• Diagnosis and management of human disease. Hematology values. PT and international normalized ratio. Partial thromboplastin time. Immunology and virology. Screening tests for viral hepatitis. Evaluation of the cellular components of the circulating blood.

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  • Studying the frequency of antenatal infection and record probable clinical manifestations in the children born from mother with HCMV in blood and mononuclear cells. The clinical features of the disease and immune deficit condition in the postnatal period.

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  • Treatment of peptic ulcer, anticholinergic drugs that inhibit the action of the vagus nerve on acid-secreting cells, contraindications to use. Recommendations of helicobacter pylori eradication. Prevention , symptoms and treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

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  • Clinical pharmacology of diuretics in the international system (anatomic-therapeutic-chemical). Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics features, principles of diuretics usage in clinics are considered. Side effects and interaction with other drugs.

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  • Hypothetical model illustrating the role of the inflammatory process in the development of pulpal necrosis. The major mechanisms regulating pulpal blood flow. The short review of various methods of reduction of pain during endodontic treatments.

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  • Cerebrum and Education. Essential Principles of Cognitive Neurology. Principles of Cerebrum Organization. Hypothetical model of cognitive function of the cerebrum. The model of phase mastering. Intellectual faculties as predicates of successful education.

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  • The hepatorenal syndrome as the primary lesion of the liver with subsequent involvement of kidney tissue. Screening of laboratory markers as order to detect hepatorenal syndromeis. Creating and testing of a client-server intelligent information system.

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  • History of Pharmacology. Dosage forms for oral, ocular, and nasal applications, for parenteral, pulmonary, rectal or vaginal, and cutaneous application. Systems Pharmacology. Overview of Drugs Acting and the features of their effects on the body.

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  • Analyze the clinical and paraclinical parameters in the children with PAH and identify correlative interrelationships based on the study of individual links of homeostasis. Clinica of symptoms, biochemichal tests of venous blood of the children

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  • Intranasal administration of Semax, peptide Pro-Gly-Pro, and a mixture of peptides ProGly+Gly-Pro to rats enhanced anticoagulant and fibrinolytic potential of the plasma) and decreased antiplasmin concentration. Semax decreased the weight of thrombi.

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  • At the opening of the root canal of each section, hemicircular cavities were drilled with a specially bur. The corresponding root sections were cemented with glue, thus obtaining root canals with similar cavities that simulated internal resorptions.

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  • Thirty immature sheep incisor teeth were tested for their fracture resistance after various treatment modalities using calcium hydroxide or a mineral trioxide aggregate material as a root filling. Comparison of calcium hydroxide or MTA in sheep teeth.

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  • Protective and therapeutic effects of the associated inactivated suspension of C. albicans and C. tropicalis fungi and the associated antigens of C. albicans fungi with the protein. Compare protective and therapeutic properties of associated antigens.

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  • Functioning of principal heart system in a balanced statement, number of beats. Depolarization of myocardium muscular system. Heartbeat and coordination of chambers beat. Decoding of electrocardiogram results. View of ventricles in relaxed condition.

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  • Clinical and radiographic status of root-fractured teeth at the time of treatment, distributed according to type of endodontic treatment. Cleansing drugs, sealers used for root canal filling with gutta-percha, distributed according to type of treatment.

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  • Description the treatment of a large maxillary cyst by root canal treatment and decompression using a hollow drain made from surgical suction tubing. The rationale behind the use of this technique is reviewed and its main advantages highlighted.

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  • When a root fracture is located very close to the gingiva, the chance of healing with calcified tissue is poorest. A preferable treatment is thought to be the removal of the coronal and subsequent orthodontic or surgical extrusion of remaining fragment.

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  • The endodontic pain is often associated with chronic inflammation and bacteria. The pharmacology, pharmacodynamics and purported mechanisms of actions of steroids as well as their indications for endodontics, contraindications, dosages and side-effects.

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  • One of the main reasons for the variability of reported outcomes is the inconsistent definition of "success". Post-treatment endodontic disease: epidemiology, definition, etiology. Advantages, risks and treatment method treatment post-treatment disease.

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  • Eliminate infection from the root canal system and the periradicular tissues. Periradicular surgery is an option of endodontic re-treatment when root canal treatment and re-treatment fails. Reviews the use of re-surgery in the treatment of failed cases.

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