• Strengthening of bilateral relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. The role of diasporas in the process of lobbying the interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The reasons for mass migration of azerbaijanis, protection of their political interests.

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  • External forces provoked a recession. New blunders in tax and monetary policy made matters worse in 2001. A "debt trap" in Argentina. Final phase of crisis, in which government spread its problems to the private sector through a variety of policies.

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  • Economic development, industrial policy of the Asian region. Major export and import trend. New frontiers of growth. The challenges facing policy. Reforms to reduce poverty in China. Socio-economic development in Asia. Its role in the global economy.

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  • Analysis of the vector of the future development of the country after the fall of Soviet civilization. Neo-conservative treatment of Azerbaijan's development model, taking into account the comparative analysis of specific experience of some countries.

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  • Features of development of bio-economy in the European Union countries. The importance and necessity of bio-economy sectors developing for stable and inclusive growth for all sectors of European countries economies are defined. Strategy and Action plan.

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  • The aftermath of the food crisis for the world community. Analysis of the productivity of agriculture. Studying the dynamics of prices for products for 1998-2011. The construction of the forecast trend. The causes of the imbalance of supply and demand.

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  • The purpose of this thesis is to conduct a profound study of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on the automobile industry in general, and on the competitive position of five automotive players: Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, GM, Leoni.

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  • The history of trade relations between China and Europe, the latest developments of the process and evaluation of the future prospects. An analysis of the investment climate in the country, its improvement. A global surplus of China's trade surplus.

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  • The increasing import dependence of developed and developing countries from China over the last ten years. The analysis of the category of non-oil primary products. The dependence of China for the categories of high- and medium-technology goods.

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  • China and the Arab Spring events. Natural gas market in MENA region. Market space and investment opportunities China’s economic strength in MENA and Egyptian Arab Spring controversy. North Africa, Union for the Mediterranean and China market space.

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  • Revealing the world competitiveness indices of CIS countries to define the main drivers of economic growth and to find some possible solutions for strengthening competitiveness and trade facilitation. Analysis of innovation efficiency sub-indexes.

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  • The place of Ukraine in the system of world innovation processes. The general economic and regional conditions of forming of cluster systems. The mechanism of forming of scientific parks as the the mechanism of development of innovation processes.

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  • Analysis the state and possibility of further development of European agriculture in context of agricultural income increase. The basic statistical data about present financial conditions of agriculture and foreseen for Common Agriculture Policy future.

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  • The strategies of implementation of cultural diplomacy in different countries in the world. The main activities of the Republic of Korea’s overseas cultural organizations in Europe. Political factors influence on implementing of the cultural diplomacy.

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  • The essence of economic integration and its main stages is revealed. The evolution of integrative forms is investigated. The role of the customs union as a prerequisite for the further development of integration in the long term is substantiated.

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  • Предпосылки реформирования внешнеэкономических связей России. Преимущества и недостатки либерализации импорта. Система регулирования внешней торговли, её принципы. Современное состояние внешнеэкономического сектора. Товарная структура импорта в 2007 г.

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  • Analysis techniques to determine potential areas of distribution. The proposal of the "method of circles" for identifying potential areas of distribution. The selection of potential areas of distribution. Method bounding radius technical sales areas.

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  • The problems of government bond spread forming as an important indicator of country’s financial market vulnerability. The key determinants of its exposure in the new EU members and Ukraine. Factor influence on the yield of Ukrainian government bonds.

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  • Consideration of the inputs and outputs of agricultural production in the farm accounting data network system. Research and characteristic of the features of structure of costs within the total value of inputs on farms European Union member states.

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  • The emergence of the global economy as a result of the evolution of internationalization, transformation of productive forces, changes in the international business environment, ties. Conditions and methods for the formation of global business parameters.

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