• Development of a conditional money transfer program. Characterization of the main methods of the program to meet the key need related to poverty reduction. Determination of the sustainability of non-state or non-profit welfare services for children.

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  • The budget process is the way an organization building its budget. Difference from profit making. Budget planning zero-based vs incremental budgeting. Steps in making a budget for a nonprofit organization. Line item budgets and capital budgets.

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  • Analysis the profitability of value, momentum strategies and a combination of strategies in Russian stock market. The explanation of the value premium and momentum effect. Momentum, value and combo portfolio construction and regression analysis.

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  • The role financial market in the economy. Buying and selling stocks and bonds. Types of financial markets. Rational distribution of resources. Volume and structure of manufacture. Development of the Ukrainian infrastructure of the financial market.

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  • The concept and structure of the financial system of the state, its role, tasks and functions in the economy. The legislative basis for the development of the financial system of Kazakhstan. Development and improvement of the financial system the state.

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  • Definition of money, their origins, role in economy and life. Characteristic the barter relations since their inception. Consideration of monetary theories and the essence and functions of money, the description of money as organizing trade and its need.

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  • Definition of a Financial Crisis. The Impact of recent financial crisis on Real Economy, on the financial and banking sector. The impact of recent crisis on lending activities and liquid asset. The Impact of Crisis on Lending Activities, on Liquid Asset.

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  • Familiarization with the quality of functioning of the existing system of the state financial monitoring is examined, the major drawbacks. Research and characterization of the main drawbacks of the current anti-money laundering system in Ukraine.

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  • Theoretical bases of the Value Added Tax. The importance and role of VAT in the tax system. Analysis of the significance and place on added value in tax system of Republic of Kazakhstan. Analysis of foreign experience of calculation and payment of VAT.

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  • The history of the emergence and spread of money. Materials used for the manufacture of coins in ancient times. Payment for purchases in cash or plastic cards, advantages and disadvantages. The credit policy of the state. Saving and spending money.

    презентация (2,0 M)
  • The formation of financial system of Ukraine in accordance with the European model, development of financial and monetary instruments to implement it. Identify issues and trends in the financial system of Ukraine, as well as finding ways to stabilize.

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  • Foreign exchange as the monetary means of making payments from one area to another. The participants of the foreign exchange markets. Supply and Demand. Domestic Economic and Political Conditions. The functions of the intervention of a central bank.

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  • Trends of business innovation development at a regional level. Small business innovation structure has been analyzed for Lviv region; interactive procedures have been researched referring to cooperation between the parties interested in its development.

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  • Direct taxes, which are levied by the State on the income of individuals or businesses. Indirect taxes on production, sale of goods (services, included in price). The nature and conditions of the tax on the value added. Collection of sales taxes.

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  • The rate of price inflation in the United States. The trend-cycle model with stochastic volatility explains a variety of recent univariate inflation forecasting difficulties and begins to explain some multivariate inflation forecasting puzzles as well.

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  • A review of the basics. NPV and its competitors. The book rate of return. Internal rate of return. Capital rationing. CFO decision tools. The payback period of a project. Term structure assumption. Profitability index. Linear programming. Vegetron case.

    презентация (1,2 M)
  • Анализ финансовой устойчивости предприятия как этап оценки его деятельности и финансово-экономического благополучия, инвестиционного и финансового развития. Особенности финансового анализа предприятий, имеющих признаки несостоятельности (банкротства).

    контрольная работа (17,0 K)
  • Сущность, основные формы и принципы бюджетирования. Особенность использования бюджетного процесса для планирования и контроля. Характеристика главных этапов разработки бюджета. Существенный анализ автоматизации концепции управления сметой на предприятии.

    дипломная работа (1,2 M)
  • Применение электронных технологий в российском фондовом рынке. Изучение требований к биржевым компьютерным системам. Поддержание двусторонних котировок в пределах нормативно заданного спрэда. Рассмотрение возможностей рабочего места риск-менеджера.

    реферат (17,8 K)
  • Основные понятия об автоматизированных системах управления. Общие свойства и особенности АСУ. Информационные и управляющие системы, проблемы и задачи при внедрении АСУ финансами. Сущность информационных технологий и создание информационных систем.

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