• Study limitations embargo on food imposed by Russia in competition among food industry enterprises to gain access to the domestic market for government procurement. Directions changes in market structure due to the economic crisis that hit Russia in 2014.

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  • Assessment of the impact on the level the bound tariff "policy space" within the trade negotiations in the WTO. The classification of countries in accordance with the level of bound tariffs. Comparative analysis of "policy space" the individual countries.

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  • Основні причини фундаментальних змін, що зазнала світова економічна система за останні роки. Характеристика ключових принципів реформування фінансового ринку, які були прийняті на вашингтонському саміті учасниками міжнародного об`єднання країн G20.

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  • Research and analysis of the innovative features of the world economy. Stages of development models transfer and commercialization of intellectual property products. Process of transfer and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Features innovative development of the world economy. Formation of transfer models and commercialization of products intellectual property. Analysis of conditions of the transfer process and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Study the theoretical basis of models transfer and commercialization of intellectual property products. Innovative features of the global economy. Terms of the process of transfer and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Evaluation of the impact of globalization on the economic competitiveness of Slovakia. The essence of globalization processes. The position of Slovakia in this rating. Characteristics of tax benefits, labor market and political situation in the country.

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  • Sources of finansing Britain. Use of the selected money facilities a monarchy for support of work of its Majesty as a chapter of the state. Annual expenses of taxpayer of Britain on maintenance of Royal family. The phenomenon of the Britain monarchy.

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  • The study of the problem of human trafficking in Nigeria and Russia. Determining the causes, the legal prerequisites for an anti-human actions. Anti-corruption policy in Nigeria and Russia. Non-governmental organizations to combat human trafficking.

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  • Characteristics of Libya, the social conditions, the state of the economy and government policy. Historical background and current activities of the Organizations of the United Nations to protect human rights. Comparative analysis of fragile States.

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  • Analysis Russia’s image emerging from news in Polish press published from 1991 to 2005. The manner of functioning of the image of Russia in the documentary and press discourse. Descript the social knowledge about Russia existing in Polish society.

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  • Immigration of the population as the entry of the population of one country to another for temporary or permanent residence, considered in relation to the country where migrants come. Passing a comprehensive reform. The Economics of family reunification.

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  • Stages of development of the common trade policy of the European Union. Tendencies of development and strengthening of its communitarian nature and improvement of the relevant tools. Evaluation of the impact of EU trade policy on international trade.

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  • The study of changes in the relations between Ukraine and Poland in the years of presidency of Yushchenko. Analysis of the impact of the adoption of Poland to the EU and the Schengen area, its impact on the Polish-Ukrainian inter-ethnic cooperation.

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  • The conflict negotiations over transboundary water resources. The role of the authorities in the organization and conduct of the negotiations. The dynamics of the conflict between the States concerned, policies and shift security solutions to the problem.

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  • Interconnection between countries in terms of their air pollution emissions. The use of special panel data econometric techniques for estimates a modified version of Environmental Kuznets Curve, which includes intertemporal and special effect components.

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  • Information about the international policy, its subjects, signs and styles. The concept of international organizations. International institutions, their definition and approaches to studying. The rationalistic study of international institutions.

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  • The International Monetary Fund - an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation the states, secure financial stability and facilitate world trade. Promote high economic growth. Reduce poverty around in the world.

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  • Характеристика развития современной деревообрабатывающей отрасли в Китае. Изучение сотрудничества российских компаний с китайскими производителями деревообрабатывающего оборудования. Описание особенностей производства деревообрабатывающей техники.

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  • The megatrends of future world development. Political aspects in modeling scenarios of global development. Identify key challenges for global development within the Millennium Project. Content analysis of the Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030.

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