• It has carried out detection and analysis of 17p11.2 chromosome region rearrangements in CMT1 patients from Ukraine. It has been shown the association with HNPP clinical phenotypes may be used in differential diagnosis of this type of polyneuropathy.

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  • Characteristics of the component parts of the thorax and its relationship to other regions. Study of anatomy of pectoral region, diaphragm, pleural cavities and mediastinum. Analysis of surface anatomy of thorax. Description of examples of clinical cases.

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  • October 16, 1846 as the birth of anesthesiology. An article by I. Chistovich "On the amputation of the thigh under the mediation of sulfuric ether" published in the newspaper "Russian invalid". The phenomenon of anesthesia. Anesthesia of the skin.

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  • The concept of Ankylosing spondylitis. Signs and symptoms, etiology and pathophysiology. Diagnosis of disease and it prognosis. Progressine deformity over a period of 36 years. Treatment and methods of control and prevention of ankylosing spondylitis.

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  • Causes of delivery anomalies. Consideration of pathological preliminary period, dis-coordinated labors, excessive labor, clinical manifestations, peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment. The impact of work on the anomalies of the fetus and newborn.

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  • The study of the emergence and spread of bacterial strains that cause infectious diseases and are resistant to antibiotics. Development of modern alternative approaches to antimicrobial therapy through targeting bacterial virulence and adhesion.

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  • A modern alternative approach to antimicrobial therapy is targeting bacterial virulence and specifically adhesion as one of virulence factors. Modern strategies for anti-adhesion therapy, the mechanisms of inhibition pathogen adherence, immunization.

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  • Понятие антибиотиков и их использование в медицине. Тест на чувствительность бактерий к ним. Целебные свойства серебра. Содержание антибиотиков в питьевой воде и молоке. История получения пенициллина. Проблема антибиотикоустойчивости микроорганизмов.

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  • Principles of antibiotic prophylaxis. Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis. Prevention of metastatic bacteremias. Antibiotic prophylaxis and varied clinical situations. Bacterial endocarditis. Orthopedic prosthetic joints. Immunocompromised patients.

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  • Definition of mood disorders, impact on a global scale and unmet needs. Causes and associations in mood disorders: genetics and pharmacogenetics. Clinical diagnosis and assessment of schizophrenia. Antipsychotic drugs and atypical antipsychotics.

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  • The activity of nitrate- [4- (3,4-dimethyl, -phenyl) -2- (2-oxo-3-methoxybenzylidene) hydrazinecarbothioamido] copper (CDI-14) new biochemical complex of the thiosemicarbazonate class, inhibit the growth of epithelial cells of two cancerous lines.

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  • Genital herpes - one of the most socially important problem in clinical practice of dermatovenereologist, obstetrician-gynecologists. Antivirals of systemic effect and local action for herpetic infection therapy on pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

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  • The rationale and techniques for treatment of the non-vital immature tooth. The treatment of choice for necrotic teeth is apexification, which is induction of apical closure to produce more favorable conditions for conventional root canal filling.

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  • The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the canal configuration types, and the prevalence and location of anatomical variations in the mesiobuccal and mesial roots of permanent maxillary and mandibular first molars after instrumentation.

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  • Analytical characteristics of an enzyme biosensor based on new inexpensive perspective stainless steel electrodes using silicalite nanoparticles. Three methods of glucose oxidase immobilization. Enzyme adsorption on the stainless steel electrodes.

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  • Although antibiotics are frequently prescribed to treat endodontic pain patients, there is evidence from the clinical literature to support this indication. The clinical evidence regarding the efficacy of antibiotics for treating postendodontic pain.

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  • Медицина как система научных знаний и как комплекс научных дисциплин. Разделы и виды современной медицины. История происхождения медицинских символов. Виды медицинской помощи на этапах медицинской эвакуации. Средства индивидуальной и групповой помощи.

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  • Risk of development of cardiovascular pathology in patients with terminal renal failure. Study of the features of arterial hypertension, cardiovascular remodeling and plasma level of osteopontin under the influence of candesartan cilexetil therapy.

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  • Морфофункциональная классификация суставов. Мышцы, обеспечивающие движения в суставе, соединение костей конечностей. Степень подвижности костей, которая зависит от толщины прослойки соединяющей их ткани. Образование синовиальной мембраны и хрящевой ткани.

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  • Вивчення поліморфізму Asp299Gly гену TLR-4 у пацієнтів. Оцінка ризику розвитку еозинофільної бронхіальної астми в популяції Автономної Республіки Крим. Метод алель-специфічної полімеразної ланцюгової реакції з електрофоретичної детекцією поліморфізму.

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