• The queen and the parliament. The British Constitution. The Function of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Commons Members of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Lords. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones.

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  • The papyrus of Edvin Smith's as the first stomatology documents. Historical stages of children's stomatology. Its place among stomatological disciplines. The basic problems of children's stomatology. A role of scientists in discipline development.

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  • Analysis of the historical stages of state formation. Establishment in the United Kingdom a few feudal powers. The invasion of Germanic tribes of Angles on Saxons and Jutes. The most significant of the war England. Characteristics chronology of rulers.

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  • The role of the colonization of English in the political union of the country into the confederation and the legislative plan of the supreme representative body on the basis of the laws adopted by the British Parliament. His powers and activities.

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  • The international protection of cultural property: some skeptical observations. Archaeological heritage the council of Europe initiatives. Preservation of historical cemeteries in countries. Formation, development of the criminal legislation of Ukraine.

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  • Medicine in Ancient Civilization. The medical school in Athens and in other cities. Hippocrates – "the father of Medicine". The study of anatomy for over a thousand years. Exploring the human body by artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • Herbal medicine as the first scientific tradition in medical practice. The earliest surgery in the history of mankind. Hippocrates - the father of medicine. Vesalius and the science of anatomy. A new technique to analyze the internal state of the patient.

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  • Research The History and Profile of MiddleSex plc. through different types of magazines and newspapers, as well some official reports. The restructuring of the company, together with Massoud Alikani. Non-ferrous Metals. MiddleSex - GAZPROM relationship.

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  • Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant rhizome grows 30-90 cm in height, with a smooth stalks, square in cross-section. The traditional peppermint of mint against gastro-intestinal disorders, colds and headaches, and with cramps in the muscles.

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  • Studying the most important sources about runic history are ancient texts of scandinavian pagan religion. Comparing scheme of Gothic alphabet and gothic runes. Consideration different slavonic variants of scandinavian runes and anglo-saxon futark.

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  • Communicating over long distances. The Telegraph and commercial Growth of the Telephone. The Emergence of Broadcasting. International Telecommunications Networks. Hand-Held Radio Transceivers. History and development of communications satellites.

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  • Introduction to the Beatles which were a hugely successful band, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey). Consideration of the particularities their creation and the most popular songs of the band.

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  • Post-Soviet Russia school children to create coherent historical narratives about Russia's Soviet past. Chronic failure to construct a national identity. The failure of the political elite in Russia to acknowledge and accept its totalitarian past.

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  • Processes of vascular development in the mucous membrane during the embryonic period, the formation of a venous vascular plexus. Thickening of circular muscle fibers, the formation is rich in blood vessels folds of the mucous membrane of the embryos.

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  • The need for detailed morphological studies of peripheral lung cancer that occurs on a background of chronic lung disease. The peripheral location of the scar and the presence of signs of chronic inflammation. Area of tumor complexes with "cancer pearls".

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  • Асоціація хронічного гломерулонефриту з нефротичним синдромом у дітей і дорослих пацієнтів. Розвиток хронічної ниркової недостатності. Детермінованість стану імунної системи. Оптимізація вибору лікування і прогноз перебігу захворювання у дітей і дорослих.

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  • Понятие и история разработок HMS Dreadnought как британского линкора, родоначальника нового класса этих кораблей, названных в его честь и свершивший революцию в военно-морском деле. Размерения и их соотношения. Форма корпуса и коэффициенты полноты.

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  • Leisure or free time is a period spent out of work and domestic activity. Two main ways of spending free time. I like to pass my leisure time both in active and passive ways. Leisure time is one of the most important things people can't live without.

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  • Consideration calendar holidays in the Britain: new year, pancake day, Mothering Sunday, ester, april fools’ day, happy hampstead, halloween, thanksgiving day, christmas celebrations. Characteristic features of customs, weddings, births and christenings.

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  • Cultural assimilation is an intense process of consistent integration whereby members of an ethno-cultural group are "absorbed" into an established generally community. The major holidays are: New Year’ Day, Women’s Day, Victory Day and Independence Day.

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