• Investigation of the preconditions for the entry of Western Ukrainian lands into the Ukrainian SSR and the peculiarities of establishing control over these territories. Characteristics of the administrative and territorial organization of superficies.

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  • Inclusion - a part of a much larger picture then just placement in the regular class within school. To help children reach their potential and become productive members of society - one of the most important tasks of system of the inclusive education.

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  • The article discloses some tools of income generation in PAYG system, determination of special aspects of income determination in Ukrainian Pension Fund. The components and the structure of earnings to the system of the first level pension insurance.

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  • Finance of households in system of the financial relations, their essence and functions. Research house farms as subject of the economic relations. Essence and functions of finance of house farms. Analyzes of main directions of expenses of households.

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  • The first varieties of typical winter durum wheat Michurinka and Novomichurinka were created by interspecies hybridization varieties of bread winter and durum spring wheat. Systematic improving of durum winter wheat has. Introgression of dwarf-genes.

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  • The relations between Ukraine and Poland in the context of exacerbation of the Volyn problem have been analyzed. The causes of the deterioration of relations and consequences of this process are determined. Measures to normalize relations are described.

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  • The problem of increasing fleet operation of diesel of shunting locomotives in cold time. Ways of solving by means of diesel appliance with dry carter. The methods of diesel condition estimation and calculation of diesel consumption of boiler heating.

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  • Development of non-waste technologies and environmental projects in Ukraine. Searching for ways to overcome the energy crisis. Increase of economic efficiency of sugar factories. Reducing government barriers in the production of renewable energy.

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  • The aspects connected with an increasing role of independent work of students in the context of transition to the standards of Bologna system of education. There has been proved the necessity to improve the efficiency of students’ independent learning.

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  • The significance of W.V. Quine’s indeterminacy thesis. Quine’s view, the unit of analysis for empirically testing for individual expressions but whole sentences. The alternative and inconsistent translation schemes with the same patterns of stimulus.

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  • Анализ программы India Friendly для российских предприятий индустрии туризма и гостеприимства, созданой по инициативе и при поддержке Русского информационного центра в Индии, Российского союза туриндустрии и кафедры гостиничного и ресторанного бизнеса.

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  • The conflict negotiations over transboundary water resources. The role of the authorities in the organization and conduct of the negotiations. The dynamics of the conflict between the States concerned, policies and shift security solutions to the problem.

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  • Indus valley civilization. The Vedic traditions. The Bhagavad-Gita is a moral path for all. The Laws of Manu. Structure of the Gita. Jnana yoga, Raja yoga and Karma-yoga is the path to liberation. Interior warfare and self-discovery. Impact of the Gita.

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  • Analysis of the possibility of using plants in the information apparatus of the functioning of the city. Optimization of the system of analytical measures in the solution of ecological programs. Forecasting the planning of new urban development areas.

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  • Identification of the main causes of acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin diseases. The analysis of humoral immune system in patients with acne vulgaris from the iodine deficiency region detected. Characteristic of prospects for further research.

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  • Threat assessment by the staff of enterprises. The research entities and personnel security measures used by security personnel in the analysis of the enterprise. Determination of the influence of the motivational system in the work of the enterprise.

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  • Finding effective methods for assessing the samples. Comparison of genetic variability and environmental correlations. Use of such indices as attractions, mikrorozpodilen Poltava and indirect selection index in the early stages of winter wheat breeding.

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  • Understanding of determination as psychological category and causality of events, phenomena by external, internal factors (incentives, stimuli). An openness of motivational and behavior psychical formations of teenager is to the negative external factors.

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  • Concept of individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, social outlook. Individualism and society. Emotional self-interest. Philosophical individualism (ethical egoism, existentialism, humanism, hedonism, solipsism, libertinism).

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  • Characteristics of the causes of severe autoimmune disease. Features of the influence of the balance of the intestinal microflora on the skin. Consideration of ways to restore intestinal microflora. Acquaintance with medical nutrition in psoriasis.

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