• Исследование зависимости размеров гарпактикоид от гранулометрического состава грунта. Рассмотрение их роли в формировании общей численности и биомассы мейобентоса. Изучение их доли и роли в контурных биотопах: псаммо-, лито-, фито- и потамоконтуре.

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  • The Foundation of Harvard - the oldest University in the United States, founded in 1636, is a private University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Features of student and teaching staff of the University. The President of Harvard, Professor D.G. Faust.

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  • Studying the history of Harvard University - one of the most famous universities, which situated in the city of Cambridge. Familiarization with the teaching staff: two thousands teachers, about 14 and a half thousand masters and doctoral candidates.

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  • Harvard University is an American private research university located in Cambridge. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Main campus contains the central administrative offices and main libraries of the university.

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  • Investigating changes in the monetary transmission mechanism. A stylized structural model of the U.S. economy. Robustness analysis of VAR results. Details on the structural model. Standard deviations of output, interest rate. Impulse response functions.

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  • The surgical treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis - an organ-specific c autoimmune disease characterized by production of antibodies such as antithyroperoxidase, which leads to destruction of the thyroid gland and a decrease in normal thyroid function.

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  • Theoretical foundations of software engineering interactive systems for personal computer. The definition of the essence and content of usability engineering. The rationale for the choice of directions for creating and prototyping interface design.

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  • Решение проблемы формата. Преимущества цифровой передачи. Стандарты цифрового телевидения. Наследие старого телевидения. Проблема передачи сигнала. Компрессия сигнала в HDTV. Стандарт кодирования MPEG-2. Кодирование кадров и компрессия видеоданных.

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  • Healing and long-term prognosis of cervical root fractures. Transverse fractures limited to the cervical third of the root, oblique fractures involving both the cervical and middle parts of the root. Suboptimal reposition of displaced coronal fragments.

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  • A retrospective study of 208 cases of root fractures as a result of the maxillofacial trauma patient groups in age from 7 to 17 years. Positive effect splinting: its methods and tools type analysis of tissue healing when compared with other techniques.

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  • A decisive role of the bacteria in dental root canals. The efficacy of the endodontic treatment of pulpless infected teeth. Clinical and radiographic examination. Characterization of the investigated material. The apical level of the root filling.

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  • Effect of health on labour force participation. The relationship between health and labour force participation of the Russian population. Positive influence health lag proved on labour force participation. Effect of labour force participation on health.

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  • The study health impact aerobic and strength training in private fitness clubs for women. A negative impact on the physical and psychological state of the person the musculoskeletal inactivity. Health oriented training for women in fitness clubs.

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  • The health service in the United States. The value of insurance for the population. Statistical indicators of the cost of treatment. The amount of offset funds for the maintenance of one patient from the Federal budget. Reform of medical insurance.

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  • Factors of the environment of the education, affecting the conditions for the realization of health and physical education. The opportunities in the field of education of strength, endurance and dexterity in correlation with factors of health saving.

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  • Healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. The use of diet for cleaning the body and weight loss. Fundamentals of nutrition: moderation, balance, variety, and vitamins. Components of a healthy lifestyle: sports, no bad habits, sleep, rest, walking.

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  • Familiarity with the basic features of the distribution of heat flow, and some aspects of the formation of the thermal field in the Caspian region, conducting exploration. Crosses as points of determination of density of the heat flow by a well method.

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  • Исследование целей создание секты. Изучение правил членства. Анализ жизни вдохновителей и руководителей М. Эпплуайта и Б.Л. Неттлз. Создание сайта в Интернет. Восприятие кометы как знака. Реализация возможности вхождения во Врата Рая через самоубийство.

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  • Determine the level of heavy metals content in soils on the territory of rural settlements of Zhitomir. The main sources of pollution in the conditions of small farms. Assessment of environmental safety application the pesticides and agrochemicals.

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  • The role of innovative development. The characteristic of modern approaches to heavy-machinery enterprise innovative potential strategic management. Analysis of the perspectives of innovative development of heavy-machinery enterprises of Ukraine.

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