• The conflict negotiations over transboundary water resources. The role of the authorities in the organization and conduct of the negotiations. The dynamics of the conflict between the States concerned, policies and shift security solutions to the problem.

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  • Interconnection between countries in terms of their air pollution emissions. The use of special panel data econometric techniques for estimates a modified version of Environmental Kuznets Curve, which includes intertemporal and special effect components.

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  • Information about the international policy, its subjects, signs and styles. The concept of international organizations. International institutions, their definition and approaches to studying. The rationalistic study of international institutions.

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  • The International Monetary Fund - an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation the states, secure financial stability and facilitate world trade. Promote high economic growth. Reduce poverty around in the world.

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  • Характеристика развития современной деревообрабатывающей отрасли в Китае. Изучение сотрудничества российских компаний с китайскими производителями деревообрабатывающего оборудования. Описание особенностей производства деревообрабатывающей техники.

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  • Human resource management. Human Resources in the Health Sectors. Concepts of motivation. An overview of migration and its impact on healthcare. Motivation indicators, migration in the Ghana health sector. Pull and push factors. Features of methodology.

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  • A sample of 10 countries representing all four levels of human development. A method to assess influence of employment to population ratio, foreign direct investment, total dependency ratio, and total reserves on GNI in Belarus, Iran and Tanzania.

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  • This study allows: ownership of firms in foreign subsidiaries depends on the cultural aspect. Presents a theory-based reproduction models Hennart's transaction costs, based on two national cultures: investment of Japanese firms in the U.S. and Vice versa.

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  • The current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member of the CEFTA 2006 from the position of its trade flows and strengthening the competitiveness. Membership in CEFTA 2006 as a way to accelerate the country's integration into the European Union.

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  • Description of the contribution to the reform and improvement of higher education Grigore Belostecinic. The process of strengthening cooperation between the Kiev National University of trade and Economics and Academy of economic studies of Moldova.

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  • Дослідження проблем трансформації влади в сучасній Україні. Провідні сучасні доктрини реформування ООН. Ідеологічне забезпечення процесу встановлення американського зовнішньополітичного гегемонізму. Теза про відсутність демократичної легітимності в OOH.

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  • Comparative analysis of valueadded and labour productivity of Singapore and Hong Kong’s wholesale and retail sectors for the period 2001-2008. Results from total factor productivity analysis of two economies. Hong Kong’s better performance (since 2005).

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  • National features of the formation and further development of innovation systems of the countries participating in the Customs Union. The formation of national innovation systems and the main differences in the development of innovation activities.

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  • Theoretical basis for comparing the effectiveness of international and state companies. Action theory of the principal agent in companies. The behavior of international and state oil companies in the period of falling prices for oil and natural gas.

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  • Geographical location, demographic characteristics and political system of Turkmenistan. Availability of minerals and main directions of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Prospects for economic development and the structure of export-import operations.

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  • Analysis of the differences between the official format of relations between Ukraine and Poland and the way these relations are perceived by society in both countries. A study of the origins of the question of the growth of angry nationalism in societies.

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  • Kyrgyzstan as an secular, democratic, lawful state. Judicial Framework and Independence. Presidents of the Italian Republic. The imposition of constitutional court decisions according to Constitution. Political parties and elections the Eighties.

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  • Development of relations between Portugal and Angola within the framework of Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The basic principles of collaboration between countries in the field of economy and trade. Spread of Portuguese in the world.

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  • Multiplicity of the world market prices. Factors affecting world prices. The types of prices in international trade: the calculated and published. Formation of world prices for primary commodities and manufactured goods. Transfer pricing in world markets.

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  • International legal regulation of food security. Main stages of the evolution of the definition of food security were determined. Features of international legal regulation of relations in the field of production and trade of agricultural products.

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