• The basis of the reasons for the relevance of issues relating to public health threats to the global community. Analysis the level of physical fitness among the early school-age children in the individual motor tests including the subjects gender.

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  • Computer modeling of fluorescence light quenching is performed with no limitations on the optical wave intensities. Searching for such combinations of polarizations of the interacting waves that provide minimal polarization changes for the waves.

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  • Incorporation of metal nanoparticles into photovoltaic cells attracts much attention last years as a promising way for efficiency improvement by light trapping. Direction of light scattering and a red shift of light scattering efficiency maxima.

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  • The transmission line overload as the relevant problem for the distribution network of the Moscow Power System. Development of the device LOLA Institute ESP, use his logic to the microprocessor devices. Parameter calculations, the scope of LOLA.

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  • Lingua franka как язык межнационального общения. Исследование истории перевода Библии на разные языки, в том числе, анализ необходимости перевода Библии на чеченский язык в 2012 году. Анализ особенностей и исторического становления кавказской лексики.

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  • The article considers etymological and linguo-cognitive peculiarities of designation units verbalizing the mythic concept WAY. The author created and used an algebraic model of the QUEST which demonstrates causative relations between its sub-scenarios.

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  • Study the generally acknowledged definition of hermeneutics. Dynamics of development of the philosophical concept. The justification of the indissoluble unity of language semiotic and hermeneutic studies in the context of the process of interpretation.

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  • An attempt to give an overview of contemporary achievements in the theory and practice of raising the effectiveness of business communication from the linguistic and socio-cultural viewpoint. The business communication as a cross-cultural issue.

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  • Intercultural competence as a core element for the professional and social competence of a teacher. A system of lingua-cultural knowledge which is developed at the foreign language learning stage. Working with authentic texts and corrective exercises.

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  • Linguistic features of the vowels and consonants in the German language. Historical background, peculiarities of ancient and modern Germanic languages. Phonetic processes in old English, the great vowel shift. Grammatical categories of English verb.

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  • Literary translation as a specific coding-encoding process. Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in translation of specifically English grammatical forms and constructions. The types of lexical transformations or contextual substitutions.

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  • The linguocultural linguistic approaches to education, is based on the idea of a close connection between language and culture. Representation of national culture in the language and the speech activity in the conditions of intercultural communication.

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  • Overview of the development of technologies as a basis for economic growth. Development approaches for linking science and policy through the use of production technology to data sources, indicating S&T development and implementation of STI policies.

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  • Анализ операционной системы (ОС) Linux. Рассмотрение поддерживаемых архитектур. Описание дистрибутивов, построенных на едином ядре, принципы их установки. Обзор графических интерфейсов. Исследование сферы применения и перспектив. Обсуждение безопасности.

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  • Description of the concept of formation of micelles of surface-active substances. Features smooth polymorphic transitions, oscillations, and hysteresis properties in the size of the micelles. The use of active substances in the development of technology.

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  • The purpose of the research was using liquidity-adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) proposed by Acharya and Pedersen to figure out how does the liquidity effect on asset returns in crisis time is different from the liquidity effect in stable time.

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  • An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning. Description of the main view of idioms in the English language, their classification. The main differences from the Russian types. Compositionality principle and its meaning.

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  • Translation is a complex process which drawing upon other disciplines related to language and culture. Literal translation used when there is a need to observe the rules of the source language and to present them in their integrity to the target culture.

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  • The different approaches to questions concerning textual meaning – Stanley Fish’s claim that the meaning of a text is entirely in the reader’s response; the claim made by Stephen Knapp that the meaning of a text is a matter of the author’s intention.

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  • The liver as a largest single organ in the human body. Microscopic and gross anatomy. Blood and Bile Flow in Opposite Directions. Functions, storage of Nutrients. Breakdown of Erythrocytes, Bile Secretion, synthesis of Plasma Proteins, Cholesterol.

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