• Maintenance of foreign trade in goods and services, international movement of capital, transfer of profits from one country to another, foreign loans and grants as the objectives of currency. The difference of international transactions on domestic.

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  • Theoretical background for risk arbitrage. Transaction costs theoretical background. Background of linear discriminant analysis. Assumptions of the model. Optimal classification. Speculation spreads and tender market pricing of proposed acquisitions.

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  • Chinese outbound direct investment and the State: the Paradigm Perspective. General description of Foreign direct investment. Rise of Chinese outbound direct investment since the 2000-s. The share of investments in created assets in the total number.

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  • The main objectives, strategy development and good governance provided by companies carrying loads. Studies of the use and selection of effective economic development strategy of shipping companies on the example of "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company".

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  • The possibility of national systems' economic development level rise in terms of civil society institutionalization. Influence of civil society institutional structure on the main indicator of economy's development – the Human development index.

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  • The comparative studies of regional clusters, their development patterns and cooperation between businesses and the academic environment, as well as the cluster ideas promotion strategies allowed identifying optimal models of innovative development.

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  • General characteristic full-blown theory of collective action. Analysis of evolutionary theory, it is useful ways of modeling the types of players in the population. Consideration of the features of the standard model of rational individual action.

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  • The procedure and the results of laboratory experiments and field studies of the rational choice in collective action, the intricacies of constructing a theory of evolutionary processes. The study details the impact of social norms on human behavior.

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  • Definition of Collective Investment. Collective investment schemes. Cost reduction through economies of scale by combining pension and profit-sharing funds. The accumulation of savings of small investors. Creation of the first investment fund in Ukraine.

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  • Concept and characteristic features of command economy. Comparative characteristics of the centralized and market economies. Exchange between households and businesses. Social division of labor, specialization and the infrastructure of the economy.

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  • The history of the company Samsung, its founders, the location of the main office and factory, сompany`s logo. The main products that the company manufactures Samsung. The most popular models of phones, feature smartphones. SWOT analysis of the company.

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  • The existing methods for assessing the competitiveness of enterprises. Key indicators of the competitiveness of the company. Use the innovation factor in assessing the competitiveness of enterprises. Determine the feasibility of using different methods.

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  • Study of the components of agriculture as socio-economic components. Evaluation of the sustainability of the development of strategic industries: dairy and meat. An economically significant viral infection as an obstacle in the production of cattle.

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  • Analysis of the main differences between economic systems of two countries (they are completely different in their economic substance), including the GDP growth rate, exchange rate, interest rate short-term government debt, unemployment and trade deficit.

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  • Economic determinants and agents’ participation motives in process. Problem of competition as a "closure" procedure and not as a discovery one. Competition between Agents. Investments overcoming exploitation. Аeature of production in the public sector.

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  • The connection between the dynamic development of non-standard forms of employment in the European countries and the consequences of the transformation of the international labor market. Negative consequences of unregulated non-standard employment.

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  • Review the main conceptual principles of organizing the modernization process of industrial enterprises. The components of this process and their materialization in projects. The ways to implement modernization in high-competitive economic conditions.

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  • A study by the economic entity and of the mechanism of interaction between the categories of "strategy" and "planning". The purpose of the state regulation of economic entities on a market. The benefits of using strategic planning at the mesolevel.

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  • Use of the term "competitive potential of a light industry enterprise". Industrial activity in Ukraine. Trends in the development of light industry in the context of increasing competitiveness by improving a competitive capacity of individual companies.

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  • Constitutionalization is a Necessary Reform. The achievement of the required threshold of acceptance of money in its symbolic significance requires more than some straightforward modification of the formal constitutional status. The Hobbesian Covenant.

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