• The definition of an idiom. The structure of idioms. Classification of phraseological idioms. Linguistic peculiarities of British English and American English languages. Stylistic and idiomatic peculiarities. The scheme of analysis of idiom in songs.

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  • Emotions as a phenomenon of social and psychological order. The concept of an emotionally colored vocabulary. The expression of emotions in the songs with the help of lexical means. Features of the translation of idioms with negative connotation.

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  • Dialect language as a phenomenon and call an interpreter. Characteristics of the major stages of translation. Transfer modalities talk phraseology of the "food" component. The main peculiarity of comparison the respective idioms Ukrainian and English.

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  • Translation as the Possibility of Understanding the Art of Film Titles. Types and History of Film Translation. The Three Models of Mass Communication. The Titles of Audiovisual Fiction and the Flow Model. Difficulties in Translating Comedy Movie Titles.

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  • Definition of fair value in accordance with IFRS 13. What’s new in the understanding of fair value appeared. The economic meaning of the increasing use of fair value to measure assets. The transition to a record of assets and liabilities at fair value.

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  • Изучение процессов излучения тел. Формулировка гипотезы квантов энергии. Теория атома Н. Бора, принцип соответствия. Создание нерелятивистской квантовой механики. Методологические установки неклассической физики. Причина корпускулярно-волнового дуализма.

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  • Изучение подгруппы химических составляющих 3-й группы периодической таблицы Менделеева. Обзор распространения в природе твёрдых металлов подгруппы скандия. Анализ применения сплавов на основе алюминия. Обоснование использование элементарного бора.

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  • The scope of business of the company. The efficiency of the global brand. Competitors of the company and compare them. The defenses of the brand in target markets. SWOT analysis of the company (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

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  • Ilya Aleksandrovich Ilyin – the first Kazakhstani weightlifter in history to win four world championships. The participation of the athlete in the sports competitions. The Olympic achievements I. Ilyina. Personal records of the great Kazakhstani athlete.

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  • Analyze the occurrence and role of image forces in physics and chemistry of surfaces. It is shown that a prima facie simple concept of classical electrostatics has a very complicated background of diverse many-body phenomena. Focusing on dynamic effects.

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  • Analysis Russia’s image emerging from news in Polish press published from 1991 to 2005. The manner of functioning of the image of Russia in the documentary and press discourse. Descript the social knowledge about Russia existing in Polish society.

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  • Сonstructing identities, problem of media representations or consolidation of the stereotypes and clichеs. Presented analysis is focused on Russia’s image emerging from news in Polish press published from 1991 to 2005. Іnvestigating the meaning of texts.

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  • An overview of the existence of the investigated media that arose in the context of the hybrid war that Russia is taking against the West, when the element of propaganda plays a significant role in order to divert public opinion in European countries.

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  • The role of periodicals in forming image of the country in the eyes of foreigners. The peculiarities of creation an image of Ukraine on the pages of English-language periodicals. Рolitical and economic problems in Ukraine represents on their pages.

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  • Methods of study of lung. The scheme of analysis of pathological changes in the lung. The principle of the roentgenography, fluorography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonic research, perfusion lung scintigraphy, angiography.

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  • Use of telecommunications in maritime medicine practice. Justification for the use of telemedicine technology, the conditions for their implementation. The use of available technology to enhance current practices in remote diagnosis and treatment needs.

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  • Compliance with the quality requirements of grain crops in Ukraine for to become a leader from an export at the grain market. Execution the development of the system for express analysis of grain crops. Estimation the effectiveness of the work of system.

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  • Immigration of the population as the entry of the population of one country to another for temporary or permanent residence, considered in relation to the country where migrants come. Passing a comprehensive reform. The Economics of family reunification.

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  • Security features combined bacterial preparation on the basis of probiotic strains of bacteria of the two genera grown combines deep cultivation. Hematological indications blood of experimental animals, the presence of indicators of biological activity.

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  • Exchange of grafts between the frogs in the xenotransplantation experiments. Immunogenetic method of skin transplantation was applied for assessing the variability of hybrids and parental species according to levels of expressed histocompatability.

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