• Market analysis and assess regulation policies. Pre-crisis and post-crisis windows definition. Forecast comparison for standalone models. Rolling regression with dynamic forecast for models. Realized Volatility, Bipower Variation. Combination of models.

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  • The banking system is a key element of the financial system. Factors affecting the stability of the Russian banking system. The role of the probability of default in the process of risk management. The rating of banks based on their likelihood of default.

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  • The studying characteristic of muscle, connective tissue and bone connection. Consideration of the structural features of the human body. Skeletal, cardiac, smooth muscles. The relationship between stress and strain bone. Fuctions of connective tissues.

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  • History of root canal preparation. Endodontic Beutelrock-bur in a handpiece with a flexible angle. Goals of mechanical root canal preparation. Summary of currently available systems for engine-driven systems for root canal. Microbiological challenges.

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  • A mechanical or virtual artificial agentis which guided by a computer program or circuitry. A breed of robots that are designed to increase the utilization by modularizing their architecture. The functionality and effectiveness of a modular robot.

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  • Technological solutions that allow us to solve the problem of premature wear of the printing machines. A new technology of strengthening and recovery of details based on vibration roll burnishing is offered. Experimental work and scientific conclusions.

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  • Cylinder shaped parts – one of the mostly used in printing presses. A new technology of strengthening and recovery of details based on vibration roll burnishing is offered in the article. Experimental work and scientific conclusions are described.

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  • Provide structured information on user identification, presents an overview of today’s security landscape and the specific threats to user authentication. Outlines the process of controlled access to resources by means of authorization and accounting.

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  • Study of the disinfecting effect of the physical and chemical properties accompanying hydrodynamic cavitation on the sanitary index of microorganisms in water. Model for determining the result of disinfection in conditions of hydrodynamic cavitation.

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  • The suppression of T-system of the immunity of biotransfcrmative microsomal activity of hepatic cells in opisthorchiasis invasion. The aberrations in immunocompetent system with chronic opisthorchiasis are accompanied by the increase of T-lymphocytes.

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  • Research problems of adequate social adaptation, including civil relations. Determination of the specifics of the concrete contract of carriage of passengers. Rationale for the need for legal regulation of contractual relations on the part of the state.

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  • The influence of the mechanism of innovation marketing to the competitive success of the enterprise. Characteristics of the process innovative marketing to develop an effective development strategy of the company in the current economic conditions.

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  • Analysis of the laws regulating synthesized marketing communications, principles and functions of marketing communications synthesized effect, suggestes the mechanism formation of marketing communications synthesized effect of industrial enterprise.

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  • Meaning of calcium hydroxide as intracanal medicament for antimicrobial activity. Physico-chemical properties of this substance and its efficacy for disinfecting the entire root canal system. The relationship of calcium hydroxide with medications.

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  • Importance informal mechanisms of private enforcement of contracts to better understanding of the judicial system in post-Soviet countries. The essence of performance agreements in terms of interdisciplinary approach of the new institutional economics.

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  • Studying of the structure of low-metamorphosed coal vitrain macromolecules. The mechanism of thermal preparation in gas coal electromagnetic field is shown. The influence mechanism of the high-frequency electromagnetic energy on the coal particle.

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  • Necessity of developing a new innovation policy in Ukraine taking into account the experience of developed countries and using the existing scientific and production capacity. The main forms and sources of innovation projects' investments are analyzed.

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  • Mechanisms of phase separation in non-stoichiometric solutions of silicon oxide high-temperature annealing. Creating a matrix of silicon oxide and silicon nano-sized inclusions. Analysis of thermodynamic processes during the separation Si/Si oxide phase.

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  • Analyze English love spells from the point of view of cognitive linguistics with the purpose of analysis of mediators to which the spell caster turns directly and indirectly. English love spells are the part of low magic, sometimes called natural magic.

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  • The medical profession in the United States as the most prestigious in the United States. Feature of the pre-medical studies at the university. Development of laboratory sciences and anatomy, physiology and human psychology. Analysis passing residency.

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