• General characteristics and features of medical education in the United States, its structure and subdivisions. Subject areas of research and medical schools at various levels. Requirements for the graduates, their professional and personal qualities.

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  • Analysis of medical education in the United States, its differences from the European study. Features of training specialists for work in pharmaceutical institutions and public health. Conditions for obtaining a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry.

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  • The role of the Church in the formation of the Kiev state. Achievements of the monastic medicine of the Princely age. Comparison of the availability and effectiveness of the medical practice of a Russian healer, a secular physician and a monk-doctor.

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  • The history of the birth of medicine in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. Sources for studying medicine of the ancient Egyptians. The Gods, who patronized the medicine in different countries. Features and differences of treatment among peoples.

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  • Introduction to medieval philosophy. A synthesis of the christian theology and logic. Apostolic fathers, directly adjacent to the apostles. Scholastica - a systematic medieval philosophy. Problems of body, soul. Achievements thinkers of the middle ages.

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  • The Lacanian big Other designates not merely the explicit symbolic rules regulating social interaction but also the intricate cobweb of unwritten, implicit rules. The relationship between mourning and melancholy. The successful acceptance of a loss.

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  • Study of neurological bases of psychological cognitive processes. Determination of nature of emotions and analysis of features of human perception. Language, thought, consciousness and philosophy of intellection as basic elements of psychical processes.

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  • MenuetOS, как Open Source-проект. Характеристика текущего состояния и технической информации операционной системы Menuet. Набор программ. Языки программирования. Особенности и недостатки MenuetOS. Новости и планы на будущее. Файловый менеджер Menuet OS.

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  • Description of the marketing plan of the company of Mercedes-Benz: driving forces affecting global marketing; Hofstede model of the United Kingdom; segmentation, marketing, positioning; marketing mix strategy; mission statement, the goal of the company.

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  • Злиття двох старих німецьких автомобільних фірм. Криза кінця 20-х рр. Робота над військовою технікою. Створення майбутньої різноманітної програми вантажівок Мерседес-бенц. Перехід на дизелі з безпосереднім уприскуванням палива. Розширення сфер впливу.

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  • Анализ лингвистических феноменов Mercy/Cruelty, которые актуализируются в ценностно-мерной английской языковой картине как "ценность" и "антиценность". Изучение семантически сопряженных констант внутреннего мира человека в английской лингвистике.

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  • Studying the world experience of introducing meritocracy in public administration. Involvement of the political elite in the formation of the vector of internal and external development of Ukraine. Creating conditions for talented and hardworking people.

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  • Classifications of endocrine glands. Location and anatomy adrenal glands. Adrenal glands cross section. Hyperfunction and hypofunction of Adrenal. Testicle is a paired gland situated in the lower part of scrotum. The primary functions of the testes.

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  • Communicative competence of creative language personalities in the aspect of their abilities concerning actualization of non-verbal communication, modelling metalanguage reflection, in particular verbalization of non-verbal means of communication.

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  • Diagram of the energy spectrum and impurity states for doped PbTe-based alloys. Temperature dependence of the relative resistance for PbTe(In) films. Photoelectric instabilities in a film induced by a combined effect of illumination and slight heating.

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  • Development of the method of express-analysis of the organization's solvency. The adoption of a principled decision regarding the possibility of granting a loan to an organization in the conditions of economic transformation on the example of Kazakhstan.

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  • Resource science of medicinal plants is a large and important section of scientific and practical activities of various specialists. Pharmacological studies and the introduction into pharmacology. The main stages of research of medicinal plants.

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  • Are given the method of determination of angular parameters, which is used in micromechanical inertial-satellite systems, constructed by the method of compensation or based on the reduced Kalman filter. Measurement errors of angles are investigated.

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  • Grounded the meaning of the periodization method in the process of cognition of state legal phenomena. Regulations of formational and civilizational approaches the author suggests his conceptual understanding of periodization of state legal process.

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  • Method for automated digital image processing. The specialties of the synthesis of automaton, the defining of channels management class of objects. Construction regular expressions to defining a plurality of channels management of software objects class.

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