• Study of the forms of cultural industries with the male group " Kozatski zabavy ", its activities in the context of cultural processes. Comprehension of musical bands as cultural creative industries. Production of the spiritual culture of the nation.

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  • The study and description of the main functions of sugar and starch content of the composition to increase serotonin in the brain, which is soothing neurotransmitter. Defining the role of significant amount of carbohydrates in late afternoon or evening.

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  • The analyze of the concept formation of civil society, effective interaction of an individual and society. The theoretical generalization of civil society in the developed countries of the West and the initial stages of the civil society in Ukraine.

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  • The consumption practices in Ukrainian society, its transformation under the influence of the consumer society. Analysis of consumption according to statistical data and of sociological research in the context of the formation of the information society.

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  • The social consumption practices in the Ukrainian society which is in transformation under the influence of the ideology of the consumer society and of information and communication technologies. The needs for which Internet consumption is directed.

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  • Understand basic management principles applying to individuals, small and largeorganizations, grasp the basics of management functions. Appreciate the impact that unresolved issues can have on management skills. Understand strategic planning and its use.

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  • Learning algorithm of consistent actions to obtain quality coatings made by the complex technological method electrocontact strengthening of sprayed coatings. Analysis Ishikawa diagram which allows identify the causes of the impairment coatings obtained.

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  • The problems of large and small enterprises and some management approaches under Czech conditions. Trend in managing and organizing companies. Characteristics of enterprise structure and ways of their management by the example of two particular firms.

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  • The structure of the investment potential of higher education establishments determining and analyzing in terms of social and economic situation in Ukraine. Statistics of total government investments in education. The concept of management is proposed.

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  • Presented of analysis of scientific views on the definition of the concept of "conflict" and "business conflict". Given structure of business conflicts and recommendations for improving the management of business conflicts in educational institutions.

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  • Organization of management of financial security of business entities. Development of ontological models for the system of management of financial and intellectual security of business entities based on multi-agent approach to environment "Protege".

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  • The individualization of demand at the domestic enterprises, in particular on machine-building. Ratios between satisfaction of individual needs of consumers and maximizing profits of the enterprise on the basis of attraction of new segments of the market.

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  • Grouping of countries according to the compliance rate of gross domestic product and the total factor productivity to determine the type of development. Improving the institutional business environment in order to enhance the economic performance.

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  • Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. The main effect of orthodontic forces on intruded teeth. Restoration of maxillary incisors with composite resin. Radiographic complication and treatment sequence, one year after obturation with gutta-percha.

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  • Familiarity with the current issues of organizational structure management socketname in terms of socio-economic changes in Ukraine. Characteristics of the problems and main stages of development of the state integrated environmental and economic policy.

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  • The using of benchmarking study for the management of rational soil use in Ukraine in the context of European integration. The strategic goals of increasing the effectiveness of intensification of land use in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine.

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  • Formation of system of economic security management of enterprises. The definition of the scope, which are the factors of threats and dangers. Analysis of stages of formation of system of management of economic security of agricultural enterprises.

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  • The basic financial goals of the firm. Determining the interest and the investment period. Cash Flow Appraisal. Determination and types of risk. Capital Budgeting Decision Methods. Mutually Exclusive Projects with Unequal Project Lives. Cash Flows.

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  • The role of Six Sigma method in activity of non-manufacturing enterprises, its optimization. Restrictions on the use of six sigma in activities linked to innovation. Causes of underdevelopment method in administrative and service processes of Ukrainian.

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  • Empirical implications of CLV measurement in client communities. Client communities implementation. Impact of client communities on companies’ performance. Factors of success derived from content analysis. Customer lifetime value: Marketing models.

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