modular polynomials. The Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm.

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  • Общая характеристика системы экологического менеджмента и аудита экологически безопасных предприятий, рассмотрение структурных элементов: экологический мониторинг, анализ со стороны руководства. Знакомство с этапами разработки стандартов ISO-14000.

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  • Chemical hazards and toxic substances pose a wide range of health hazards (such as irritation, sensitization, and carcinogenicity) and physical hazards (such as flammability, corrosion, and explosibility). Explosives. Gases. Flammable liquids, solids.

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  • Determining the level of emotional development of students - physical therapists and teachers of physical education. Differences between groups of students depending on the direction of education and sex. The propensity to interpersonal abilities.

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  • This paper studies the issue of emotional labor in public health care organizations for children in Russia. The presented research aims at defining and examining the main features of emotional labor in public health care institutions in this country.

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  • Empirical comparison of representations of preferences allowing for nontransitive indifference relations. Analysis of theoretical and empirical literature on the subject of intransitive utility. Analyze experimental data, choose the most fitting theory.

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  • The relations between empiricism and ekstenzionalizm theories. Their internal communication with a reductionism. Kantian distinction between the regulative and the constitutive theses. Their interpretation about the nature of knowledge and of language.

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  • Investigation of the role of human resources in a global crisis. The study of the main factors affecting the motivation of staff. An analysis of the reason for the lack of employee satisfaction. Creation of an opportunity for training and promotion.

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  • General characteristics of the english labor market model, basic functions. The foregoing features of wage rules in a nonstationary environment. Analysis of the actual wage, which is in the middle of bargaining set for the median productivity state.

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  • Bangladesh as a small country located to the North-East of India, which surrounds it, consideration to geographic location. Characteristics of the workforce. Familiarity with the legal system of Bangladesh. Familiarity with the activities of Grameen Bank.

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  • The structural, theoretical and synthetic properties of enamines which act as important intermediates in many syntheses of organic compounds containing oxygen. Cycloaddition reactions, electrochemistry, hydrolysis and biochemistry of metalated enamines.

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  • Decoding techniques for fast correlation attacks. Description of cryptographic protection. Enforcement mechanism and decision function. Elgamal digital signature scheme. Conceptual model of an authorization architecture. Binary Euclidean algorithm.

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  • The dietary reference intakes. Nutrients and other food substances. Food-health connection. Planning meals selecting healthful foods plus two weeks of menus. Preparing healthful meals. The bottom line on food safety. Refrigerating or freezing food.

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  • Mercantilism is the doctrine that economic activity, especially foreign trade, should be directed to unifying and strengthening state power. A metropolitan is the chief prelate in an ecclesiastical territory that usually coincided with a civil province.

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  • Description of the reasons for the disappearance of types of illegal hunting, deforestation, pollution of water bodies. Statistics reduce some species of animals in Ukraine. The red book as a collection of endangered species of animals and plants.

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