• The concept of quality. Foundations and systems of quality management. Training for improving service quality at Honda. The plant of Lexus in Cambridge. Human resource development management, tools of process management. Methods in quality assurance.

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  • The discussing of the application of the portfolio approach to managing changes in the public sector of economy. The change management in public finances, the content of the change management portfolio, measures to improve the quality of management.

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  • Characteristics of the impact of training on the management of personnel diversity on the approaches of managers. The peculiarity of the questioning of directors of Czech corporations. The gender issue is the most popular aspect of civilian diversity.

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  • The between the individual typological properties of the nervous system of extreme occupational workers and the efficiency of their activities are revealed. The strength of the nervous system through its endurance with the help of the "tapping tes".

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  • This article is devoted to the research of "The Name Russia” project as an example of manipulative media communication considered in terms of cognitive and communicative linguistics, speech act theory and the conception of practice in the social sciences.

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  • Theoretical aspects of the "Manuskryptorium" that enables easy access to informational resources, including written archival documents. Highlight and analyzed some issues on technical capabilities of users as well as aspects of a single electronic.

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  • The critique of instrumental reason. Ideology and ideological state apparatuses (notes towards an Investigation). Determinacy and indeterminacy in the theory of ideology. ideology and its vicissitudes in western Marxism. Postmodernism and the market

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  • Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister of Great Britain. "Iron Lady" as one of the dominant political figures of the 20th century. The main peculiarity of the study of close national and personal relationship with the US president.

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  • Early life and education of M. Thatcher. Years of her membership in Parliament. Education Secretary and Cabinet Minister. Margaret as leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister. Post-Commons, husband's death and final years of Margaret Thatcher.

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  • Concept of personality mentality of individual and groups. The main mental differences in modern Ukrainian society from western. The periods of marginalization of Ukrainian society. The effective measures of a solution of the problem of marginality.

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  • History of construction and description of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort complex of high density, located in Singapore, which includes hotel, conference centre, shopping centre, art science Museum, two theaters, six restaurants and a casino.

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  • Mark Twain - a great American writer. An enormous contribution author to literature of his country. Backgrounds and themes of short stories. Humor and satire in Mark Twain‘s works. Analysis of story "Tom Sawyer". Clash of Heroes social injustice.

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  • The characteristic of market and capitalist economic systems and their essential features: private property, freedom of choice and entrepreneurship, personal interests as motive, competition, dependence on the price system and limited government role.

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  • The problem of sharp exchange rate fluctuation of the ukranian national currency is considered in the article. The international practice shows that consolidation of the national financial markets may be provided on the basis of such regulated markets.

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  • Causes and consequences of reducing the financing of social infrastructure. The introduction of mechanisms to encourage entrepreneurial activity. Construction of a model for the involvement of private sector enterprises in the social services market.

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  • The current position in the market of audit services in Ukraine. The direction of the market reform, the process of harmonizing domestic and European legislation in the field of accounting. The analysis of consequences of market reform for its members.

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  • Components, priority areas for capital investment in the information and communication technologies market were determined. The relativity of relationship between the placement of supercomputers in the countries and their level of innovation was revealed.

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  • Determining the relationship between market structure and financial decisions of companies. Determining degree of influence of market structure on the capital structure. The market structure implies market power, which is measured by the Tobin’s Q ratio.

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  • The Initial Public Offering underwriting gross spreads. Clustering and on the factors influencing underwriting pricing. The high competitiveness of offering underwriting market structure in China. Conglomerate strategy and risk controlling strategy.

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  • Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. The functions of marketing are: Researching, Buying, Product development and management, Production, Promotion, Standardization and grading, Pricing and Distribution, Risk bearing and Financing.

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