• Division of consumer groups. Types of segmentation: geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural. Principles, methods and criteria of market segmentation. Сharacteristics of marketing tools used in the business, the role of strategic planning.

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  • The approaches of a marketing concept for the cooperation between profit and non-profit sectors. The usefulness of a partnership, based on interconnection of sectors. The initiation of long-term partnerships of business entities, non-profit organisations.

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  • The essence of determining the location of the product offered to the client. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the bank in analyzing each element of the marketing mix. Improving the activity of an enterprise using the life cycle model.

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  • Specific features of using marketing tools in museums for their successful competition in the leisure market. Active self-financing and creation of a comfortable environment - one of the priority directions of development of museum sphere in Ukraine.

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  • Fundamentals of marketing social networks, the specifics of social media. Customer experience and the concept of "Customer journey". The study of activities in social networks at different stages of the concept of "Customer journey" in terms of consumers.

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  • The place and importance of the problem of biliary system in the complex Hyper-endemic disease. Medical statistics number of patients with gallstone disease in the last ten years. Consideration of methods the therapeutic treatment of this disease.

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  • The marketing analysis of the assortment of medicines used topically for diseases of the locomotor apparatus presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the subsequent substantiation of the composition and the type of a soft dosage form.

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  • Sony as the corporation, which carried on the following key areas: professional electronics, production of information and telecommunications, film production, music programs and computer games. Marketing environment and SWOT analysis of the Sony.

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  • Presents new and improved method of marking speech signals. The method is based on the use condition Gelder for the speech signal spectrum. Features of the method are its accuracy during decoding of the watermark and independence from the source data.

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  • The concepts of Markowitz`s portfolio theory. The way to find the value of a risky security to add a premium for risk to the pure rate of interest. The followings from the relation between the variance of the return of a portfolio and of its securities.

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  • Определение базовых нужд фабрики и проектирование внутренней планировки. Разработка схемы необходимого оборудования для работы фабрики. Определение критериев успешного производства шоколадной продукции. Оценка конкурентной среды и качества шоколада.

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  • The Marshall plan - the American program to aid Europe. The support and rebuild European economies after the end of world war ii in order to prevent the spread of soviet communism. German level of industry restrictions. Effects and legacy Marshall plan.

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  • Measure theory, discrete time martingales and discrete time option pricing. Continuous time martingales. Stochastic integrals, calculus and differential equations. Option pricing in continuous time. Random measures, stochastic calculus (characteristics).

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  • Important role of the mass media in our life. British people - the greatest newspaper readers in the world. Advertising as a kind of link between the public and the media. Two main companies on the British Isles, which broadcasting over the country.

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  • The importance of radio as a means of disseminating information. Negative aspects of television as a means of "zombifying" people. The growing importance of the Internet, the involvement of young people in the world wide web. The main types of websites.

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  • The types of communications media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet-based web-sites. The advantages of newspapers over the other major news media television, radio, and newsmagazines. The global information system and newspapers.

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  • Information, discussion and representation as a political functions of press in Great Britain. Characteristics of popular local and regional newspapers. The principles of British broadcasting on television and radio. Services of BBC and ITV corporations.

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  • The role of mass media in modern life. Pros and cons of television. A main ways to provide information and display the news of dramatic events, natural disasters, plane crash, murders and world wars. Interesting facts about the history of television.

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  • A case of Japan as one of the most populous MOT higher education countries in the world and tries to explore the future of management of technology education in Ukraine. Case study of Japan with populous MOT education. A case of MOT program curriculum.

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  • Семь особенностей Mathcad. Основные нововведения Mathcad Prime. Линованная тетрадка по математике, новая технология работы с матрицами, обозначения переменных и функций. Различные размерности в массивах. Excel-компонент, символьная математика и пр.

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