• Essence of prices, its functions. Determining variable costs and economic sense. Break-Even point. A brief description of the industry in which the company operates: identification of the industry and market type, business competitors and their shares.

    курсовая работа (837,4 K)
  • Основные плюсы идеи открытия кинотеатра. Расходы на оборудование. Схема кинозала на 20-45 посетителей. Расчет окупаемости кинотеатра в зависимости от посещаемости, цены билета. Оборот в месяц, чистый доход. Годовой, полугодичный график выплаты по кредиту.

    бизнес-план (292,1 K)
  • Роль современных технологий на примере 3D-печати в процессах модернизации пространственных формирований. Трансформация видов производства от индустриального к постиндустриальному типу воспроизводства. Стратегические направления в развитии малого бизнеса.

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  • Рассмотрение книги "Опыт о законе народонаселения" Т. Мальтуса. Изучение эмпирического содержания средств существования. Теория оптимальной численности населения и прожиточного минимума заработной платы. Оценка современной концепции мальтузианства.

    доклад (49,1 K)
  • Improving the quality of government management of the economy based on the principles recognized by the European Union and the formation of a modern legal framework, capable of providing a large-scale reformation of the modern Ukrainian economy.

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  • The impacting social relationships on productivity. Competitive company model being adopted in Europe, structure workflows. Тools that can help organizations be more flexible. Development and introduction of new methods for increasing labor productivity.

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  • The essence of the model of social protection in Kazakhstan. Features of the geographical location and the national structure of the country. The use of forecasting methods for the formation of public policy. Determination of economic development trends.

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  • Разбор сути предлагаемых методов оценки запасов на складах предприятия на примере из учебно-методического пособия "Производственная логистика" и проведение ABC- и XYZ-анализов. Характеристика организации материальных потоков и хода производства.

    реферат (24,3 K)
  • Passenger air transpirations become an important part in the economy of each country. Increased competition in the airline industry. State and prospects of improving the competitiveness of Russian airlines in the international passenger airline market.

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  • Study of the relationship of adaptation of the enterprise with the process to ensure its competitiveness. Classification of adaptation according to the characteristic scale of the process approach to the analysis of the adaptation of the enterprise.

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  • Overview of short economic fluctuations. An analysis of three key facts about economic fluctuations. Studying the aggregate demand curve. Determine the reasons why the aggregate demand curve is downward. Estimation of shifts in the demand curve.

    презентация (63,4 K)
  • Research predicting bankruptcy for Russian companies. A comparison of approaches to modeling financial difficulties for private companies with financial and non-financial variables. Features a variety of models before and after the economic crisis.

    магистерская работа (5,4 M)
  • Familiarization with the result of analysis of the effectiveness of aid to Ukraine and its capacity to support economic and democratic reforms in the country. Development of improvements in order to increase aid impact on the reform process in Ukraine.

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  • Peculiarities of the american small business, general characteristics. American economy as a free enterprise system, which allows private business the freedom to operate for profit with minimum government interference and regulation, analysis functions.

    презентация (18,9 K)
  • The private enterprise in the American economy. Consideration of the nature of the theory of the "invisible hand". A total market value of all the goods and services produced within the borders of a nation. Science and technology in the United States.

    презентация (18,9 K)
  • Development of franchising relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan: main problems and ways of their solution. On the example of foreign and domestic manufacturers, the history of the emergence and development of franchising relationships is disclosed.

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  • Analysis of international approaches to measuring operational risks in order to ensure adequate coverage of capital. Development of a methodology for assessing operational risks, most suitable for implementation in the banking practice of Ukraine.

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  • Consideration of key elements of integrated structures in the world and national economy. Analysis of the characteristics of the main organizational forms of integration. Conducting their comparative analysis and clarifying the conceptual apparatus.

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  • Аnalysis of global experience of implementing the ISO 50001:2011 in aviation segment of transport economy sector was conducted. Determining the causes of inadequate distribution standard. The trends in disseminating the standard in the aviation sector.

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  • Features of formation, distribution and regulation of income of population in economic science. Priorities for socio-economic development strategy of competitiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan. the reproduction of labor power, and human development.

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