• Treatment Derrida on the International Committee to support the Algerian intellectuals. Support the Algerian democracy. Take a stand for a new international solidarity and electoral agreement, stand for the effective dissociation of the political.

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  • Example of the prominent accessory cusp on the palatal surface of the left lateral incisor. The image of the affected crown. Talon cusp after the grinding performed. Occlusal forces and changes in the alveolar bone and periodontal connective tissue.

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  • Proposed of using of targeting as one of internet advertising method. Characterized of the internet advertisement is an universal tool for promotion products and services. Definition and analysis that internet is a perspective platform for ad business.

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  • The theoretical and applied aspects of the relationship between tax burden and innovation activities. Innovation activities index and the share of expenditure on innovation activities in GDP. The Government tax management decisions. Tax burden changes.

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  • Universality is principles of equitable taxation. The role of the state in economy and the choice between effectiveness and equity. The concept of equivalent – legitimization of tax collection. Payment capacity and equitable distribution of tax burden.

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  • Taxation as a component of the system of management. The role of taxation in the system of macroeconomic. Expediency and necessity of transition to managing taxation with the due account of the metrologically estimated inter-industry links are groun.

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  • The main problem of the use of the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan's economy. Tax system change taking into account the priority natural oil and gas rents. The necessity of improving the system of taxes and payments for the use of oil and gas resources.

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  • The study of the taxonomic status of the producer strain of antimicrobial substances from Streptomyces sp 2435. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene. Carrying out morphological and biochemical analysis of fatty acid composition of cellular lipids.

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  • Analysis of the adventive fraction of flora of plant communities of forest-Steppe of the Central. The trends of development of commensal flora. Species composition knowledge of the alien flora fraction and biological characteristics of these species.

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  • История появления и изготовления кофе, основные его виды и поставщики-экспортеры в мире. Потребление напитка: плюсы и минусы. Общие характеристики рынка кофе в Российской Федерации. Изучение потребительских предпочтений. Фирма "Tchibo" на рынке кофе.

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  • Teacher’s competence in education have a few approaches to it. Like behavioural, holistic and constructivist. And they’re all important. Researches said that children in schools have very little opportunity to make own decisions for what is necessary.

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  • Entity research of the term teacher language awareness, which refers to teachers’ cognitions (knowledge and beliefs) about language in general and the language they teach. Analysis of the process The formation of the future foreign language teacher’s.

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  • Professional awareness and professional competences and qualifications of the teacher of children in the pre-school and early school stages. Basic components of the educational process and their interrelations. Definition of the concept of emancipation.

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  • The social problem of modern education. Learning a teacher’s profession is a development of autonomy and engagement, to be wiser and more responsible by taking up tasks of 21st century. Consistency with modern teacher education needs of society.

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  • Lessons for the development well-rounded language competence which fully meets the criteria of B2 level. The learning foundation for students preparing for typical B2-oriented exams for knowledge English, what aim at the development of language skills.

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  • The principles and ways of forming speaking skills are described, as well as the methodology for using communication techniques, such as discussion, role play, improvisation and debates. Activities that contribute to the formation of speaking skills.

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  • Techniques and exercises in the teaching-learning process. Planning a lesson and classroom management. The use of technologies in teaching foreign languages. Tasks and exercises for developing pronunciation habits. Teaching English for communication.

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  • Devoted to the methods of teaching foreign language vocabulary. considered the theoretical basis, exercises and their application in the educational process, where actual task is to master the knowledge of the terms of the specialty and to obtain skills.

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  • Difficulties in learning a foreign language students who have disabilities, development of effective teaching methods. Multisensory structured language, the correlation value between the stimulation of the self-esteem of students, improved achievement.

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  • Determines the specific bundle of competences and strategies underpinning the modern process of foreign language teaching by building upon the selected elements of educational philosophy of John Dewey. Analysis of leading proponent of pragmatism.

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