• Анализ воздействия Helicobacter pylori на слизистую оболочку желудка. Системы генерации активных форм кислорода и антиоксидантной защиты. Определение сущности и симптомов "окислительного стресса". Helicobacter pylori как индуктор окислительного стресса.

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  • Pulsation effects and the directional diagram on the basis of mathematical modeling of the system "antenna–fuselage of helicopter". Causes of the pulsations and their characteristics. Effects that may result from the pulsations of the radiation pattern.

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  • The revealed deep helium was presumably part of residual gas from hydrate-forming gases which was saved in isolated volumes. The presence of residual gases dissolved in pore water. Air data by Ozima and Podosek and Mamyrin. Double product measurement.

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  • Причины возникновения HELLP-синдрома среди беременных с гестозами. Факторы риска заболевания, его этиология и патогенез. Повышение уровня ферментов печени, образование микротромбов при повреждении эндотелия. Показания к экстренному родоразрешению.

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  • Анализ возможных причин и факторов риска развития Hellp-синдрома. Особенности патофизиологических изменений в печени при Hellp-синдроме. Дифференциальная диагностика и тактика оказания помощи при Hellp-синдроме. Показания к экстренному родоразрешению.

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  • Определение сущности hellp-синдрома — редкой и опасной патологии в акушерстве. Ознакомление с причинами его развития: иммуносупрессией, аутоиммунной агрессией, применением лекарственных препаратов. Характеристика клинической картины данного заболевания.

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  • Определение признаков проявления hellp-синдрома — редкой и опасной патологии в акушерстве. Характеристика причин его развития: иммуносупрессии, аутоиммунная агрессии. Ознакомление с основными факторами риска для возникновения рассматриваемого синдрома.

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  • Исследование сущности HELLp-синдрома, как атипичной формы тяжелой преэклампсии. Ознакомление с характерными изменениями в печени при изучаемом синдроме. Рассмотрение клинической картины. Определение принципов мирового стандарта терапии заболевания.

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  • Патологическое состояние аутоиммунной природы, характеризующееся нарушением равновесия тромбоксан-простациклиновой системы, что приводит к мультисистемной дисфункции. Биохимические "печеночные" тесты. УЗИ-диагностика беременных с HELLP-синдромом.

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  • Понятие, эпидемиология, классификация этиология и патогенез HELLP-синдрома. Клиника, дифференциальная диагностика осложнений тяжелого гестоза, возникающее, как правило, в III триместре беременности. Лечение, профилактика и прогноз лечения гестоза.

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  • Исследование редкой и опасной акушерской патологии III триместра беременности. Классификация HELLP-синдрома. Рассмотрение этиология и патогенеза. Клиническая картина и лабораторная диагностика. Инструментальные исследования и постановка диагноза.

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  • The failures of the European security agenda against Russia. The commemoration of 40 years of the Helsinki Accords in 2015. Europe’s security future in the balance. Lack of sensitivity from the West. Moscow’s support to separatists in post-Soviet space.

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  • The use of whole blood to determine hematological parameters using a hematological analyzer. The values of the number of circulating red blood cells, the concentration of hemoglobin and hematocrit. The process of adapting horses to physical activity.

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  • Visual word recognition is a temporal process, whereby the physical features of words, letters, graphemes, phonemes and semantic features are analyzed. The present study aimed to investigate visual word recognition in Turkish and its brain organization.

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  • The aim of the study was to determine early diagnostic criteria for the onset and development of bleeding in acute pancreatitis. The parameters of hemocoagulation, a-amylase activity in peritoneal exudate and intra-abdominal pressure were assessed.

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  • Causes of abnormal bleeding of varying severity in different parts of the body and their causes. Formation hemorrhages in the skin: chronic dermatitis, psoriasis. Types of hemorrhage: hematoma, hemorrhagic impregnation, bruises and their symptoms.

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  • Sketch of the life and work of American poet Hans URS Longfellow. The review of the first collections of poems of the author. Overview of family life and publication of the first Longfellow stamp in Portland. The list of novels and poetry Longfello.

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  • Determination of reasons and consequences of thrombosis of hepatic artery. A review of cases of distribution of жовчовитікання, infections is after transplantation of liver. An estimation of level of haemoglobin, arteriotony is during an operation.

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  • A brief description of the hepatitis virus A. S. Botkin as the first scientist who discovered the hepatitis B virus. Signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment for hepatitis A. Facts about disease. Summary statistics of hepatitis A virus worldwide.

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  • Research of creative heritage of Heraclitus in the field of geometry, physics, ethics, grammar, music, literature, history. Contradictions and problems of authenticity of the works of Heraclid. Heraclid's version of the myth of the return of Idomeneus.

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  • Article analyses of the earlier and lesser-known variant of Idomeneus’ after-war adventures than the popular one, which stems from Servius, was first introduced by Heraclides in his Heraclides most probably made up the supporting historical narrative.

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  • Study of the problem of limiting the right of the strongest in Greece. Highlighting the direct conflict between material power and moral power in the work of Sophocles "Antigone". Display of multiple and parallel dichotomies intertwined in the tragedy.

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  • The history of herbal medicine. The used a seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. A private practice specializing in complementary and alternative medicine. Manufacture and certifies the labeling of herbal preparations.

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  • The problem of the theory and practice of Herbartinian pedagogy in the German-speaking countries of the second half of the XIX and XX cen. Prerequisites for reforming the education system and assessing the Herbartian activities in the history of pedagogy.

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  • Creation of the Republican Center for hereditary neuromuscular diseases for children, on the basis of which a computer database and the SNMZ register are formed. Establishing the prevalence of SNMZ in Pediatrics. The essence of dystrophinopathy.

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  • Planning for a possible future for Ukraine after the end of the war - new, green, smart, livable cities, good infrastructure and a productive countryside. Creating access to educational infrastructure and academic knowledge for Ukrainian students.

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  • G. Cohen, M. Buber and F. Rosenzweig as outstanding figures of the "Jewish Renaissance". The study of their positions in relation to two basic Jewish concepts: doctrine (the theoretical theological part of the tradition) and law (practical part).

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  • Acquaintance with scheme of concepts and methods of hermeneutics. Characteristic content of variation of the explanation of scientific knowledge with the help. Defining an entity of identical examples of didactic properties, which have a parable.

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  • Connection of hermeneutic principles and approaches with centuries-old legal traditions. Consideration of the use of hermeneutics in the field of constitutional law based on the materials and practice of self-organization bodies of the population.

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  • The M. Weber, P. Sorokin, E. Fromm, M. Eliade and others philosophers from ancient times to the present day were as the material study. The influence of Eastern philosophical systems on the features of the life of modern Ukrainian and European society.

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