• Literary translation as a specific coding-encoding process. Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in translation of specifically English grammatical forms and constructions. The types of lexical transformations or contextual substitutions.

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  • The linguocultural linguistic approaches to education, is based on the idea of a close connection between language and culture. Representation of national culture in the language and the speech activity in the conditions of intercultural communication.

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  • Overview of the development of technologies as a basis for economic growth. Development approaches for linking science and policy through the use of production technology to data sources, indicating S&T development and implementation of STI policies.

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  • Анализ операционной системы (ОС) Linux. Рассмотрение поддерживаемых архитектур. Описание дистрибутивов, построенных на едином ядре, принципы их установки. Обзор графических интерфейсов. Исследование сферы применения и перспектив. Обсуждение безопасности.

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  • The purpose of the research was using liquidity-adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) proposed by Acharya and Pedersen to figure out how does the liquidity effect on asset returns in crisis time is different from the liquidity effect in stable time.

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  • An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning. Description of the main view of idioms in the English language, their classification. The main differences from the Russian types. Compositionality principle and its meaning.

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  • Translation is a complex process which drawing upon other disciplines related to language and culture. Literal translation used when there is a need to observe the rules of the source language and to present them in their integrity to the target culture.

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  • The different approaches to questions concerning textual meaning – Stanley Fish’s claim that the meaning of a text is entirely in the reader’s response; the claim made by Stephen Knapp that the meaning of a text is a matter of the author’s intention.

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  • The liver as a largest single organ in the human body. Microscopic and gross anatomy. Blood and Bile Flow in Opposite Directions. Functions, storage of Nutrients. Breakdown of Erythrocytes, Bile Secretion, synthesis of Plasma Proteins, Cholesterol.

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  • Liverpool as the maritime capital of Britain with a reputation as an unglamorous working-class town. St George’s Hall as Liverpool’s most important building architecturally. Botanic Garden with extensive displays of seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees.

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  • Definition of lobular pneumonia. Characteristic of the anatomy of the lung and function of the respiratory system. Analysis of respiratory system defenses. Study of symptoms and treatment of pneumonia. Characteristic of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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  • Discuss problems with mandibular anesthesia, the success of intraosseous anesthesia, and the clinical management of endodontic anesthesia. Pain of perforation and solution deposition in patients with irreversible pulpitis. Optimal injection site location.

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  • Complete discrete valuation fields. Extensions of discrete valuation fields. Cyclic extensions of prime degree. The Hasse–Herbrand function. The norm and Ramication groups. The milnor K-groups of a local field. The group of units of local number fields.

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  • Influence of oil impurities on the characteristics of isobutane boiling process in the evaporator complex setup. Dependence of oil concentration before throttling versus mass flow rate, of the local heat transfer coefficient from concentration of oil.

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  • English language in England: dialects, regional, glottal stop. Pronunciation Varieties of British English. The Northern Regional and the Scottish Type of English Pronunciation. Peculiarities of American and British English and their differences.

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  • A formal system with its semantics, metatheory, and rules. The usual methods of empirical science to assess the correctness of his descriptions. Moderating the antipsychologism that permeates contemporary philosophical thinking about rationality.

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  • The influence of controlled and uncontrolled factors on price formation in public procurement procedures. Advantages and drawbacks of competitive tender procedures. The mathematical model for estimating the expected procurement price depending of bidders.

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  • The results of the research in the field of development of innovative activity of enterprises. The logit-model of the innovation process and its characteristics. Payment of the cost of production of goods and the further development of the logit-model.

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  • The geographic location of London and its population. The specific climate conditions of the city, dividing it into three conditional parts. Description historic parks, museums and art galleries of London. Queen Victoria Memorial, St. Paul's Cathedral.

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  • London - Capital of Great Britain, one of the largest cities in the world. London is situated on both banks of the River Thames, it is the largest city in the UK, with a population of about 7 million people. Historic and famous places in London.

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