• The feasibility of implementation of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan. The study in field of employment and career history verification potential candidate’s. Advantages of blockchain technology the in exposure of the truth of job applications.

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  • Bond as an emission debt security the owner of which is entitled to receive from the person who issued it, within the stipulated period of its par value. The influence of the global factor in the expectations of investors for a risk premium on bonds.

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  • Рассмотрение основных подходов к диагностике текущего экономического состояния региона. Разработка bridge-модели на основе статистических данных бизнеса и опросов для ежеквартальной оценки валового регионального продукта Автономной Республики Крым.

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  • Familiarity with major budgetary aspects of economic security of the state. The essence of the concept "economic security in budget sphere". Budgetary performance as the most important indicators in assessing the overall state of the national economy.

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  • Analyze the organizational aspects of National Joint-Stock Company "Ukragroleasing". Determine the proper use of public resources and coverage of agricultural enterprises of different organizational forms. Review leasing transactions in the regions.

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  • Measuring, managing economic activity not only in the private, but also in the public sector. Methodology for assessing the performance of a municipal company, taking into account the specifics of enterprises that provide public services to the public.

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  • Night club as a public institution, operating normally after 21:00, is intended for the free pastime people. Key recommendations by geographical choice of entertainment. The professionalism of the administrator as the main success of the entertainment.

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  • The rise of corporate social responsibility and globalisation of business. Analysis partnerships aimed at of sustainable development, with a focus on NGOs and the corporate sector in Serbia. Recommendations for creating a partnership-enabling environment.

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  • Сделки как акты осознанных, целенаправленных действий физических и юридических лиц, совершая которые они стремятся к достижению определенных правовых последствий. Односторонние, двусторонние и многосторонние сделки. Сделки, совершенные под условием.

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  • Concept and evaluation criteria of social capital, his research and the importance of community development. The determinants of collective success for developing countries. Distribution of local public goods. Inequality and social fragmentation.

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  • Selecting the carbon pricing mechanism. Using the costs and benefits derived from regional climate and economic model in the analysis of prices Weitzman. Practical carbon pricing considerations. Integrated regional climate model and the economy in Russia.

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  • Theory on uncovered interest parity and trades. Description of tests on potential issues in data. Uncovered interest parity descriptive statistics and test results. Descriptive statistics of carry trade test. Theoretical framework and related literature.

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  • Aeolis of legal base and development conditions of transport biofuels. Hopes that biofuels of the 2nd generation, which is made from plants or waste, and their best opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions than biofuels of the 1st generation.

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  • Maintenance of foreign trade in goods and services, international movement of capital, transfer of profits from one country to another, foreign loans and grants as the objectives of currency. The difference of international transactions on domestic.

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  • Theoretical background for risk arbitrage. Transaction costs theoretical background. Background of linear discriminant analysis. Assumptions of the model. Optimal classification. Speculation spreads and tender market pricing of proposed acquisitions.

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  • Chinese outbound direct investment and the State: the Paradigm Perspective. General description of Foreign direct investment. Rise of Chinese outbound direct investment since the 2000-s. The share of investments in created assets in the total number.

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  • The main objectives, strategy development and good governance provided by companies carrying loads. Studies of the use and selection of effective economic development strategy of shipping companies on the example of "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company".

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  • The possibility of national systems' economic development level rise in terms of civil society institutionalization. Influence of civil society institutional structure on the main indicator of economy's development – the Human development index.

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  • The comparative studies of regional clusters, their development patterns and cooperation between businesses and the academic environment, as well as the cluster ideas promotion strategies allowed identifying optimal models of innovative development.

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  • The procedure and the results of laboratory experiments and field studies of the rational choice in collective action, the intricacies of constructing a theory of evolutionary processes. The study details the impact of social norms on human behavior.

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