• Developing of telecommunications. The characteristics of the satellite services and Internet. Advancing role of telecommunications in banking. Russia’s telecommunications roads get wider, more expensive. Future of development telecommunications.

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  • The Conventional Telephone Set. Digital Transmission Techniques. Electronics in the Central Office. Modems and Fax Machines. The Convergence of Technologies. Electronic Dialing and Ringing Circuits. Pulse and Timing Restoration. Fiber Optic Principles.

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  • History of inventing technology of a mechanical television system by John Baird. Patenting idea of using arrays of transparent rods to transmit images. The first televised pictures of objects in motion. Demonstrating the television by infra-red light.

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  • Analysis of the state of regional broadcasting facilities in the occupied territory of Luhansk region. Ensuring the freedom and openness of broadcasting. Reformatting the functions of the media under the conditions of the antiterrorist operation.

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  • Ознакомление с английскими названиями частей часов. Обучение детей говорить время по часам. Формирование грамматических навыков в построении предложений. Развитие умений в диалогической речи на уровне микродиалога. Расширение кругозора учащихся.

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  • New facile method for the controllable synthesis of high quality single-phase nanowires with from nanowires templates. Detailed characterization of the superconducting and transport properties of nanowires. Synthesis of porous nanowires and nanotubes.

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  • Characteristic main features of the location, velocity and the acceleration of the focal point which are determined with taking the group speed of laser radiation into consideration. Definition of the acceleration of the focal point at the exit.

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  • Phenomena such as memory, experience, observation, anticipation and hope are all essential for the way time is understood. Modern issues in temporal logic. The Master Argument of Diodorus Cronus. Logic and Special Relativity. Graphs for Time and Modality.

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  • Realization of individual self-identification of the person - the possibility of choice of certain models of behaviour, social and gender groups. Characteristics of the main concepts of intergenerational relations and mechanisms of culture transfer.

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  • An overview of the materials and techniques used for short, long-term restorations during and immediately after endodontic treatment, and to make clinical recommendations. Bacterial infection is the most common cause of pulpal and periradicular disease.

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  • The studies all patients admitted in the hospital with carbon monoxide intoxications. The absence of mortality diseased. Patients with low and moderate intoxication had not any complications or adverse events due to the hyperbaric oxygenation therapy.

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  • Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • Consideration of the terminological problems encountered in the translation of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Analysis of the most common problems encountered in the process of transfer of complexity and errors, and how to solve them.

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  • Terminological sphere in new branches of economic science, new economic theories that have appeared in the period of market economic relations development. The main ways of word formation in general and in particular the terms of word formation.

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  • The study of peculiarities of the implementation of the transport potential of Ukraine. A description of the main problems hindering the development of the national transport market. Justification of directions of its further effective development.

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  • The peculiarity of reducing the tendency of people to travel because of terrorism. Analysis of its negative impact on international tourism and tourists. Loss of people's interest in certain destinations and airlines as a result of terrorist attacks.

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  • Analysis of the damage caused to the tourist economy from the thermal activities. Restoration of resorts, massive unemployment and the closure of businesses in Egypt and Tunisia. Map of European countries with the greatest terrorist threat to tourists.

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  • Визначення основи зіставлення при порівнянні неспоріднених мов, зокрема при проведенні контрастивних досліджень неспоріднених письмових систем. Основні аспекти поняття tertium comparationis. Базові особливості української і корейської письмових систем.

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  • Approaching the analysis, validation of approach and tools used. The business made in electronic form. Acquaintance and justification of the tools used in the analysis. Force to exit or establish different format. Development of distribution centers.

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  • Nicola’s Tesla biography and his inventions: cooperation with Thomas Edison; induction motor invention; experiments on a carbon button lamp and on various types of lighting, cooperation with J. Morgan and his work on wireless world broadcasting tower.

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