• The clinical significance of the expression of iron-containing proteins ferritin and transferrin in tumor cells of patients with breast cancer. Evaluation of the correlation dependences of the parameters of expression of these proteins in tumor cells.

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  • Any lesion that affects the dentition is as a dental trauma and its effect. Classification systems for traumatic dental injuries. Assessment of the criteria used for the diagnostic classification of dental injuries from an epidemiological standpoint.

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  • Studying the first diagnosed of smear- and culture-positive tuberculosis. Determining a tuberculin skin test. Limited transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a potentially highly infectious passenger to other persons during extended travel.

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  • The statement of general medical topics, principles of teaching educational theory, research with practical reinforcement questions and learning: teaching small groups; skill based assessment; written assessments; аpplying educational theory in practice.

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  • Structurally functional model of the brain of Luria. Anatomical structures that enter the three main blocks of the brain, the functions they control. Methods of action and exercises to stimulate the work of brain structures that make up their composition.

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  • Generalization of the results of the implemented studies and definition of a strategy for further research in the direction of preventing the development of occupational cancer in Ukraine. Conditions for reforming the national health and safety system.

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  • The epidemiological characteristics of 18 patients with acinetobacter bacteremia were analyzed. The possibility of an association of glucose with the pathogenesis of acinetobacter infection was raised. Fifteen of 16 patients survived bacteremia.

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  • A brief sketch of the life of the famous ancient physician Avicenna, the analysis of his works. Stages of formation and evaluation of scientific achievements. The value of the activities of a doctor in the world. Areas of scientific work Avicenna.

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  • The clinical picture of acute apical periodontitis, its differential diagnosis and treatment. The concept of post-operative pain and the main reasons for its occurrence. Incidence of post-operative pain using two different root canal dressings.

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  • The indicators of integral functional state of the body, their qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Adaptation as a nonspecific reaction of the organism, its types. Features of the human immune system. Phases of the immune response to the stress.

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  • Description Thomas Addison clinical picture of primary renal failure. The study of the main causes and symptoms of acute renal failure. Primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency. The differential diagnosis and method of treatment of Addison's disease.

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  • Research in the field of diagnostic imaging techniques. The use of the IntelliSpace Portal applications between client and server. The conduct of oncological, urological and cardiac examinations. Diagnostic and therapeutic services of the center.

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  • The nickel–titanium alloy Nitinol has been used in the manufacture of endodontic instru-ments in recent years. Construction of root canal instruments that utilize these favourable characteristics to provide an advantage when preparing curved canals.

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  • Medical history progressing swelling in the canine region of the edentulous mandible. Treatment of tumors with a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Diagnosis of peri-implant bone loss around the mandibular implant with panoramic radiographs.

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  • The data of cracked teeth were collected and analyzed according to the restorative material and the classification of the restoration, clinical symptoms, the location of the tooth in the jaw, the direction of the crack line, and the treatment result.

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  • It has carried out detection and analysis of 17p11.2 chromosome region rearrangements in CMT1 patients from Ukraine. It has been shown the association with HNPP clinical phenotypes may be used in differential diagnosis of this type of polyneuropathy.

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  • Characteristics of the component parts of the thorax and its relationship to other regions. Study of anatomy of pectoral region, diaphragm, pleural cavities and mediastinum. Analysis of surface anatomy of thorax. Description of examples of clinical cases.

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  • The concept of Ankylosing spondylitis. Signs and symptoms, etiology and pathophysiology. Diagnosis of disease and it prognosis. Progressine deformity over a period of 36 years. Treatment and methods of control and prevention of ankylosing spondylitis.

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  • Causes of delivery anomalies. Consideration of pathological preliminary period, dis-coordinated labors, excessive labor, clinical manifestations, peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment. The impact of work on the anomalies of the fetus and newborn.

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  • A modern alternative approach to antimicrobial therapy is targeting bacterial virulence and specifically adhesion as one of virulence factors. Modern strategies for anti-adhesion therapy, the mechanisms of inhibition pathogen adherence, immunization.

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