• Analysis of the differences between the official format of relations between Ukraine and Poland and the way these relations are perceived by society in both countries. A study of the origins of the question of the growth of angry nationalism in societies.

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  • Kyrgyzstan as an secular, democratic, lawful state. Judicial Framework and Independence. Presidents of the Italian Republic. The imposition of constitutional court decisions according to Constitution. Political parties and elections the Eighties.

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  • Development of relations between Portugal and Angola within the framework of Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The basic principles of collaboration between countries in the field of economy and trade. Spread of Portuguese in the world.

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  • Multiplicity of the world market prices. Factors affecting world prices. The types of prices in international trade: the calculated and published. Formation of world prices for primary commodities and manufactured goods. Transfer pricing in world markets.

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  • International legal regulation of food security. Main stages of the evolution of the definition of food security were determined. Features of international legal regulation of relations in the field of production and trade of agricultural products.

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  • Сommercialization of innovative scientific developments, innovative products using and actively promoting to the market should become one of main conditions for competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises improving in the processes of European integration.

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  • Economic development of modern society, its relationship with the rates of formation and development of information and communication technologies. The expansion of broadband Internet channels. Competition of China and USA in the field of software.

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  • Voluntary programmes for the regulation of corporate behavior. New OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations and the UN Global Compact. Disadvantages, which affect the outcome of the OECD Guidelines. A global partnership with private sector.

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  • The gradual adaptation of experience of the financial sector of the Europe. Balanced approach to the implementation of European standards in terms of a deep free trade area. Recommendations to address the development of the financial market of Ukraine.

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  • Analysis of growth of Chinese exports with emphasis on exports of information and communication technologies. The difference between China and developed countries in the ratio between economic benefits from producing inside and carbon emissions.

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  • Acquaintance with keynesian doctrine preferring full employment, regulation of aggregate demand, support of economic growth or priority of fiscal instruments over monetary ones. Research and characteristics of situation in Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • Consideration the main problems of the Russian economy, causing the hard way its integration into the global economy. Assess the integration impact on the economy Russian regions development. The Customs Union and Unified Economic space formation.

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  • Analysis of the economic and social development of third world countries. Improving the quality of life of the population. Factors affecting the value of shares, image and reputation of the band. Preparation of reports on the capitalization of the firm.

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  • Uniqueness of Ukrainian migrants and reaction to them by the European Union. Diaspora as a channel for the transfer of information about migrants. The need for regulated relations between governments of European countries and the Ukrainian diaspora.

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  • The evolutional approach to the phenomena and processes analysis, in economy. State role in innovative ecosystems development and the high technologies transfer. Possibility of accumulating and orienting at innovative development material resources.

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  • BRICS as an independent international political organization of leading, emerging economies, included big and developing countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. The most serious problems: dealing with construction permits, starting a business.

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  • Russia’s economic policy. Changes in the structure of trade. China challenges Russia in the Commonwealth of independent States region. Energy in Russia-China economic relations. Incompatibility of Russia’s economic policy with true economic integration.

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  • Determination of the main causes underlying the Kurdish issue. Consideration of both internal and regional transformations, such as the Arab uprisings, changed the foreign policy perspective of Ankara. Evaluation of the security policy of Turkey.

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  • The role of the energy sector to ensure economic stability of the North American countries. Ways to diversify the energy market, especially the extraction of shale gas. Fundamental analysis of mineral deposits of the United States of America and Canada.

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  • The Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure as organ of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which serves to promote cooperation of member states against of terrorism, separatism. The role of Russia in settlement of military conflicts in Central Asia.

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