• Gamification, interactive documentary. Transmedia Storytelling. Diagram differentiating gamification from relevant concepts. Civic engagement by Alessandro Nanі. Fort McMurray’s landscape. Pratten’s pervasive entertainment. Levels of game design elements.

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  • Carrying out of econometric analysis by means of panel data models of the volume of innovative goods, works and services in the Russian Federation. The dependence on the number of personnel involved in scientific research and the internal expenses.

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  • Changing of piezoelectric transformers characteristics is possible due to external circuit for piezoelectric element-electric, mechanical, acoustic one. Investigation the using of parallel oscillatory circuit in the schemes of piezoelectric transformers.

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  • Creating an effective institutional framework for cumulative changes in the economy of fiscal policy. Analysis of maintaining a sufficient level of financial stability and expanding the competitive potential of the territories and the state as a whole.

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  • The approaches to the information system construction for analyzing work complexity. Business logic and access logic to the database, as a basis of software implementation and in future presentation logic. The block diagram of the information system.

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  • Reviving the concept of a "regime". This is based on convictions: that the initial malleability of regimes was circumscribed by the mainstream IPE tradition and that the notion of a regime can be revived without doing damage to its conceptual essence.

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  • Aspects of articulatory basis. The main peculiarities of the English articulatory basis. Articulatory classification of consonants and vowel. The Russian articulatory basis. Differences in the articulatory bases of the English and Russian sound.

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  • The analysis of historical interpretations of concepts of time and verity, which had further a key role in formation of the humanities. The Newtonian approach to history. The historical concepts of time and verity, developed by the Rococo writers.

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  • Investigation of the chronic heart failure and type 2 diabetes mellitus, which are closely inter-related conditions through different pathological mechanisms. Characteristic features of the platelets abnormalities according to glycemic control status.

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  • Assessment of risks and threats faced by the agricultural component of agrarian sector of Ukrainian economy. Conducting research using the methods of economic and statistical assessment, abstracting and comparative analysis of scientific literature.

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  • The hypothesis effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin, the comparison of the effects of gravity on the rate of time. The red shift effect is not a direct proof of time dilation in the gravitational field. The atomic frequency increases in the field of gravity.

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  • Treatment and diagnosis of infective endocarditis. The minimum duration of therapy for diseases of the native valve caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Classification of the main pathogens and related features of antibacterial therapy, antibiotic selection.

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  • The Bank of England as is the central bank of the United Kingdom and the model on which most modern central banks have been based, its history from the early times till nowadays. Most important functions of The Bank and its asset purchase facility.

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  • The Banking System as a crucial component of the global economy. Provide Safety. Act as Payment Agents. Economic Concepts in Banking. Settle Payments. Credit Intermediation. Maturity Transformation. Money Creation. Wholesale Deposits. Buy/Hold Securities.

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  • The history of banking business in Kazakhstan. Savings of individuals and entities. The procedure for issuing loans the commercial banks in Kazakhstan. Issue of their own bonds. Basic functions of banks. Banking organizations and their business.

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  • The history of the banking in Germany. Exchange, credit and other banking transactions of the German companies. Berenberg Bank - the oldest bank in Germany. Euro is the official currency of Germany. The Deutsche Bundesbank - the central bank of the FRG.

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  • Origins and features of money. Brief history of banking. The Modern banking system of the world. The Banking system of modern Russian Federation. Commercial banks: current problems and salvations. The gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia.

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  • Tax law - the codified system of financial legislation that describes government levies on economic transactions. Taxpayers - organizations, persons who are under an obligation to pay charges. Differences in the interpretation of unremovable doubts.

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  • The concept of behavioral risk management. Using the method of behavioral Economics and predictive analysis to reduce the cost of enterprise-related health problems and conduct of personnel in the workplace. The process of improving risk management.

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  • A study of the main components of the macroeconomy in the General system of economic complex of the state. An introduction to the structure and content of the gross national product. Review of methods of measurement calculation the level of prices.

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