• Analysis of key documents of Basel Committee which concern operational risk governance and identifies the interconnectedness between risk source, type of the event leading to losses. The comparative characteristic of the main operational risk governance.

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  • The structure of Payment system of Russia and special place of banks there. The basic participants of payment system of Bank of Russia and preferences of its using. The Realization of electronic calculations. The parity of the non-cash payments.

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  • Study the nature, structure, stages of formation of the credit system. Determination of the functioning of commercial banks and their impact on the development of a credit system of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation of the national economy.

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  • The insurance for staff with higher contributions to EPF followed by medical benefits for dependents. Contrast in the value of education and development between the corporate sector and teaching profession. Evaluate the productivity of the organizations.

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  • Понятие и сущность POS-кредитования как направления розничного бизнеса банков. Необходимые документы и этапы оформления POS-кредитования, особенности договора POS-кредитования. Партнерство Сбербанка России и Cetelem. Рынок потребительского кредитования.

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  • Страхування як важливий атрибут ринкових відносин. Внесок вчених-економістів у розкриття питання місця страхування у розвиток підприємницької діяльності. Корпоративна програма страхування та її популярність в Україні. Розвиток страхового ринку в країні.

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  • Способы продвижения процессинговых услуг в сфере интернет- и мобильного банкинга. Услуга перевода денежных средств со счетов. Интернет-банкинг - удобная и оперативная система переводов и платежей из любой точки мира. Информация состояния счета на картах.

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  • Ways to improve stock volatility prediction with prediction of size and density of price jumps for some stocks. Finding of several models those predicted jumps better than historical mean. The best parameter for jump quantity prediction is term spread.

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  • The system of management of problem loans as a set of elements, the interaction of which allows to minimize losses of the bank in relations with borrowers. Characteristics, analysis of the effectiveness of strategies for managing bad debts in the bank.

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  • The environmental insurance as a category of economic relations. Of structuring of segments of economic mechanism, level of development of legal framework to create conditions for security causes objective necessity for investigating insurance.

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  • The nature of environmental insurance as a category of economic relations. A description of the main directions of development and the analysis of the problem of environmental insurance in Ukraine, proposals for the development of this type of insurance.

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  • The use of project management in economic activities. Maximizing the profitability of organizations through information technology. The banks use special software to determine the level of solvency of the client and decision about granting the loan.

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  • Theoretical and methodological aspects of determining the risk of bank lending to agricultural enterprises. Analysis of the nature of credit risk. Identification of the main risk factors in bank lending for agricultural enterprises, risk modeling.

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  • Sberbank as the circulatory system of the Russian economy. Consideration of the customer base. Characteristics of the largest issuers of debit and credit cards. Consideration of the work of qualified professionals, aimed at improving the service sector.

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  • The state participation in the financial sector. On example of the Russian banking industry to suggest criteria for a more accurate definition of public sector boundaries and an assessment of the scale of state presence in the national banking market.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The programs through which disabled and retired beneficiaries earn their income. Programs levels of medicare, which affect the types of benefits received by the beneficiaries. The unemployment insurance program.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. Pension insurance as a type of retirement plan, means of ensuring that elderly or disabled continue to receive financial benefits. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, accident insurance.

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  • The concept of social insurance and its main types. The program through which disabled and retired beneficiaries receive their income. Features of unemployment insurance. Compensation program to the employee after the injury. Insurance group accident.

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  • Огляд порівняльної характеристики вимог до платоспроможності страховиків в Україні та вимог Solvency ІІ. Досліджено сильні та слабкі сторони впровадження Solvency II на українському страховому ринку. Окреслено проблеми, які потребують вирішення.

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  • The establishment of financial associations for the assisting, regulating and controlling of buying in the securities. Broker and jobber in the market. Definition of stock exchange. Forecasting price changes of securities. The role of stock market.

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