• General characteristics of globalization in the world. Consideration of the problems of economic inequality, demonstrations with the use of physical force. Search of ways to address the issue of poverty. International economic activities of McDonald's.

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  • The trends in the global economy in the context of globalization as well as their positive and negative consequences. Future direction of the economy of Ukraine in the globalization process, the degree of inclusion of Ukraine in the world economy.

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  • The absence of reflection and the chances of normalizing relations with Russia as a result of ignoring the national interests of Poland. The asymmetry of power and interests put forward by each party. Poland's participation in the team game within the EU.

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  • The European Union’s handling of the Iranian nuclear crisis. The nuclear problem as an example of European Union’s handling international crises. The prospects of EU approach in the final solving of the Iranian case and in future international crises.

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  • The article discusses integrating institutional and technological innovations into manufacturing process poses a challenge to Украине considering apparent flaws of its industrial enterprises’ ineffective as well as out-of-date investment strategies.

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  • Investigation of the accumulation of capital in the world. Study of factors emergence of worldwide billionaires using the method of least squares. The use of econometric models to study the impact of economic equality in the emergence of billionaires.

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  • The global economic crisis and its impact on the entire global economy. The slowdown in economic growth as the recession worsens in Poland's economy. Reducing the cost of insurance and reducing interest in insurance by legal entities and individuals.

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  • Analysis of the economic nature of the investment, approaches to the study of this concept. Improvement of the classification of investments due to the expansion of the classification criteria. Practical aspects of international investment activities.

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  • Process of internationalization, as a result of two separate processes: the building up of specific market knowledge and the expansion of market commitment, which together create a better basis of information, whereby uncertainty and risk are minimized.

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  • The theoretical aspects of coopetition, its’ prerequisites and outcomes. The tendency of coopetitive relations among international oil & gas companies: the prerequisites and outcomes. The changes in the strategy of the international oil companies.

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  • Familiarity with the main goals of contemporary immigration policy of Japan. General characteristics of the main and effective instruments of immigration policy. Consideration of the most significant demographic changes in modern Japanese society.

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  • The concept of international economic sanctions. The historical practice of international economic sanctions. Effective criteria for application in practice. Areas, stages and effects of international economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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  • Сomparative analysis of a federal countries participation in the international affairs and the role of subjects within the federation in the process of its external policy establishment. Involvement of subnational actors into the international relations.

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  • Results of the study of the policy of fisheries development after Poland's accession to the European Union. Financing the modernization of the fishing industry. The fishery management to the requirements of fish stock protection in the Baltic Sea.

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  • Investigation of the structure of the world market and its comparison with the structure of the domestic market. Assessment of benefits of international trade. The role of the WTO in the global economy. Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • The principles of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, its structure and means of cooperation. Adoption of the Institute of decision making to account the interests of all participants. Kazakhstan's role in the integration initiatives in Central Asia.

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  • A need in transparency of economic regime, a legal and administrative system as a dominant problem with China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical industries - weakest sectors of the Chinese economy.

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  • The role of the United States of America in the global economy. Characteristics of the gross domestic product. The World Food Programme in southern Africa. Securing funding for emergency relief in Central America, the Sudan and other parts of the world.

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  • Maintain and strengthen international peace and security, development cooperation between States. Central position the United Nations General Assembly as the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ. International Court of Justice.

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  • Consideration of the essence an international exchange rate is the price of one currency measured in terms of another (domestic) currency. Familiarization with the participants of the foreign exchange markets and factors affecting foreign exchange rates.

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