• Liverpool as the maritime capital of Britain with a reputation as an unglamorous working-class town. St George’s Hall as Liverpool’s most important building architecturally. Botanic Garden with extensive displays of seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees.

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  • In primary order to satisfy the users' requirements for the productivity and efficiency of tasks implementation the grid-system should implement the effective algorithm of tasks distribution between the computing resources accessible at the moment.

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  • Definition of lobular pneumonia. Characteristic of the anatomy of the lung and function of the respiratory system. Analysis of respiratory system defenses. Study of symptoms and treatment of pneumonia. Characteristic of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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  • Discuss problems with mandibular anesthesia, the success of intraosseous anesthesia, and the clinical management of endodontic anesthesia. Pain of perforation and solution deposition in patients with irreversible pulpitis. Optimal injection site location.

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  • Factors determining the activities of local authorities aimed at creating attractive locations for private investment. Study of a number of Polish regions, which are divided into urban, mixed and rural. Factors of influence, barriers to investment.

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  • Complete discrete valuation fields. Extensions of discrete valuation fields. Cyclic extensions of prime degree. The Hasse–Herbrand function. The norm and Ramication groups. The milnor K-groups of a local field. The group of units of local number fields.

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  • Influence of oil impurities on the characteristics of isobutane boiling process in the evaporator complex setup. Dependence of oil concentration before throttling versus mass flow rate, of the local heat transfer coefficient from concentration of oil.

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  • English language in England: dialects, regional, glottal stop. Pronunciation Varieties of British English. The Northern Regional and the Scottish Type of English Pronunciation. Peculiarities of American and British English and their differences.

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  • A formal system with its semantics, metatheory, and rules. The usual methods of empirical science to assess the correctness of his descriptions. Moderating the antipsychologism that permeates contemporary philosophical thinking about rationality.

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  • The influence of controlled and uncontrolled factors on price formation in public procurement procedures. Advantages and drawbacks of competitive tender procedures. The mathematical model for estimating the expected procurement price depending of bidders.

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  • Analysis of specification of logistics systems. Determination of composition and structure of the key indicators of technogenic load. Study of international experience of establishing national logistics systems and their use to reduce man-made damage.

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  • Rationale for the problems in the oil and gas system of Ukraine. Logistic approach to the establishment of a permanent reserve of oil in the modern economy. The path selection strategy of a companies in the market of gas production and processing.

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  • The results of the research in the field of development of innovative activity of enterprises. The logit-model of the innovation process and its characteristics. Payment of the cost of production of goods and the further development of the logit-model.

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  • London - Capital of Great Britain, one of the largest cities in the world. London is situated on both banks of the River Thames, it is the largest city in the UK, with a population of about 7 million people. Historic and famous places in London.

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  • The geographic location of London and its population. The specific climate conditions of the city, dividing it into three conditional parts. Description historic parks, museums and art galleries of London. Queen Victoria Memorial, St. Paul's Cathedral.

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  • Review of geographical position and population of the British capital and largest city - London. The main attractions and places sosredotochivshis yourself in a theater and concert life - West End. Landmark the Queen's Residence and Tower of London.

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  • London as the chief port of the country and the most important commercial, manufacturing and cultural centre. Financial centre of the UK with many banks, offices and Stock Exchange and market for many goods and servises from all parts of the world.

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  • Parliament or Westminster Palace clock tower. Big Ben - this beautiful Gothic building is the throne of the Queen and place the Lord Chancellor. Little China in Central London. National gallery - renowned collection of European painting XIII-XX centuries.

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  • Упражнения для разминки и предварительной растяжки. Выполнение классических приседаний, выпадов на правую и левую ногу попеременно. Упражнения с боди-баром на коврике, жим ногой вверх из коленно-локтевой позы. Махи ногой назад из коленно-локтевой позы.

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  • Розгляд світових тенденцій виробництва та особливостей конструкції легкових автомобілів сегмента "low cost". Обґрунтування доцільності випуску недорогого легковика. Тенденції виробництва та особливості конструкції лоукостер легковиків відомих компаній.

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