• Harvard University is an American private research university located in Cambridge. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Main campus contains the central administrative offices and main libraries of the university.

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  • Numerous changes in the system of higher education in Montenegro over the past decade. Law on Higher Education. Basic principles of the Bologna Declaration and the European Commission. Issues and problems requiring further reform of the education system.

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  • The first practical school of agriculture in prerevolutionary Russia. One of the first agricultural higher educational institutions. The system of agricultural education in the USSR. The curricula of agricultural vocational-training technical schools.

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  • Communication as a form of human interaction. Consideration of the most common "language mechanisms". Analysis Tips for Using communicative activities. Methods of Use various communicative activities in the school classroom no matter level of the pupils.

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  • Training in the field of information and communication technology training among faculty in education of teachers. Improving skills in the field of communication technologies, international and local standards of competence for teacher education.

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  • The aspects connected with an increasing role of independent work of students in the context of transition to the standards of Bologna system of education. There has been proved the necessity to improve the efficiency of students’ independent learning.

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  • Proving that a synthesis of research that involves the interpenetration and mutual methodological principles of the various sciences, overcoming unacceptable methods of economic determinism should become one of the research objectives of economic schools.

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  • The concept, nature and importance of the Internet in modern life. The creation of a linguistic analysis of Internet slang, the use of pragmatic principles in online communication. The use of Internet slang in relation to English language teaching.

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  • Вплив сучасних інформаційних технологій на навчальний процес як психолого-педагогічна проблема. Фізіологічні та психологічні прояви при роботі учня чи викладача з комп'ютером. Позитивні і негативні впливи інформаційних технологій на суб'єкти навчання.

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  • Decision-making theory, the main purpose, aims, actuality of the graduation paper. The research methods used in the graduation paper. The structure, key definitions, concepts. Simulation modeling, expert forecasting, cognitive modeling, decision tables.

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  • The distinctive features of a language barrier, its levels and causes. The occurrence of culture shock in the study of the English language to foreign students. Recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of overcoming the language barrier.

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  • Lesson Study как педагогический подход, представляющий собой особую форму исследования в действии на уроках, направленную на совершенствование знаний в области учительской практики. Правовые основы деятельности областных экспериментальных площадок.

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  • The study of the peculiarities of the geographical position Scotland, administrative division, capital city, population, language, currency, major cities, cultural traditions and local cuisine. Hobbies local children, achievements of famous people.

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  • The basis of the reasons for the relevance of issues relating to public health threats to the global community. Analysis the level of physical fitness among the early school-age children in the individual motor tests including the subjects gender.

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  • Intercultural competence as a core element for the professional and social competence of a teacher. A system of lingua-cultural knowledge which is developed at the foreign language learning stage. Working with authentic texts and corrective exercises.

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  • The education is essential prerequisite for economic and social wellbeing of society. The establishment of professional ties among the organizations of the consortium in the fields of training of new professionals as well as of scientific development.

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  • A case of Japan as one of the most populous MOT higher education countries in the world and tries to explore the future of management of technology education in Ukraine. Case study of Japan with populous MOT education. A case of MOT program curriculum.

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  • Analysis of medical education in the United States, its differences from the European study. Features of training specialists for work in pharmaceutical institutions and public health. Conditions for obtaining a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry.

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  • Methodological requirements for the selection of illustrative material in the school textbook of history of the ancient world. Illustrative material as a structural component of the textbook and its functions: informational, developmental, educational.

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  • Dilemma in language teaching process, linguistic research. Modern techniques in language teaching, grammar translation method and communicative approach. Principles and important factors of learning and teaching vocabulary. Sets of lessons plans, tests.

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