• This article analyses why the promises made by the leaders of the Orange Revolution regarding reforms in Ukraine were not realized. The influence of the relations in the triangle EU – UA – RU, but the main factors appeared to be the domestic ones.

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  • The comparison of the game in the dictator and ultimatum when participants know the names of their colleagues and there, and the impact of social preferences on economic behavior (allocation of money to anonymous strangers in the dictator game).

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  • Modernisation of design of the wheelset axle. A construction of the hollow axle having an inner longitudinal cylindrical through hole of the constant diameter throughout. Making of detail of steel seamless tube. Features of application of construction.

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  • Oil - the main source of energy and investing millions of dollars into the economy. The rapid growth of oil and gas due to increased demand for energy. Countries, with the largest oil reserves. The discovery of new sources of energy alternative to oil.

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  • The ability of yeast strains to sbravati lactose in a medium containing whey powder and lactose in different concentrations. The decrease in the synthesis of ethanol when the concentration of substrate, its resistance in microaerophilic conditions.

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  • Research and criticism of dominant feminist analyses of the “Hottentot Venus". Anatomy of the "other" is the source of negative representations of black sexuality. Alternative way of understanding the construction of Black women in colonial discourse.

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  • The main aspects concerning the misappropriation of vehicles. The issue of the prevention and investigation of crimes related to the misappropriation of vehicles. Classifications of misappropriations of motor vehicles. The phenomenon as "Automaidan".

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  • The reasons for choosing profession of a journalist. The opportunity to travel frequently to different cities and countries, to communicate with interesting people. A possibility realize dream: to produce your own book or TV-show for young audiences.

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  • Spreading of the English language in the world communication. BBC/RP are national standard in the UK. Noam Webster and his the works dedicated both to regional variations of English and local its representations. Five main groups of dialects UK.

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  • Analysis of import dependence of the South Korean economy from Japan. The reasons for the growing gap between imports and exports of countries, which over the years lead to chronic shortages, which are disadvantageous for both sides. The trade deficit.

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  • The rate of price inflation in the United States. The trend-cycle model with stochastic volatility explains a variety of recent univariate inflation forecasting difficulties and begins to explain some multivariate inflation forecasting puzzles as well.

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  • Analysis of the use of English language in modern society. The definition of the main reasons of learning English. Consideration of the prospects in education and career people who constantly raise their level of knowledge of the English language.

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  • The differences between how think and communicate men and women. The dramatic findings of new research on the brain. A investigating evolutionary biology. Analyzing and studying social changes. Consideration of the reasons why men do not listen.

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  • A review of the basics. NPV and its competitors. The book rate of return. Internal rate of return. Capital rationing. CFO decision tools. The payback period of a project. Term structure assumption. Profitability index. Linear programming. Vegetron case.

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  • Characteristics of state building on the example of Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and other states of Central Asia. Characteristics of maintaining the economic stability of the state. An analysis of the difficulties in recognizing such countries is legitimate.

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  • Theoretical foundations of the relativistic paradigm in physics and interactive technologies. An example of a community of interactive computing. Programming tool and tools for computer create physical and electronic worlds in everyday activities.

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  • The entry of Jorg Haider’s Freedom Party into a coalition government in Austria. The negative common denominator of the entire established political spectrum. A bi-polar system as the consensual form of politics in our time. The Postmodern politics.

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  • Беспроводные технологии – подкласс информационных технологий, которые служат для передачи информации на расстояние между двумя и более точками, не требуя связи их проводами. Wi-Fi – торговая марка Wi-Fi Alliance для беспроводных сетей. Принцип работы.

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  • Discussing the notion of the wideband radar ambiguity function, which was introduced earlier, and particularly its nonparametric variant. The new nonparametric variant of the ambiguity function, which is based on the notion of copula, is suggested.

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  • Необхідність теоретичного осмислення проблеми публічності політичної інформації та обмеження свободи доступу до інформації як проблеми сучасної демократії. Вплив ресурсу WikiLeaks на трансформацію сучасного розуміння публічності політичної влади.

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