• Genetically modified food as food derived from genetically modified organisms — plants, animals or microorganisms. The Russian market of genetically modified food products. The negative attitude of consumers towards gmos and the zero value of the WTA.

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  • Organization of innovative and research activities. The priority in the strategy of innovative development . Combination of elements of innovative process for restoration of the connection between science and production on a commercialized level.

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  • Exchange rates as one of the main indicators of the global economy. The factors that determine the dynamics of exchange rates. Econometric analysis of the dynamics of the Russian ruble nominal exchange rate and factors affecting it at different periods.

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  • The basic transaction costs concepts by analysing the design and implementation of a contractual arrangement between a bottler of mineral water and polluting farmers. The bargaining between the two parties to determine how transaction cost issues.

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  • Disclosure control the cost of innovative processes using budgeting. Development of the scheme of interrelation of analytic and synthetic information, pricing and preparation of planned budget calculation as part of design-estimate documentation.

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  • The ability to cooperate in collective action problems as a key determinant of economic performance: analysis of the major problems, familiarity with the key stages of development. General characteristics of institutions for collective action, features.

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  • The use of property resources or the provision of local public goods is a key determinant of economic performance. Aspects of collective action problems in developing countries. Characteristics of persons who participate in the collective enterprise.

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  • The factors that determine R & d investments in industry. Analysis of financial factors from the point of view of the corporate structure. Methodology of research the influence of corporate governance and insider ownership on risky R & d investments.

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  • Study of the necessity of corporate social responsibility training in Bangladesh. Analysis of attitudes of bankers and corporate professionals in Bangladesh to this question. Characteristics of present scenario of corporate social responsibility training.

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  • Experience the practical application of the principles of corporate social responsibility in Ukraine. Determinants of corporate social responsibility. Assessment of correlation between corporate social responsibility and financial results of the company.

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  • Generalizing the results of literature review about corporate social responsibility, peculiarities of CSR implementation in SMEs. Providing comparative analysis of definitions, investigating meaning of practices and stages, "formal" and "informal" CSR.

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  • Analysis of the main drivers for corporate social responsibility activities in different countries. Study of the corporate social responsibility concept development in Ukraine, and the main obstacles for socially responsible activities of companies.

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  • Verrnam encryption as the coding system with proved absolute cryptographically secure resistance. Commercial attractiveness, high rate of implementation and autonomy like one of the main valuable characteristics of a build technical developments.

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  • Analysis of the behavior of officials of the United Nations, economic situation and cost structure. Conditions and the confiscation of diplomatic plates. Enforcement rules and regulations in this area. Evaluation, assessment of the future prospects.

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  • Features of the use of modular transport containers as a temporary place of residence in emergency situations. The conditions for their application for resettlement accommodation, an assessment of the technical and financial advantages of this approach.

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  • Обзор процесса и проблем потребительской, сельскохозяйственной, промысловой кооперации в предвоенные годы в СССР. Рoль и место кooпepaции в oбecпeчeнии нaceлeния в coвeтcкoй индуcтpиaльнoй cиcтeмe. Cтpoй кoлxoзнoгo кpecтьянcтвa. Cиcтeмa Цeнтpocoюзa.

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  • Methodological support for specifying requirements for construction projects in rural areas. Profit: the economic sense, the problem of determining and displaying accounts. The basic models of the functioning of investment in regional development.

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  • Comparative characteristics of economic systems. Providing access to global markets, the formation of design thinking, using a wide range of resources and contributing to the development of the human personality - the tasks of the creative economy.

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  • The concept of the economic cycle, its phases: crisis, depression and recovery. Spontaneous transition from one phase to another. Occurrence and prevention of problems of an economic crisis. Its causes and role in the socio-economic development.

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  • The results of research on university innovative infrastructure objects in Russia. Best practices for the creation and development of innovation infrastructure of universities that can become the basis for the management of such structures in Russia.

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