• Prospects for study of sulfones. Develop of the preparative method of alkylation of 4-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline-6-sulfinic acid with allyl bromide. Characteristic of synthesis scheme of 6-allylsulfonyl-4-methyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline-2-one.

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  • Pathogenetic mechanisms of psychopathologic disturbances formation. Early diagnosis of psychopathological conditions and disorders of the autistic spectrum. Development and testing of methods of interactive models of medical and psychological assistance.

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  • The problem of disposal of the pharmaceutical industry, the assessment of its relevance at the present stage, perspectives permission. Harmful substances emitted during the production of pesticides, chlorine compounds. Legal and technical support.

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  • Alcohol abuse and dependence. Alcoholism: main stereotypes, definitions, and criteria. Main types of disease. Physiological effects of chronic alcohol abuse. The famous twelve steps of alcoholics anonymos. Approaches to treatment for alcoholism.

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  • To study the role of bacterial and viral pathogens in the occurrence of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The main methods of identification of pathogens, determination of their sensitivity to various groups of antibacterial drugs.

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  • Pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of rickets. Description of calcium-deficient rickets with secondarily elevated parathyroid hormone levels and phosphate-deficient rickets. Place of vitamin D deficiency in the mechanisms of its development.

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  • The relationship between pulp and periapical diseases. The stages of disease progression in tissue as a result of a stimulus or irritant that is not removed or treated. Periapical inflammation without pulp infection. Classifications of periapical diseases

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  • The concept and clinical picture of gastritis, the prerequisites for its development, symptoms. The diagnosis of this disease and the development of a scheme for its treatment, a prognosis for the recovery of the patient. Etiology and pathogenesis.

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  • Research parasitic disease caused by the larvae of Ascaris migration to various organs. Analysis of the duration of the disease and relapse of multiple organ allergiс nature. Epidemiological studies of toxocariasis in children of different age groups.

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  • Discussion the results of clinical two-year dental research. Comparison of postoperative sensitivity of abutment teeth restored with full coverage restorations retained with either conventional glass-ionomer cement or a new adhesive resin cement.

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  • The epidemiological technique as the set of methods intended for studying of the reasons, conditions of occurrence and distribution of illnesses and other conditions in population of people. Clinical epidemiology and social aspects of medical aid.

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  • Diagnosis and management of human disease. Hematology values. PT and international normalized ratio. Partial thromboplastin time. Immunology and virology. Screening tests for viral hepatitis. Evaluation of the cellular components of the circulating blood.

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  • Studying the frequency of antenatal infection and record probable clinical manifestations in the children born from mother with HCMV in blood and mononuclear cells. The clinical features of the disease and immune deficit condition in the postnatal period.

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  • Treatment of peptic ulcer, anticholinergic drugs that inhibit the action of the vagus nerve on acid-secreting cells, contraindications to use. Recommendations of helicobacter pylori eradication. Prevention , symptoms and treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

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  • Clinical pharmacology of diuretics in the international system (anatomic-therapeutic-chemical). Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics features, principles of diuretics usage in clinics are considered. Side effects and interaction with other drugs.

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  • Hypothetical model illustrating the role of the inflammatory process in the development of pulpal necrosis. The major mechanisms regulating pulpal blood flow. The short review of various methods of reduction of pain during endodontic treatments.

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  • Cerebrum and Education. Essential Principles of Cognitive Neurology. Principles of Cerebrum Organization. Hypothetical model of cognitive function of the cerebrum. The model of phase mastering. Intellectual faculties as predicates of successful education.

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  • The hepatorenal syndrome as the primary lesion of the liver with subsequent involvement of kidney tissue. Screening of laboratory markers as order to detect hepatorenal syndromeis. Creating and testing of a client-server intelligent information system.

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  • History of Pharmacology. Dosage forms for oral, ocular, and nasal applications, for parenteral, pulmonary, rectal or vaginal, and cutaneous application. Systems Pharmacology. Overview of Drugs Acting and the features of their effects on the body.

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  • Analyze the clinical and paraclinical parameters in the children with PAH and identify correlative interrelationships based on the study of individual links of homeostasis. Clinica of symptoms, biochemichal tests of venous blood of the children

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