• Theoretical principals of fiscal policy and budget planning taking into account scientific approaches to defining essence and interconnection of these concepts. Main tasks of fiscal policy on a local level and factors influencing its implementation.

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  • The fiscal regulation as one of the main instruments of state regulation of the economy. The specificity and stage of the reforming fiscal policy of Ukraine in the transformation of economic institutions. Historical, economic aspects of fiscal regulation.

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  • Понятие и виды валютных рынков. Общая характеристика мирового валютного рынка FOREX, его участники. Современное состояние рынка Форекс в Российской Федерации, анализ проведения валютных операций на рынке. Тенденции развития валютного рынка в России.

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  • История появления FOREX. Роль становления мировой финансовой системы, создание Бреттон-Вудских соглашений. Рассмотрение участников FOREX. Сущность инвестирования как процесса накопления денежных средств, либо создание активов, которые приносят прибыль.

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  • Reduce total costs of goods and services as one of the essential thing in the implementation of cost-leadership strategy. Characteristics of the general scheme of different indicators evaluation in the process of the financial condition analysis.

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  • Familiarity with the historically determined tendencies of development of tax administration, analysis of the stages of Genesis. Feature natito-elitist conception of management. Consideration of the features of the regulatory functions of taxes.

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  • Essence, main points and classification of Capital markets. Difference between Money Markets, Capital Markets and regular bank lending. Market participants. The main trading room of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. New issuance, Investment strategies, Taxation.

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  • Try to identify some methodological solutions for the task of estimation of tax expenditures and the efficiency of tax incentives in Russia. The competition between the instruments of tax and fiscal stimulation. The definitions of tax expenditures.

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  • The relationship between interest on money and on bonds. Model of money for investigating the consequences of demurrage for aggregate production, money velocity, welfare and unemployment. The optimal tax rate for cash balances in national economies.

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  • Finance of households in system of the financial relations, their essence and functions. Research house farms as subject of the economic relations. Essence and functions of finance of house farms. Analyzes of main directions of expenses of households.

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  • The essence of the information function of finance, based on economic basis. Awareness of the immanence of this function in relation to financing as a basis for an effective search for ways to optimize financial relations, minimize asymmetries and risks.

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  • Recourse to the private sector capital to complete public investment projects for which there were insufficient funds in the public budget. Numerous benefits private sector (technical expertise, risk transfer, costs reduction and time for implementation).

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  • Elements of the current system of state financial control and its critical analysis. Substantiation of the place of internal control in such a system. Proposals on the development of internal control in the system of state financial control in Ukraine.

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  • Causes of crises are considered. Theoretical, methodological investigation on the detection between the current weakly managed mobility of international capital flows, permanent crisis are provided. Necessity of control over international capital flows.

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  • Finance is the process by which money is transferred among businesses, individuals, governments. Characteristics: monetary, distributive, purpose of funds. Functions: salaries, income of companies, controlling. Resources: centralized, decentralized.

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  • Low quality of reporting in Asia compared to developed markets - the main incentives for investment in the financial sector in the region. Cash accounting - the methodology of recording transactions only if the real cash flows in or out of the firm.

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  • The process of investing in energy saving measures of industrial enterprises is analyzed. The main stages of the investment research project implementation have been reasoned. The optimal program for financing energy-saving measures is calculated.

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  • IP-телефония как неотъемлемая часть жизни современного человека. IP-телефония и история возникновения данной технологии, ее особенности. Основные характеристики операторов услуг. VoIP операторы и провайдеры. Выбор оператора IP-телефонии и оплата VoIP.

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  • Рассматриваются цели проведения IPO и его структура. Анализируются основные итоги публичных размещений как на мировых, так на российских фондовых рынках. Выделены проблемы IPO в России и предложены рекомендации по совершенствованию данного сегмента.

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  • Понятие и виды первичного размещения ценных бумаг. Исследование роли IPO как источника привлечения капитала в экономику страны. Проведение первичного публичного размещения акций. Дополнительный выпуск биржевых акций. Осуществление формирования холдинга.

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