• The peculiarity of the preferences of the Bengal lizards to live in microenvironment with dense and dry ground. Characteristics of building nests adjacent to water bodies. The choice of grasshoppers as a diet instead of hunting for other varieties.

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  • The consider the Yang-Mills theory in connection with the Einstein and Maxwell equations. The model of a metric satisfying the basic requirements of particle physics and cosmology is proposed. The basic equations of the model of the cosmological scale.

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  • General characteristics, main stages of medical procedures to restore hair. Features of these procedures on different parts of the body, indications for their use. Used medications, methods and techniques. Evaluation of effectiveness of the procedures.

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  • Analysis of the distinctive positive aspects of the Master's Program "Comparative and International Dispute Resolution" at Queen Mary University of London. Application of the method of analysis and synthesis of legal and scientific-methodical sources.

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  • Halloween - a holiday, which is celebrated annually in late October. Consideration common symbols of Halloween: pumpkins, bats and spiders. The culture of celebrating festivals in the United States. Disguises in the children in costumes in the Halloween.

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  • Поражение органов дыхания и центральной нервной системы при гемофильной инфекции. Возбудители и этиология Hameophilus influenzae. Определение групп риска для развития гемофильных инфекций. Клинические формы и дифференциальная диагностика заболевания.

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  • Дослідження актуальності заміни стандартної реалізації гіпертекстової розмітки HTML та стилей CSS на спрощену розмітку HAML та скриптову метамову SASS, яка інтерпретується в каскадні таблиці стилів CSS, при написанні клієнтської частники веб-сайту.

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  • Root canal preparation using traditional stainless-steel ISO 0.01. The balanced force movement of files. Instrumentation of curved canals using GT and ProTaper hand files. Tendency to create narrow canal shapes. The major advantage of NiTi alloy.

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  • Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • T. Nelson: life and comments on implications of his functional view of metacognitive memory monitoring. Primers on metamemory and memory. Current directions in memory monitoring and control. Contemporary issues involving the metamemory-memory framework.

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  • Current perspectives in educational psychology. Contemporary theories of intelligence. Memory and information processes. Teaching in elementary and secondary education. Gender issues in the classroom. The future perspectives in educational psychology.

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  • A history of psychotherapy integration. The future as an integrating force through the schools of psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapies for specific disorders. Integrating therapeutic modalities. Future directons in psychotherapy integration.

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  • Biometrics at a distance: issues, challenges, and prospects. Advanced technologies for touchless fingerprint recognition. Long-range facial image acquisition and quality. Detection of singularities in fingerprint images using linear phase portraits.

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  • General characteristics and milestones for bone access, curettage, biopsy and root isolation. The concept and principles of periradicular surgery, the methods and techniques. Removal of bone and root tip. Assessment of the results of the operation.

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  • Results changes in the structure of materials at pulsed plasma processing on the accelerator. Changes in physico-mechanical properties because the structure and phase transformations in a material when the difference of parameters of the plasma exposure.

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  • The preparation of a hard coating on the area of steel products by the method of combined local strengthening technology with the intensification of the borating process. Effect of laser treatment of steel on increasing the depth of the hardened layer.

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  • The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • Problems of hardware configuration in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices operated at vehicles of wide class in difficult conditions of disturbances action. Analysis of modern devices and units used in stabilization systems.

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  • The elements of computer security. Cryptography approaches and attacks. An advanced encryption standard. Key generation and distribution approaches and attacks. The qualities of workable security solutions. The trusted platform module at biometrics.

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  • The problem of harmonization of linguistic terminology, in particular of that related to prepositional equivalents of the word. The different languages undergo similar development processes, which results in arising of transitional language units.

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