• Etiologic factors of aneurism of ascending aorta. Anomalies and diseases of the connective tissue. Ischemic and essential hypertension and their combination. Comparative analysis of phenotypic stigmas undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia.

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  • Проблемы превращения сбережений в инвестиции в современной России. Вычисление реальной доходности капитала. Расчет реальной эффективности капитала, описание основных фондов и оборотных активов предприятий. Рыночная оценка капитала по теории Дж. Тобина.

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  • Общие сведения и актуальность методологии QFD-анализа, ее инструменты и методы. Дом качества. Этапы QFD-анализа, оценка согласованности мнений экспертов. Оценка потребительских требований по степени важности. Корректировка направления выпуска продукции.

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  • Особенности применения QR-кодов в идентификации исторических памятников, гостиничном бизнесе и сопроводительных услугах. Обеспечение пассажиров актуальной информацией - одна из основных задач данного вида мультимедийной кодировки в транспортной сфере.

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  • Analysis of the growth rate of Slovakia's economy, the restoration of domestic consumption. Study of the unemployment rate. Functionality of the innovation background in the economy and application of the transforming power in the service sector.

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  • The construction of the criterion matrix qualimetric evaluation of innovative potential of personnel. Characteristics of measures to optimize the innovative abilities and capabilities of workers. Determination of the level of innovative potential.

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  • Research of regression and clinical epidemiological analysis of the results of learning the main factors of being ready to pass integrated tests. Characteristic and studying of the situation of prolonged preparation of pediatricians at the primary stage.

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  • According to modern ideas in ensuring the quality of the final product, quality management actually acts through-aspect of business management, along with cost, time and more. Understanding money is in the subjective evaluations of each stakeholder.

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  • The discriminant analysis, decision trees, and expert systems for static decisions, and dynamic programming, linear programming, and Markov chains for dynamic decision models. Raising or lowering the credit limit and Authorizing a specific charge.

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  • Guide to experiencing the underlying unity that is Quantum Consciousness. Over eighty exercises to explore and experience the quantum approach to problem resolution. Consciousness in Quantum Psychology has been defined as an ability to know distinctions.

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  • Optical amplification, quantum non demolition measurements and optimal quantum cloning. Photon pairs generated by parametric down conversion. Random number generators. Experimental cryptography with Faint laser pulses. Multi-users implementations.

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  • Quantum coherence and information processing. Expectation values and the von Neumann projection. Quantum relative and conditional entropies. Information and the foundations of physics. Application quantum coding, error detection, and correction.

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  • The study of the quantum nature of light and its interaction with matter. Mixed States of the electromagnetic field and electrodynamics in the frequency domain. The concept of probability and random variables. Experiments in optical homodyne tomography.

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  • Thermoelectric parameters of the thickness of the layer of nanostructures in the approximation of the variable of the Fermi energy. The Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity and their dependence on the pit width for nanofilms of lead chalcogenides.

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  • The birth of Elizabeth Tudor as one of the most exciting political developments in European history of the 16th century. Her way to power. The situation in country before and after the her reign. Presentation of the Queen of the prosperous country.

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  • Characteristic of some traditions of the English monarchs' birthday celebration. Description of the biography of Queen Elizabeth II and her reign in New Zealand. Description of the ceremony of queen's birthday celebration in England and New Zealand.

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  • The theory of "welfare economics", features of the world economy influence on welfare of humanity. The directions of the global economy influence on welfare, taking into account the trend of globalization. Evaluation of economic well-being of households.

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  • The process of decodification of legislation about administrative offenses. The guilt of collective subjects, legal persons. The particularity of administrative responsibility for tax offenses. The problem of the legal representative of the legal person.

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  • Analysis of the issue of decentralization and differentiation of rights and opportunities between levels of government in Kazakhstan. Characteristics of the stages of formation of state regulation of the economy. Creation and financing of state programs.

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  • Автобиографическое начало в произведениях Лескова. Мотив перепутывания как "подмен виновных". Литературная полемика с Тургеневым. Присутствие в произведениях Лескова автобиографического и металитературного уровней. Мотив рассказа "Колыванский муж".

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