• Andrew Lloyd Webber as famous British composer. Biography, childhood and student years of the composer. History of modern musical theater and his works as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Phantom of the Opera", "Cats" and about a dozen other successful works.

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  • Dmitro Ivanovich Mendeleev - the great Russian scholar and lexicographer, chemist and physicist, engineer, geologist and even a meteorologist. Mikhail Lomonosov. Ukrainian chemist - Ivan Gorbachevski. Amedeo Avogadro. Ernest Rutherford. Robert Boyle.

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  • Review and analysis of the biography and particular activity of Edward Jenner, who created vaccine for smallpox created from cowpox. Research and characterization of contributions to microbiology Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and Alexander Fleming.

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  • Captain James Cook as a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, captain in the Royal Navy. Short buography by sir Isaac Newton. The first practical reflecting telescope, a theory of colour. William Shakespeare as an English poet, playwright, actor.

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  • Considering the current styles in clothes. A study of the major trends in fashion from 30 years to our time. Characteristics of different styles and clothing options subcultures, fashion at the moment. Definition of possible accessories to clothing.

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  • National clothing in Great Britain. The 20th century fashion. Scottish national kilt. Traditional clothing of English women. Great British fashion designers. Five most talented fashion designers. The work of fashion designer and vegetable fibres.

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  • Рассмотрение модного костюма и его изображения в иллюстрации моды. Выявление специфики функционирования этих особенных каналов коммуникации. Анализ тенденции развития дизайнерского креатива в сфере модной иллюстрации. Прогнозирование тенденций моды.

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  • Basic nutritional preferences of today's youth. There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food. The change in lifestyle people. Serious health and social effects. The main implications of nutrition fast food for health. The threat of obesity.

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  • Development and justification of new methods for tracking the frequency of a harmonic acceleration signal based on estimates of the instantaneous frequency and phase. Ways to improve the efficiency of new systems, assess their advantages, disadvantages.

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  • Support Vector Machine (SVM). Optimization problem (mainly Quadratic Programming). Interior Point Method. Mainstream methods to solve Quadratic Programming problem. Incomplete Cholesky factorization and Kronecker factorization. Reform SVM training.

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  • Method of fast analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) signals with improved dynamic parameters. Structural diagram of high-speed analog-to-digital Converter and analysis of dynamic range for the Converter. Consistent structural capacity malacostraca ADC.

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  • Description of the history of the fast-food at various stages of its development, the identification of positive and negative aspects of fast-food. Identify the reasons why people eat fast food. The relation of people to fast food. History Hamburger.

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  • Preface to the Updated Edition. Levels of Support: Diplomatic, Material, Ideological. Domestic Pressure Groups and their Interests. American Liberalism and Ideological Support for Israel. The Rational Basis for Attacking the Civilian Population.

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  • General information about Julius Robert Oppenheimer. Stages of development of nuclear weapons. The secret Manhattan Project. The first test of nuclear weapons in Manhattan Project. Сonsequences explosion at Nagasaki. A nuclear explosion in Hiroshima.

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  • Аналіз функціонально-дискретного методу розв’язування задач з крайовими умовами третього роду, періодичними і антиперіодичними умовами. Розгляд обставин геометричної прогресії. Дослідження асимптотичних розвинень для значень задачі Штурма-Ліувілля.

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  • Сущность технологии и техническая характеристика 3D принтера. Основные виды и преимущества 3D-печати. Краткое описание видов печати послойного напраления (Fusing Deposition Modeling) и послойного склеивания пленок (Laminated Object Manufacturing).

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  • A Good Old-fashioned Future as authentic artifacts of postmodernity. Difference between commercial adventure stories and the equally cynical gonzo journalism. EBay is certainly the right word for our current collective unconscious. Birth of an aesthetic.

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  • The official version of the holiday St. Patrick's Day. The first missionaries in the Ireland. Shamrock as a symbol of Catholicism color. The concept of the Holy Trinity. Prayer ascetic on Mount Crowe. The fight with the dragon to him leave the island.

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  • Passenger transportation is the main area of air transport. Analysis of the noise made during take-off, as the major problems of modern aircraft. The peculiarity of the construction of "Flyer" the first plane. The essence of basic Ukrainian airports.

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  • Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, Federal city, the administrative center of Central Federal district center of Moscow region. The Foundation of the city Moscow, geographical position, official symbols, Moscow Kremlin, Red square.

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