• Mark Twain - a great American writer. An enormous contribution author to literature of his country. Backgrounds and themes of short stories. Humor and satire in Mark Twain‘s works. Analysis of story "Tom Sawyer". Clash of Heroes social injustice.

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  • The characteristic of market and capitalist economic systems and their essential features: private property, freedom of choice and entrepreneurship, personal interests as motive, competition, dependence on the price system and limited government role.

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  • The problem of sharp exchange rate fluctuation of the ukranian national currency is considered in the article. The international practice shows that consolidation of the national financial markets may be provided on the basis of such regulated markets.

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  • The current position in the market of audit services in Ukraine. The direction of the market reform, the process of harmonizing domestic and European legislation in the field of accounting. The analysis of consequences of market reform for its members.

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  • Components, priority areas for capital investment in the information and communication technologies market were determined. The relativity of relationship between the placement of supercomputers in the countries and their level of innovation was revealed.

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  • The Initial Public Offering underwriting gross spreads. Clustering and on the factors influencing underwriting pricing. The high competitiveness of offering underwriting market structure in China. Conglomerate strategy and risk controlling strategy.

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  • Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. The functions of marketing are: Researching, Buying, Product development and management, Production, Promotion, Standardization and grading, Pricing and Distribution, Risk bearing and Financing.

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  • Division of consumer groups. Types of segmentation: geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural. Principles, methods and criteria of market segmentation. Сharacteristics of marketing tools used in the business, the role of strategic planning.

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  • The approaches of a marketing concept for the cooperation between profit and non-profit sectors. The usefulness of a partnership, based on interconnection of sectors. The initiation of long-term partnerships of business entities, non-profit organisations.

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  • The essence of determining the location of the product offered to the client. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the bank in analyzing each element of the marketing mix. Improving the activity of an enterprise using the life cycle model.

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  • Specific features of using marketing tools in museums for their successful competition in the leisure market. Active self-financing and creation of a comfortable environment - one of the priority directions of development of museum sphere in Ukraine.

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  • Fundamentals of marketing social networks, the specifics of social media. Customer experience and the concept of "Customer journey". The study of activities in social networks at different stages of the concept of "Customer journey" in terms of consumers.

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  • The place and importance of the problem of biliary system in the complex Hyper-endemic disease. Medical statistics number of patients with gallstone disease in the last ten years. Consideration of methods the therapeutic treatment of this disease.

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  • The marketing analysis of the assortment of medicines used topically for diseases of the locomotor apparatus presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the subsequent substantiation of the composition and the type of a soft dosage form.

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  • Sony as the corporation, which carried on the following key areas: professional electronics, production of information and telecommunications, film production, music programs and computer games. Marketing environment and SWOT analysis of the Sony.

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  • Presents new and improved method of marking speech signals. The method is based on the use condition Gelder for the speech signal spectrum. Features of the method are its accuracy during decoding of the watermark and independence from the source data.

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  • The concepts of Markowitz`s portfolio theory. The way to find the value of a risky security to add a premium for risk to the pure rate of interest. The followings from the relation between the variance of the return of a portfolio and of its securities.

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  • Определение базовых нужд фабрики и проектирование внутренней планировки. Разработка схемы необходимого оборудования для работы фабрики. Определение критериев успешного производства шоколадной продукции. Оценка конкурентной среды и качества шоколада.

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  • The Marshall plan - the American program to aid Europe. The support and rebuild European economies after the end of world war ii in order to prevent the spread of soviet communism. German level of industry restrictions. Effects and legacy Marshall plan.

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  • Measure theory, discrete time martingales and discrete time option pricing. Continuous time martingales. Stochastic integrals, calculus and differential equations. Option pricing in continuous time. Random measures, stochastic calculus (characteristics).

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