• Determines the specific bundle of competences and strategies underpinning the modern process of foreign language teaching by building upon the selected elements of educational philosophy of John Dewey. Analysis of leading proponent of pragmatism.

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  • What is the grammar. The Importance of Grammar in Learning a Foreign Language. The Psychological characteristics of grammar skills. The Content of Teaching Grammar. Methods and principles. A Brief Review of the Major Methods of Foreign Language Teaching.

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  • Global considerations impact everyday business decisions for companies large and small. Where should we produce, market, and sell our products and services. For most, it is a global market to consider. One only needs to examine the current and projected.

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  • Process of teaching languages and cultures in a multicultural audience. Majority of higher school students. New language superimposing on the secondary sign system of the native language. The peculiarities of organizing teaching the non-native languages.

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  • Teaching dyslexic students in integrated classes. The difference in learning between dyslexic and non-dyslexic. Memorization of vocabulary and dyslexia. Techniques in teaching vocabulary to dyslexics and non-dyslexics. Conception of the quasi-experiment.

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  • Formation of basic listening skills for students, which for the success of training should improve during the entire period of mastering the material. Conducting a study of verbal activity, which serves as an effective tool for learning English.

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  • Features of the formation of professional reading competence of medical students taking into account psycho-physiological features. Analysis of the training needs of a competent person capable of self-education and professional self-development.

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  • Consideration the theme of enrichment of vocabulary in English. Examines such issues as how to read, speak, how to memorize new words on the topic: "My appearance, character and clothes". Provides methods and techniques of learning and memorizing words.

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  • Basic Principles of Effective Teaching. Choosing a Textbook. Establishing Yourself as a Teacher. Setting the Stage for Croup Work. Some Characteristics of Effective Teacher. Conducting Memorable Demonstrations. Creating Opportunities for Learning.

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  • Characteristic and systematization of the methodology of teaching Russian vocabulary. Study of efficient ways of memorizing new words based on the communicative approach. Analysis of factors of the choice of lexical units and didactic materials.

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  • Exploring the main attributes of a rich learning environment. Defining the diversity needed in discipline, intellectual worldview, cognitive style and personality to offer students a breadth of ideas that make up a dynamic intellectual community.

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  • Search for effective methods of mastering the tourist vocabulary by students of international relations. Theoretical aspects of the consideration of psychological factors such as motivation and memorization. Studying rules for creating different words.

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  • Developing skills, English language teaching methods for foreign students. Reasons for teaching writing as emphasizing the communicative aspect of the English language. Techniques and effective methods of teaching writing. Practical advice for teachers.

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  • The concept of essays as a scholarly piece of writing, giving the author's own argument. Theoretical aspects of teaching writing essays. Teaching creative writing techniques. Principles of Writing Narrative Essays. Definition of persuasive writing.

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  • Analyze of peculiarities in teaching writing to beginner students. Using controlled-to-free approach is sequential to audio-lingual method in teaching writing. Steps in writing that will help beginning level students gain confidence in writing skills.

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  • Сomparative analysis the chemistry of technetium and rhenium сarbonyl perchlorates [M(ClO4)(CO)5]. The descriptions of their molecular structure, physical properties, types of materials, methods and procedures for their synthesis and reactivity.

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  • General methodological considerations. History of/criteria for the outcome of root canal treatment. Reliability and reproducibility of periapical radiography. Quality of root-fillings and coronal restorations. Methods of instrumentation and root-filling.

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  • The study of modern methods of conservative treatment of obesity. Estimate of technical features and the results of sleeve gastrectomy and biliopanсreatic diversion in the Hess-Marceau modification. Implementation of the biliopankreatic bypassing.

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  • Study of the evaluation of the influence of the production process on the standardized properties of referential, decentralized and industrial production for rapeseed oil. Analysis of the main factors that caused contamination from solid residues.

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  • Characteristic features of the integrated use of electrical stimulation affects more effectively improve the biomechanical characteristics of the high jump. Analysis additional means for improving technical skills and improve performance athletes.

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