• The economic and social environment of the Latgale region has improved since Latvia's accession to the EU and the region is well-favoured to its residents and economic growth. This status has become an important element of the Latgale regional identity.

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  • Full description for English Sociophonetics, Phonetic and phonological changes, Sociolinguistics and language change. Particular interest in the implications of speech variation on theories of language change. The relationships between phonetic form.

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  • An innovative product of education as the erudition of a person that meets the growing demands of a market society. Characteristics of the basic instruments, which used in the motivation of scientific and pedagogical staff to qualitative teaching.

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  • The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the emergence of sociology, a review of the methods. General characteristics of the structure of sociological knowledge. O. Kont as the founder of sociology as an independent science, the analysis of activity.

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  • Acquaintance with the features of the use of social and communication technologies in the organization of an advertising campaign and the formation of information and media culture. Analysis of the promotional activities of the Institute of Journalism.

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  • Peculiarities of the application of social and communication technologies in the organization of an advertising campaign and the formation of information and media culture on the example of the Private University. Traditional and innovative approaches.

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  • Анализ прорывной технологии public relations под названием soft power. Влияние традиционных технологий коммерческих коммуникаций, таких как реклама и PR, стимулирование продаж и direct mail на общество. Стандарт коммерческой коммуникации soft power.

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  • Basic principles surgical endodontics. Various modes of incision. Biology of the gingiva. Oral gingival epithelium. Gingival changes during inflammation. Gingival connective tissue. Regional anatomical structures in relation to the pathological process.

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  • Soft tissue healing. Epithelial repair. Connective tissue repair. Role of saliva and gingival crevicular fluid in oral wound healing. Surgical site closure. Suture materials. Suture techniques and removal. Clinical review of the soft tissue healing.

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  • The physical principles of meteor radio. A block diagram of hardware and software for sensing meteor trails. The principles of software-defined radio system. А functional diagram of a digital oscillator. shortcomings. Range and security meteor radio.

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  • Development of software applications, tools settings of the information system. The connection of additional interfaces and applications, tools to create, configure and manage database tools to generate reports in MS Word, edit them on the server side.

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  • Procedure Oriented Programming. Return Type of mai. Example with Class. Creating Source File. Compiling and Linking. Representation of subjects of real problems in system design. Developing module, which are tolerant to any changes in the future.

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  • It is developed software integration of different computer-aided design systems in the design of wind power plants. The block-diagram of computer-aided design system is presented. Analysis and especially considering of the format conversion mechanism.

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  • Choice relationship database system, a cloud platform and a software platform for implementing and deploying the relational database system, resource and service agents; software module market risk. User interface for outputting the received information.

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  • Solar energy technology, the order of their classification. The composition of active solar techniques, differences from passive. Energy from the sun its use. Applications of solar technologies in architecture, urban planning. Solar thermal technologies.

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  • Features of the use Gauss law. System with two line charges. The potential from both line charges is a superposition of both potential. Since the system has a high symmetry, may to use Ampere's law. Choice of the Ampere loop. The magnetic field.

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  • Огляд порівняльної характеристики вимог до платоспроможності страховиків в Україні та вимог Solvency ІІ. Досліджено сильні та слабкі сторони впровадження Solvency II на українському страховому ринку. Окреслено проблеми, які потребують вирішення.

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  • The challenges of supply chain, which can be solved using Internet of Things technologies. The use of IoT devices makes it possible to reduce costs caused by processes which involve a high amount of involved actors in transportation and tracking of goods.

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  • Listing the main problems with group work, setting out some benefits of group work. Research is specific learning technology of the above-mentioned strategy. Determining the factors that influence the effectiveness of group work while learning English.

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  • Analysis of the features of lipid metabolism in patients with arterial hypertension and obesity. Total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein. Methods of therapeutic correction diseases in patients. Parameters of high-density lipoproteins. daily blood.

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